is a massive loser

a little bit about Kevin Day who is also A Massive Loser:

  • feels the need to remind everyone that he’s left-handed 
    • brings out statistics about the pros of being a lefty
    • annoys the shit out of everyone when he constantly complains about hard it is to be left-handed
  • can get ready in the mornings in under 5 minutes to maximize sleeping in time
    • it’d be under 3 if he didn’t brush his teeth
  • holds secret funerals every time his racquet breaks
  • had the weirdest muscle gain/loss after Riko broke his hand
    • lost a ton of muscle on his left side and got built on his right because that’s the one he focused on training the most
  • likes to stand extra tall and look down on Neil when they’re arguing
  • wouldn’t have to eat quite so healthy if he wasn’t on track to giving himself alcohol poisoning
  • once tried to take revenge on Andrew by hiding his chocolate syrup in a higher cupboard
    • so. much. regret.
  • is super judgy about dollar store Exy racquets
    • tests the strings and handle quality as if it’s comparable to his own racquets and looks at them like they’re a disappointment anyways
    • honestly cried that one time Nicky switched out his racquets as a prank
    • (the Foxes couldn’t stop laughing)
    • (Wymack is not paid enough for this)
  • tries to convince Renee to donate to sports-initiative charities
  • went straight from yelling at a Fox to encouraging a six-year-old girl to follow her dreams and make Court
  • once called Abby “mom”
    • the kindest thing Abby could to was pretend she didn’t hear
    • but also sometimes Kevin would wonder what if
  • calls out misogynistic bullshit lightning quick
  • once watched the wrong History Channel while drunk and believed every single word
    • he won’t admit it to the other Foxes, but Kevin definitely thinks aliens built the Great Pyramids
  • does not have the keys for Andrew and Neil’s apartment but keeps banging on the door and leaving voicemails until they finally open the door only to find him carrying bags of fresh vegetables
    • tells them he should be charging their team for his time because Kevin is a fucking a s s h o l e
  • gets his first dog from the shelter and the poor guy’s malnourished and has a missing leg but Kevin skips out on practice to help him heal 
    • when the dog’s healthy and happy Kevin brings him to practices and they play a dangerous version of fetch with Exy balls flung around the court but both of them love it
  • goes to see Wymack at least once a month but spends the whole time complaining about his team’s quality
  • leaves Andrew and Neil angry voicemails after their games, no matter the score
    • leaves them angry voicemails after his own games
    • leaves them angry voicemails after Jean or Matt’s games
    • leaves incoherent fanboy screaming voicemails after Jeremy Knox’s games
    • (they won’t admit it, but Andrew and Neil definitely look forward to these as they’re absolutely hilarious)
  • is able to look at his racquet at the beginning of each game and think, I’m better than he ever was
    • is able to prove it to the world

What Is The Universe’s Third Most Common Element?

“But there’s one killer move that stars have that makes carbon a loser in the cosmic equation: when a star is massive enough to initiate carbon fusion – a requirement for generating a type II supernova – the process that turns carbon into oxygen goes almost to full completion, creating significantly more oxygen than carbon by time the star is ready to explode.”

When the Universe was first born, all we had was hydrogen and helium, with a trace amount of lithium and absolutely nothing else. 13.8 billion years later, hydrogen is still #1 in the Universe and helium is still #2, but lithium isn’t close to #3 anymore: more than two dozen elements have passed it. The key? Stars! Over billions of years, nuclear fusion in the cores of stars have built up all the naturally occurring elements we know of in the periodic table. You might think that since three heliums can fuse together to make carbon, that would be the third most common element in the Universe. And it’s close: carbon comes in at #4. But another element has it beat.

So who’s number 3, and how did it get to be that way? It’s oxygen! Find out why today.

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Imagine a college!au where taekook are suspiciously close bffs and one day jungkook buys taehyung a giant teddybear for his birthday & taehyung loves it so much he needs to give jungkook an even better thank you gift, then its the two of them trying to outgift each other, organizing grandiose schemes to surprise each other while being completely oblivious as to how romantic it is (it's not technically serenading i have a boombox) (jimin what do you mean i can't stuff his locker with rose petals)

/I’m flailing anon how could you/ /whips out the head canons/

“Park Jimin, help me lug these boxes of Hershey’s Kisses to Kookie’s dorm.”

Jimin sighs, pushing away his Psychology textbook from his lap and glancing over at the loser standing with twelve massive boxes of expensive Swiss chocolate basically overflowing in his arms as he struggled to stand. It’s bad enough that it’s finals week and the heating broke down a week ago and Jimin has to cram in sub human temperatures, but being dragged into this out-gifting war between two guys who seemed conveniently clueless about the romantic aspect of their endeavors took the cake when it came to Jimin’s patience.

“Didn’t you just tell me this Monday, not three days ago, that ‘there is no way Jeon Jungkook is getting a one-up on me after these eighty roses worth petals in his locker?’”

“Yeah, but -”

“And wasn’t it when I was helping you stuff one fucking petal at a time into those damn holes that you promised that you would leave me out of your weird outdoing game?”

Taehyung huffs. It is a little known fact that as nice as Park Jimin seems from the outside, with his eye smile and seemingly easy going personality and tiny human ways, he is, in fact, a complete hard ass.

“Yeah, but that was before he stood outside my dorm with that fucking boom box and sang ‘Like I’m Going To Lose You’ in front of half the college population.”


“Everyone knows public serenading beats rose petals. It’s a fact.” Jimin groans.

“Do you - like him?”

Taehyung tilts his head. “Of course I like him. He’s my best friend. Why wouldn’t I like him?”

“I mean do you like - how he dresses, or the way he laughs or - I don’t know,” Jimin grumbled. “The way he is?”

Taehyung gives him a long look before answering. “Jungkook’s a great guy. What’s not to like?”

“Oh my gosh, Tae, you can’t just - you can’t just give guys you don’t date Hershey’s kisses. It’s a - couple thing.”

“What do you mean? It’s just chocolate.” Jimin rubs his temple with his thumbs and tries another approach.

“Those roses cost how much you’d get if you sold your body, Tae.”


I paid for them. You promised me your first born child.”

“And you shall have it. Now help me with these boxes before Jungkook comes back from his lecture, we have to get these boxes into his room in ten minutes.”

Jimin splutters, eyes widening at the thought of the embarrassing walk of shame six dorms across to Jungkook’s room, eyes glued to the floor to avoid the stares people would give any guy desperate enough to give the object of their affection caffeine overdose to win them over.

Of course, Taehyung doesn’t understand this. He’s probably grin back at them and wink at Jimin.

“What ‘we’? There’s no ‘we’. There’s you and those Hershey’s and a six corridor walk.”

Taehyung narrows his eyes.

“I have Yoongi hyung’s number.” Jimin’s jaw drops.

“Liar,” he hisses, eyes widening. There was no way in hell Kim Taehyung, king of weird pick up lines and awkward eye contact with strangers could have scored Yoongi’s number when Jimin had been trying to work up the courage to talk to him all semester.

“Am not. Chem 101 had a lot of Music majors attending, for some weird reason. Especially a certain blond guy who sat next to me the whole time and discussed a vocal collab he might be needing one of these days. And I might have told him I knew a guy.”

Jimin lets this information (and Taehyung’s extra triumphant face) sink in for twenty seconds.

“How many boxes should I carry?”

Taehyung throws him a boxy grin.

“You’re the best, Park Jimin.”

/and then basically Tae gives Kookie chocolates and Kook gets Tae his favourite bubble tea set and they keep doing that until one day Jimin gets them together and yells at them to stop being so fricking clueless already and if they don’t flipping kiss and end this madness he’d call Yoongi and have them both disposed off in the Busan seas and so they do and that’s the story of how TaeKook continues to outgift each other only this time, they kiss between the Hershey Kisses’ boxes and cuddle with the teddy bears they give each other./

The End.

Oh, Yoongi thinks Jimin is cute.

Thanks everyone!

Married life is AWESOME. I’ve always been an absolute sucker and said there’s no way I could love this woman more, but goddamn if I’m not waking up every day just so much more in love and blown away that she’s my WIFE.

It’s the best. I catch a glimpse of these matching rings and I’m just a massive loser who can’t stop smiling and gushing about her. She’s the best.

I can’t stop laughing!

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This loser, is going to be voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.


Is also the voice of 

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This loser

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This loser

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This loser

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That loser

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And of course, THIS MASSIVE LOSER!

As well as some other losers you probably love.

Char Noir is in good hands.

I just hope that, say that the Bloodstone is Ronaldo’s gemsona, no one becomes upset with the Crewniverse or the show itself. Mostly because the advertisement of the new gem came from the Cartoon Network tumblr. If we didn’t get that picture, and the episode happened and it was a gemsona, yeah people would roll their eyes because wow, Ronaldo, you’re still a loser. But I feel like now, there is a massive spike in expectations as to what or who this gem is. All from what I expect to be a mostly filler episode after an emotional episode. The leaks and the description really didn’t give us a lot, but that’s kind of what I expect from this episode. Maybe it’s because of my dislike of Ronaldo and his episodes, but I have nooo expectations for this episode at all. It’s better that way. 

That said, if it IS anything else… ehh, I dunno, I’ll eat my hat or something. 

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I'm a massive fucking loser who is a little too enthusiastic about artifacts. Also too forward for my own god damn good and bitch you know I'd cut a motherfucker.

Damn, I’m really bad at this game… I’m so sorry y’all

I just re-watched Simone Biles’s win in the All Around and I am so impressed with her and Aly’s reactions. Aly knew Simone won but, instead of any jealousy or a “gracious loser” face, she grabbed her in a massive hug and was grinning the whole time. When it was announced officially, Simone immediately brought Aly up to celebrate with her and then went to hug every gymnast from every other team. They are the true definition of sportsmanship. 

I want Trump to lose Everything

I want him to lose the presidential election he never deserved to be a part of, and lose it by a huge margin. I want him to throw a massive fit about it being rigged and go down a massive sore loser. I want to see the pictures of crying sunburned Americans as he crashes and burns and Hillary is elected.

I want him to run out of money. He seems to have spent so much already that he’s starting to crowdfund. He ran on the gist of ‘I’m a billionaire so I can pay for everything myself’ and he’s crowdfunding. I want him to go broke by self-financing his failed election bid. I want there to be a huge scandal over his tax return, I want him to finally reveal it and for there to be consequences.

I want him to lose a trial for fraud over Trump University, which scammed people. I want him to lose trials over sexual offenses that women claim he’s committed, and he probably did them. I want to see him dragged publically and constantly for the weird shit he makes up and pulls out of his ass.

I want his wife to realise she can do better than being married to the laughing stock of the world and someone people seriously compare to Hitler, and divorce him. I want her to get a chunk of his fortune despite it not existing any more. She never has to do public speaking again and she gets to keep a little dignity.

I want Trump to end up so poor he has to choose between fake tan and eating that month.