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What Is The Universe’s Third Most Common Element?

“But there’s one killer move that stars have that makes carbon a loser in the cosmic equation: when a star is massive enough to initiate carbon fusion – a requirement for generating a type II supernova – the process that turns carbon into oxygen goes almost to full completion, creating significantly more oxygen than carbon by time the star is ready to explode.”

When the Universe was first born, all we had was hydrogen and helium, with a trace amount of lithium and absolutely nothing else. 13.8 billion years later, hydrogen is still #1 in the Universe and helium is still #2, but lithium isn’t close to #3 anymore: more than two dozen elements have passed it. The key? Stars! Over billions of years, nuclear fusion in the cores of stars have built up all the naturally occurring elements we know of in the periodic table. You might think that since three heliums can fuse together to make carbon, that would be the third most common element in the Universe. And it’s close: carbon comes in at #4. But another element has it beat.

So who’s number 3, and how did it get to be that way? It’s oxygen! Find out why today.

I don't care how long it's been...I'm over NOTHING

I’m not over the happiness Eva felt when she saw Noora accepted her friend request

I’m not over “H”

I’m not over Isak ‘accidentally’ coming into Jonas and Eva’s room and running out yelling sorry and later singing “I’m so lonelyyyy…”

I’m not over either time girl chris eye fucked isak with a spoon in her mouth

I’m not over Isak the snake

I’m not over how Sana’s hijab protected the girls

I’m not over Noora noticing Vilde and both of them helping each other to eat some potatoes

I’m not over isak screaming “E-box gimme the beat”

I’m not over how those boys made some really gross tasting cheese toasties

I’m not over how isak struggled so much trying to climb out of that window

I’m not over any kiss

I’m not over how Even made isak feel free and loved and saved him
and I’m sure as hell not over when isak saved him right back with that “du er ikke alene”

I’m not over how loving and supportive the boy squad is and how Jonas was able to be there for Isak time and time again

I’m not over how much I adore Sana Bakkoush

I’m not over how sad I felt with each tear Sana shed and how extremely and stupidly happy I was when I saw that beautiful girl smile and laugh

I’m not over the balloon squad, from all of them helping Mikael with his job interview to teasing Yousef dork Acar about his massive crush on Sana

I’m not over Los Losers coming together and supporting Sana

I’m not over Yousef throwing grass and splashing water at Sana

I’m not over Sana throwing carrot peels and splashing water at Yousef

I’m not over any Yousef and Sana interaction

I’m not over the fact they are soulmates who will probably have 6 children who will all be on a basketball team

I’m not over Vilde and her mom and how she has Magnus to talk to and girl Chris to laugh with

I’m not over Jonas and Eva finding each other again and this time never letting go

Livet er nå and I am over NOTHING

Not Your Dean (Part 19)

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Summary: One day Dean shows up and moves back into the bunker. The only problem is he’s a demon and he’s hiding something…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18

Pairing: Demon!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,100ish

Warnings: language

A/N: It can’t be that hard to get Dean back, right?…

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Lin x Reader

This idea just kind of showed up and slapped me in the face because I just moved to a new house and I too, am surrounded by boxes. This gets super angsty, sorry. Also there’s about 1,161 words because I lack self control. I also didn’t edit this, I just kind of wrote it. 

Moving was never your favorite thing to do. The endless boxes are have to sort through, the re-organizing once you’ve settled into the new place. Lin however, loved moving.
“It lets you look through things you may not have seen in years! Memories Y/N, memories!”
You never really felt like you could match Lin’s undying enthusiasm for life. With a sigh you began to sort through and unpack the boxes that were piled all over the place.

You had finished the bathroom, and the kitchen. Remembering the time that Lin accidentally dropped a frying pan on your foot, breaking 3 toes.
“Holy shit! I’m so sorry! Should I call 911?! Oh god are they broken? Please don’t break up with me, I didn’t mean to break your toes.”
“Why would I break up with you over this you dork?”

Moving through the boxes you made your way to the boxes in the bedroom, sorting and hanging up shirt after shirt. Once those were done you found a box that had a little stuffed dog that was won for you years ago.

Third date, going smooth. Things are great, he’s great don’t mess it up. You silenced the thoughts in your head as you and Lin walked hand in hand down the street. “Oh! An arcade!” you blurted before you could stop yourself, cursing yourself afterwards. He probably thinks you’re a massive loser now, what girl plays video games?
“You wanna go in? I love video games” You were shocked when he met your enthusiasm with no sign of mocking.
“Uh, heck yeah!”
The date which consisted of a nice dinner soon morphed into a three hour competition for who can beat all the games in this arcade. The last was the claw machine, you were dreading it. The score was tied and you could not for the life of you win at the claw machine.
“Alright, hate to break it to you, but I’m kind of a boss at this.” You laughed.
“Oh really?”
“Oh yeah. I can win anything from the claw machine. It’s a God given gift.” He shrugged his shoulders. You were skeptical. There was no way.
“Alright then I want that dog. All the way in the back behind the monkey.” You placed your hands on your hips and waited for his story to be proven fake. He merely smirked, put the coins in and began focusing. When he had it lined up, he hit the button and watched as your eyes bulged and your mouth fall open. You were soon handed a stuffed dog.
“I think, that means you lose the game.” You were completely fine with that.

You smiled as you set the dog down, remembering the end of the night and how when he kissed you goodbye you already knew you were falling in love with him. You continued slowly, in no rush to finish unpacking the bedroom because the living room was last and had the most work by far. When you eventually made your way out there you found yourself laughing at the pictures and the stories behind them. It was easy to overlook the pictures when you see them everyday, they melt into the background. The picture from the Christmas where Lin covered himself head to toe in Mistletoe,
“I’m not kissing anything lower than your lips, let me make that clear.”
The picture you didn’t want to take from a vacation where you go too much sun,
“Lin, come on. No! I look like a God damn lobster!”
“A cute lobster!” 

One of the last things you found in the mountain of boxes in the living room was his sheet music. You don’t remember packing it and whoever did was a cruel, sick person in your eyes. You pulled out the sheet music he had been working on right before it happened. Tears filled your eyes as the unwanted memories flooded in.

“Okay, I’m flying at about twelve percent right now, I need some coffee. Do we have any?” Lin called from his spot at the piano, where he had been practically all day.
“Um, no I think we’re out but I can head to Starbucks and get you something if you want?” He thought about it for a second before sighing.
“Nah, I’ll go. I need to get up and move before I become permanently stuck to the piano bench.” You laughed.
“Okay well, if you feel so inclined I’ll take a frappuccino.”
“Surprise me.” He acted as though he were deep in thought before smiling, “Something sweet?”
“Little bit of cinnamon.” You both laughed at your shameless reference to In The Heights. He kissed you before turning to head out the door. Turning as he walked out to say, “I love you.”
“Love you too,
When he was gone you made yourself busy by cleaning up a bit, fiddling about your apartment for something to do. You had almost lost track of time when you realized that Lin hadn’t come back yet. It was a fairly short walk, there should be no reason for him to be gone this long. Still you tired not to worry. Maybe he just ran into a friend, he’s a popular guy. When he went from being an hour late to two you grew a bit more anxious, deciding that if he was talking to a friend you were going to go drag him back. You grabbed your keys and phone before heading to the door. You were stopped, however, when there was a loud knock on the door. You rolled your eyes, of course Lin would forget his keys.
“You know, for a genius you should do act like a-” you stopped when you were face to face with two police officers. “Uh..”
“Y/N?” One asked.
“Yes? What’s going on?”
“There’s been an accident. Your..boyfriend? Lin-Manuel, he didn’t make it…” The officer kept talking, explaining all that had happened, that the paramedics tried the best they could. He apologized and just kept on talking but you couldn’t hear it. You couldn’t hear over the sound of your world crashing down at your feet.

And now here you were, alone, surrounded by the memories with Lin that he used to love to dig through. Standing in a new apartment to get away from the memories of him that haunted you every step you took in that apartment, surrounded in them once again.

You know, not all memories are good, Lin.”
“Yes, you’re right. But they’re still important regardless, and besides nothing in this house holds bad memories for me. Because of you.”
“Sometimes the good one’s are the worst though, because you can never go back.”
“Those are the best! Because whenever things are bad, you can look back to those memories and say, ‘things were great, so things can be great and things will eventually be great again’. If you can keep that mentality, you can get through absolutely anything.”

If anyone wants to yell at me for making this unnecessarily sad, you can, my messages are open

if anybody is interested in becoming my study buddy, i’d really appreciate the help :)

i’m kind of hoping to find someone that understands why studying is so important to some people, and to just check in with to make sure we’re both doing what we need to do, meeting deadlines, not drowning under our workload etc.

i study the following:
• maths
• biology
• english language
• english literature
• psychology
• sociology
• spanish
• french

you don’t have to study the same things i do! i’m just looking to talk to someone / people who don’t think i’m a massive loser for studying all the time and who appreciate that sometimes, we need a little push :) come make friends with me!


Anonymous said: could you bring back Threshecutioner Karkat and Condesce/Meenah?

ladysekh said: Oh, also, how about like a Mongol!Gamzee or desert bandit! Gamzee. Like a real world wild beserker concept.

Some sketchbook doodles for some super old asks (wow who even remembers Gamzee Day , that was forever and a half ago), a page full of Karkats, some depressing alternate-future Saviors stuff, etc etc…as always, captions!

so methed up samurai is massively transphobic on top of being an egotistical aggressive loser who loves to harass and violently threaten young people online so can we finally stop acting like hes in any way cool or admirable and not just an asshole everyone is layering praise on because he made some gifsets of himself smoking meth through a mask he stole from sub zero


dont let my pics fool you im not edgy im a massive loser

but hey im tyde, im 16, nb and gay af rip

uh i kinda suck, im a musician and im learning to be a band manager thats pretty rad i guess lmao

im really trashy w my music taste and my favourite artists are catfish and the bottlemen, the 1975, blackbear, alt-J etc

but yeah hmu if u wanna, my blog im most active on is tydecharley, my snapchat is not.tyde and my instagram is tydemccann

but yeah cute, see you around xo

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Imagine a college!au where taekook are suspiciously close bffs and one day jungkook buys taehyung a giant teddybear for his birthday & taehyung loves it so much he needs to give jungkook an even better thank you gift, then its the two of them trying to outgift each other, organizing grandiose schemes to surprise each other while being completely oblivious as to how romantic it is (it's not technically serenading i have a boombox) (jimin what do you mean i can't stuff his locker with rose petals)

/I’m flailing anon how could you/ /whips out the head canons/

“Park Jimin, help me lug these boxes of Hershey’s Kisses to Kookie’s dorm.”

Jimin sighs, pushing away his Psychology textbook from his lap and glancing over at the loser standing with twelve massive boxes of expensive Swiss chocolate basically overflowing in his arms as he struggled to stand. It’s bad enough that it’s finals week and the heating broke down a week ago and Jimin has to cram in sub human temperatures, but being dragged into this out-gifting war between two guys who seemed conveniently clueless about the romantic aspect of their endeavors took the cake when it came to Jimin’s patience.

“Didn’t you just tell me this Monday, not three days ago, that ‘there is no way Jeon Jungkook is getting a one-up on me after these eighty roses worth petals in his locker?’”

“Yeah, but -”

“And wasn’t it when I was helping you stuff one fucking petal at a time into those damn holes that you promised that you would leave me out of your weird outdoing game?”

Taehyung huffs. It is a little known fact that as nice as Park Jimin seems from the outside, with his eye smile and seemingly easy going personality and tiny human ways, he is, in fact, a complete hard ass.

“Yeah, but that was before he stood outside my dorm with that fucking boom box and sang ‘Like I’m Going To Lose You’ in front of half the college population.”


“Everyone knows public serenading beats rose petals. It’s a fact.” Jimin groans.

“Do you - like him?”

Taehyung tilts his head. “Of course I like him. He’s my best friend. Why wouldn’t I like him?”

“I mean do you like - how he dresses, or the way he laughs or - I don’t know,” Jimin grumbled. “The way he is?”

Taehyung gives him a long look before answering. “Jungkook’s a great guy. What’s not to like?”

“Oh my gosh, Tae, you can’t just - you can’t just give guys you don’t date Hershey’s kisses. It’s a - couple thing.”

“What do you mean? It’s just chocolate.” Jimin rubs his temple with his thumbs and tries another approach.

“Those roses cost how much you’d get if you sold your body, Tae.”


I paid for them. You promised me your first born child.”

“And you shall have it. Now help me with these boxes before Jungkook comes back from his lecture, we have to get these boxes into his room in ten minutes.”

Jimin splutters, eyes widening at the thought of the embarrassing walk of shame six dorms across to Jungkook’s room, eyes glued to the floor to avoid the stares people would give any guy desperate enough to give the object of their affection caffeine overdose to win them over.

Of course, Taehyung doesn’t understand this. He’s probably grin back at them and wink at Jimin.

“What ‘we’? There’s no ‘we’. There’s you and those Hershey’s and a six corridor walk.”

Taehyung narrows his eyes.

“I have Yoongi hyung’s number.” Jimin’s jaw drops.

“Liar,” he hisses, eyes widening. There was no way in hell Kim Taehyung, king of weird pick up lines and awkward eye contact with strangers could have scored Yoongi’s number when Jimin had been trying to work up the courage to talk to him all semester.

“Am not. Chem 101 had a lot of Music majors attending, for some weird reason. Especially a certain blond guy who sat next to me the whole time and discussed a vocal collab he might be needing one of these days. And I might have told him I knew a guy.”

Jimin lets this information (and Taehyung’s extra triumphant face) sink in for twenty seconds.

“How many boxes should I carry?”

Taehyung throws him a boxy grin.

“You’re the best, Park Jimin.”

/and then basically Tae gives Kookie chocolates and Kook gets Tae his favourite bubble tea set and they keep doing that until one day Jimin gets them together and yells at them to stop being so fricking clueless already and if they don’t flipping kiss and end this madness he’d call Yoongi and have them both disposed off in the Busan seas and so they do and that’s the story of how TaeKook continues to outgift each other only this time, they kiss between the Hershey Kisses’ boxes and cuddle with the teddy bears they give each other./

The End.

Oh, Yoongi thinks Jimin is cute.

ever think about about how amon was basically the deuteragonist in the original series? and how he had like a way more fucked up backstory than the actual protagonist on top of also being conditioned as a child to fuel his trauma into exterminating ghouls? and yet he’s actually a pretty decent person and not a massive loser? and like he genuinely cared about learning about ghouls far more than kaneki, who only really gave a shit about those he was friends with? how his romantic relationship is actually believable and not ultra forced? and actually kind of sweet? and how his love interest wasn’t resigned to a life of waiting for him to come back and dreamily sighing? and also he doesn’t look like a fucking 12 year old? but nope, he got completely fucked over and sidelined in the sequel. nice.

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AU Mini-Fic challenge

7: Fake relationship AU

Summary: Dan has to go to his school reunion, and when he realises everyone but him seem to be settled down and married, he convinces Phil to pretend that he’s Dan’s husband for the night.

Words: 3,294 (not so ‘mini’ then, oops)

Sorry this took so long, I hope you like it! <3

* * *

“Listen, Phil. I need your help,” Dan said as he walked into the room. He switched off the TV and turned to face Phil, ignoring his noises of protest.

“I was watching that!” Phil whined with a scowl, but Dan just crossed his arms and sighed. He looked serious about whatever he was about to talk about, so Phil shut up and waited.

“My friend is having a big reunion party next week, where everyone I knew from school is going. It’s going to be hell, just full of people I hate having competitions over who’s the most successful now and who’s the most important.”

“So don’t go,” Phil said, frowning. He was still mad at Dan for interrupting his TV show, just so he could whinge about his old friends.

“I have to, I promised,” Dan said sullenly.

“So…how does this effect me?” Phil asked, raising an eyebrow. Dan began to blush as he fixed his eyes on the floor, shuffling uncomfortably. 

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I can’t stop laughing!

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This loser, is going to be voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.


Is also the voice of 

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This loser

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This loser

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This loser

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That loser

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And of course, THIS MASSIVE LOSER!

As well as some other losers you probably love.

Char Noir is in good hands.

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patroclus + achilles + spider = ???????

“okay, patroclus, don’t freak out, but there’s a spider. it’s pretty big. don’t worry though because i’m going to kill it. it will rue the day it set its eight feet in this house. i’ll just get some paper towels and i’ll squish the hell out of this spider. all its spider friends will come to the spider funeral and then they’ll ALL know not to mess with patroclus while achilles pelides is around! i’m going to squash this miserable arachnid so hard–wait, where did it go?”

“i took it out to the garden while you were monologuing”