is a mental illness

Me: mental illness doesn’t disrupt my life I’m probably not that ill 
Also me: fails classes because of mental illness, panic applies to jobs because of mental illness, quits jobs because of mental illness, sleeps too much because of mental illness, doesn’t sleep because of mental illness, gets afraid to leave the house because of mental illness, can’t remember stuff due to mental illness, isn’t emotionally available due to mental illness-

Stop saying shit like “imagine if people treated physical illnesses as badly as we treat mental ones” because as someone with both mental and physical Illnesses I can assure you that they do. Neither physical nor mental illnesses are treated as they should be and people with physical illnesses are discriminated against because of their illnesses just as much as people with mental illnesses. You can support and advocate for mental illnesses without invalidating the struggles of people with physical illnesses. 

For all those who are craving:

It’s not you wanting to have a snack. It’s your DISGUSTING FAT* trying to trick you into thinking you need to eat unnecessary calories. It just wants to ruin your life, it wants you to hate yourself, it wants to steal from you your body, your happiness. Whenever you binge, whenever you break your meal schedule, you FEED YOUR DISGUSTING FAT, YOU MAKE IT STRONGER AND HELP HIM RUINING YOUR LIFE.
Don’t let it destroy all your sacrifices. Why did you say goodbye to all those delicious foods? Did you exercise, did you put all that effort, just to lose it all, because of an evil voice inside your guts?
YOU have the power, only you. Be strong.

*I’m not talking about a concrete body fat, I’m referring to that sick side of you that just wants to fill its throat with unhealthy food, ruining one of the most important thing you have: your self-esteem

Edit: I removed a comment which said I encourage eating disorders. AS I SAID IN THOSE FEW LINES ABOVE, AFTER THE STAR: I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT CONCRETE BODY FAT, I TALK ABOUT THAT EATING DISORDER THAT MAKES YOU OVEREAT. Jesus. There’s a difference between being hungry and eat (which I’ve encouraged in another post, check my blog before commenting bullshit) and craving and (over)eat snacks and other junk food. I’ll remove any stupid comment, I can explain my point of view but I’ll never EVER accept stupid accusations.

A Brief summary of certain mental disorders relating to my personal experience
  • OCD: annoying, restricting, oppressive. At its worst, seriously would consider sacrificing a limb to be free of. However, after tonnes of therapy and hard work, can be channeled to be somewhat useful in producing meticulous, careful work in one's chosen field, if still occasionally irritating.
  • ADHD: Frustrating, in that boredom is always lurking under the surface and ready to rear its ugly head. Cannot be confined to one place or activity for too long or will go fucking mad. However, with medication can be channeled into hyper productivity in an enjoyable activity. Can be used for multitasking- watching television and creating something pretty with your hands, like a drawing or piece of knitting, for example. For a daydreamer, makes the inner worlds of the mind much more vivid, creative, and interesting.
  • PTSD: Obviously incredibly difficult, scary, a demon constantly trying to pull you back into the vortex of a horrifying past. But also validation- a diagnosis that says it is okay to feel this way, that this is common, that there is hope. Even a point of pride, a battle scar, something to be looked at even on your worst days to remind you that you have prevailed, that you're tough, that dealing with this and being a functional human being despite it all makes you incredible.
  • Aspergers/ASD: On the autism spectrum, but largely misunderstood/ignored/misdiagnosed because it is not autism in the "traditional" sense- i.e., no chromosomal abnormality. Often, especially with milder cases, it is dismissed as the eccentricities of an intelligent child (and aspies are often very bright, make no mistake). Looking at the world in a different way that is so refreshing and vivid and beautiful because it doesn't reek of the stagnant complicity of societal expectations with no explanations. Living with this is a bit like learning a second language. You are surrounded by something you don't understand, nuances and niceties and words that don't seem natural to you, but you learn by necessity. You watch and learn and understand society like grammar in a language with different roots and spelling that seems unnecessary. You know how it works and sometimes why, even if it doesn't make sense to you. And you feel a satisfaction when you get it "right." It's not yours, it will never be completely yours, it doesn't wrap around you like the honeyed warmth of bedtime stories where each word makes sense because you grew up hearing them or the intricacies of your beautifully different mind, but you learn and you have a dual perspective and you use it when you need to and shuck it when you don't. You're not a sheep and your creativity and single-handed devotion to what you believe and what you want is not inhibited by "the right way" to go after what you want and achieve your dreams. Your candid manner is refreshing.
  • GAD: there is nothing good to say about this. It cannot be used to your advantage or channeled into something productive or beneficial. It's just a knot of anxiety in your chest like a fist squeezing your heart until you can't breathe- often for no fucking reason. Often, there isn't even a trigger to avoid- it's just there. You learn to live with what feels like constant mental heartburn and sometimes you just want to scream for no reason at all.
I never thought I could hear a facial-expression that loud
—  I could tell by the look on your face that you’re screaming for help

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Okay, so I've always wanted to read a fic where Isak learns about how schizophrenia runs in families, so he has a chance of developing the disorder later in life. So i just want him to freak out about and Even to be super sweet and comforting and help him calm down

Be Brave For You; 2.1k

Even had no idea why Isak had gone white as a ghost and practically ran out of the café, but he was rushing after him anyway.  His shift had almost been over anyway; no one was going to notice him leaving three minutes early.

He hoped.

“Isak, Isak, hey!” Even managed to catch Isak’s wrist and pull him back, but his face fell when he saw the state Isak was in.  His chest was rising and falling faster than could possibly be comfortable, and his panicked eyes were brimming with tears.

“Baby, what happened?” Even pulled Isak closer to him until Isak’s back was pressed against his chest.  “Here, breathe with me.” Even whispered in Isak’s ear as he splayed a hand lightly over Isak’s chest.  He kept his breathing slow and steady and even in Isak’s ear, feeling Isak’s heart hammering painfully under his hand.

It took a few minutes, but slowly Isak’s breathing regulated and he slumped back against Even.

“Let’s get you home.” Even pressed a kiss to Isak’s cold tear-damp cheek and wrapped Isak’s jacket tighter around him before he started guiding Isak down the street.  Thankfully the café wasn’t that far from the flat and they made it home soon enough.

It probably would have been faster if Even had just scooped Isak up and carried him, but he could tell that Isak was feeling embarrassed enough about having a panic attack so publicly.  He wasn’t going to add to that embarrassment by swooping in and carrying him bridal-style through the streets.

They didn’t say anything as they walked, and when they crossed the threshold of their flat Isak seemed in a complete daze.  Taking initiative, Even slowly got Isak out of his outdoor clothes and into the softest pyjamas they owned.  He threw the duvet back and Isak – showing the first signs of being present since they left the café – walked over to the bed and crumpled onto the mattress.

Even pulled the duvet over him and stroked his curls gently. He was just about to turn to go make Isak some tea when Isak covered his hand with his own.

“Don’t go.” Isak’s voice broke, which in turn broke Even’s heart.

“I was going to make you some tea?  Warm you up a bit?” Even rubbed up and down Isak’s arm through the duvet to emphasise how cold Isak was.

“Stay.” Isak shook his head.  He looked so exhausted; how could Even deny him anything when he looked like he’d just been put through a wringer?

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Okay, I Guess

And they mistake it for confidence
My not so common, common sense.
You need to be more attentive,
They said,
Too sensitive
Daydream too much,
Get out of your head.

The days grow longer
As my patience grows shorter
My will, my desire, my border
Line personality disorder
Take over.

I begin to rap
I begin to rhyme
Not with words
But with my mind
I loose track of time
As my outlet travels inward
Warp speed, hyperdrive.
And I’m alright.


I wish I had high self esteem and I wish I could be ignorant so I could love myself while not having any idea that nobody felt the same way
—  Cynthia Chapman