is a lucky lady

Marvel Preference- What Happens When They See You Sleep Walk For The First Time

Fandral is actually outside when he sees you sleepwalking and becomes quite surprised and scared. He’s actually on a cliff and you almost fall off, which scares him a lot, but lucky he gets to you in time.
“Lady y/n? Lady y/n!” He tries calling out to you as he sees you walking closer to the water.
As he notices that his words don’t startle you and you’re continuing he runs towards you as fast as he can, thinking you’re under a spell.
“Lady y/n, I believe it’s time to take you back to bed.” He tells you quietly as he you lifts you up realising you’re sleepwalking.

Tony was in his lab late at night and hears you bump into something. He doesn’t know who it is at first but once he’s taken a photo he quietly leads you back to bed.
“What the hell.” Tony says to himself as he looks behind his screens to see you walking around.
He watches you for a minute trying to figure out what you’re doing, but once you look almost through him he knows that you’re just sleepwalking.
“Alright y/n, it’s time to go back to bed.” He says smiling to himself as he snaps a photo and takes your shoulders leading you back to your room. 

Mystique realises what’s going on straight away and just watches you for a long while before leading you back to bed.
“Ha! Charles whisky cabinet, nice sleepwalking y/n.” She silently laughs to herself.
“Oh no wait, no.” She says as she realises you start to drink the bottles of alcohol. She runs down the stairs, takes the liquor out of your hand and leads you back to bed. 

Rocket actually thinks that you’re awake when he first sees you since he’s never seen someone sleepwalk before.
“Nah, no ones going to do anything to your underwear, Quill. Right y/n?” He asks you as you come into view giving you a wink, while Peter just flips you both off around the corner as he goes to bed. 
“Y/n? Yoo hoo, y/n.” He says staring at you for a while, kind of confused as you begin to walk past him with no recognition of what he said.
“Sleepwalking?” He questions silently to himself.
“Totally sleep walking.” He says as he sees you walk towards Gamora’s room, knowing that no one wakes Gamora up.
He quickly races in front of you, turns you around and leads you back to bed with great struggle. 

Imagine being on your first date with Tom. You try to play it cool, pretending not to be completely dazzled every time he looks at you with those sparkling blue eyes. He acts like a perfect gentleman - opening doors for you, holding your hand, showering you with complements. By the end of the night you start to let your guard down, just in time for him to give you the perfect goodnight kiss.


Don’t Stop The Punk

Get Lucky by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers vs.

Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna
Perfect Illusion by Lady Gaga
Into You by Ariana Grande
Circus by Britney Spears.

Rick Grimes for Best Kiss

You know…I am in awe at the way Rick kisses Michonne.

Like some people take brief pauses or they go slow but Rick is a hungry kisser.

He devours her or barely gives her any time to catch her breath before he dives back in. It’s like his lips are magnetized to hers. There’s this ravenous, passionate drive behind them that makes me get all tingley and what not.

Damn, those Rick Grimes kisses are something else.

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  • Suigetsu: So Sasuke, how was your first kiss?
  • Sasuke: Pretty good
  • Suigetsu: And who is the lucky lady?
  • Sasuke: Naruto
  • Suigetsu: Ähmm... okay but I meant your real first kiss
  • Sasuke: And I already said it was Naruto
  • Suigetsu: Yeah but where you both wanted it
  • Sasuke: Yes, Naruto.
  • Suigetsu: No you don't understand! I mean when did you kissed the person you love for the first time!?
  • Sasuke: Ah okay i got it
  • Suigetsu: ...
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Suigetsu: ...
  • Sasuke: It also was Naruto
imagine MC ends up with 707, and she leaves the house one day but leaves her phone

*707 sees the phone an automatically has an idea*
*he goes into your bedroom, and puts on your signature sweater and leggings*
*he pulls a wig that almost exactly resembles your hair*
*he takes your phone, poses, and takes a picture in the mirror and sends it in the group chat*
Zen: I hope this isn’t out of line but,,,,, you look so beautiful MC. Seven is a lucky man.
Jumin: Indeed he is, she is a very elegant lady.
Jaehee: MC, weren’t you supposed to be going out today?
Yoosung: *doesn’t say anything because he KNOWS it’s 707. He’s gotten enough of his girl selfies to know.*
*Seven sends another selfie,, but it’s without the wig and he’s blowing a kiss*
*jumin has left the chat*
*jaehee has left the chat*

////mission accomplished, agent 707 out////

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Prompt: Winteriron, "You're surprisingly warm for someone called the Winter Soldier"

This is cute!

Tony sneezed; once, twice. A chill runs up his spine and across his shoulders. It’s currently smack dab in the middle of winter and, despite the heat being circulated throughout all the rooms in Avengers Tower, he still feels cold. He has long since ditched his jeans and well-worn AC/DC tank top for sweats and a hoodie. At this point, he is contemplating gloves or just going to bed. 

Cranky, Tony more or less storms his way towards the kitchen on the main floor for a cup of coffee. He’d do hot chocolate, but FRIDAY informed him that Clint drank the last bit earlier that day and didn’t inform anyone. Now the streets were covered in thick blankets of snow and no service would be willing to deliver in this sort of weather. Not that Tony wanted them too. Safety of one’s self and all that. 

“Barton’s a lazy ass,” Tony mumbles to himself while shoving his hands, aching from the cold, into his hoodie’s front pocket. “Could have said something.”

It’s nearing midnight now and he had been in the workshop juggling a new circuit board while taking calls left and right from Pepper and Rhodey. Pepper staying in California (that lucky lady!) and Rhodey visiting family overseas, but both making time to talk to him. 

Most, if not everyone, has retired for the day. A sort of sleepy mood taking over the superhero residence as the snow drifts from the sky. Steve mentioned something about everyone playing in the snow sometime tomorrow. Probably after breakfast. Clint and Thor were instantly down with that. Natasha only grinned and Bruce offers a small smile. Then there was Barnes who didn’t react much to the idea of being out in the “snowy wonder” as Steve called it. Tony, however, passed almost as quickly as it was brought up. 

Snow is cold and wet. Two things Tony hates very much. But at Steve’s fallen face, Tony offers a list of Christmas-themed movies they could watch together. And relaxes when Steve accepts.

Upon finding the kitchen, Tony doesn’t bother turning on the light. It’s his tower. He designed it piece-by-piece and knows where everything is located. Even so, some light is supplied from the hallway right outside the kitchen. Just enough that he can see his coffee maker and just a bit beyond that.

Coffee going, Tony turns to the fridge to grab the milk. Opening it up, he scans the inside. 

“We’re out of milk too?” Tony groans.

“It’s on the table.”

Tony jumps. Anxiety coursing through his veins, he turns around and, with the light from the fridge, sees Barnes sitting at the table with a bowl, the new box of Fruit Loops, and the jug of milk.

“Jesus Christ, Barnes! Warn a guy, would ya?!” Tony snaps while closing the fridge.

“FRIDAY, kitchen lights at 25 percent.”

A dim, almost orange, light is suddenly cast over the kitchen. With the light, Tony is now staring at a shirtless Barnes in Bugs Bunny pajama pants who just casually spoons more cereal into his mouth. 

“Why are you eating in the dark, Barnes?”

Barnes shrugs. “Got good sight.”

“Oh, well. Warn a guy next time, please.”


Tony blinks. “Right. Well, carry on.” He takes the milk from the table and sets about making himself the perfect cup of coffee all while Barnes chills at the kitchen table eating cereal.

When he’s done, he turns back to the table to Barnes frowning at the box in his hands.

“Uh, what’s wrong?”

“The cereal is all gone.” He ends with a pout.

Tony blinks because that shouldn’t look cute. He blames Barnes’ floppy long brown hair and five o’clock shadow.

“Get another box?” Tony suggests.

“This was the last of that kind.”

“Get a different box?”

“But I liked this one,” Barnes mumbles while scowling at the box like it is the most offensive thing in the world.

Tony’s mouth twitches into a smile. 

“Okay, well, I’m gonna’ go watch pre-recorded episodes of Iron Chef America so you’re welcomed to join if you want.” And he walks out of the kitchen.

Moments later, Barnes shuffles out of the kitchen to observe the living room. There’s only an available seat next to Tony. All the other seats were covered in the team’s junk. He tentatively sits next to Tony, back ridged from the close proximity. 

“Chill out, snowflake. I won’t bite…unless you’re into that.”

And just like that, Barnes sags into the couch next to Tony. They sit there for nearly an hour when Tony shifts closer. It’s close to 2 AM when Tony just straight up presses against Barnes. 

“Something wrong, Stark?”

“You’re surprisingly warm for someone called the Winter Soldier,” Tony replies all mysterious like. 

Barnes blinks once, twice, thrice, and then he’s laughing. Tony blinks up at him, sees the mirth in his eyes, and finds himself grinning.

“Whatever you say, Stark.” He brings his arm up and wraps it around Tony’s shoulders and pulls him closer.

The end!