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Okay. So people are really getting hectic trying to figure out Joseph’s good end pieces. I keep hearing it’s just “You need to romance Robert on his Good End twice, and get an S-Rank both times,” but someone told me that they did that and the ending was the same.

People are also talking about the fact that Mary might be a big piece, and you need to romance ALL of the dads that show a relationship with her. I don’t know how many do, but I’ve read Damien apparently is quite good friend with her. So he might also be needed as well.

And final, there’s an idea going around that the reason Joseph’s Good End is so difficult to achieve is because it’s the canon ending, as many dating sims tend to have one route over all others that either has more detail or difficult, sometimes both, that the creators consider canon in the broader sense.

So it’s likely that, to get Joseph’s Good End, it may require a LOT of work. What that work is, I’m not sure.

Currently, I’m debating if it’s a case where you need to date ALL of the dads before him twice, they have to be their Good Ending route dates, and they all have to be S-Ranked. It would be a very hefty process, but at this point, since we have no confirmation on a Good Ending and how different it is, it’s the best I can think of.

God damn, I hope this riddle is solved when I wake up, this is wracking my brain.

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So I know a lot of ppl ship Gabe/Peggy and I was wondering if it was canon or just a headcanon? Plus when shipping characters like these (one white, one black, pre-Loving), do you go for historical accuracy or just say fuck it and ship them together?

It’s comics canon! Gabe and Peggy got married after the war. The mcu just chose to ignore it and go their own way. There’s no good reason why they didn’t follow their arc.

As far as interracial relationships, just because they were illegal doesn’t mean they’re historically inaccurate. In fact, it’s been legal since the late 1800s in the northeastern US where Gabe and Peggy would probably end up. It became legal in all 50 states in 1967, which is well within Gabe and Peggy’s lifetimes. Gabe and Peggy being in love in the late 40s and early 50s would have been absolutely plausible.

But seriously, black and white people didn’t just not fall in love because they couldn’t get married. That’s like saying gay people didn’t exist before 2012. My dad’s best friend in the late 1950s was mixed. So there is no saying “fuck it”, because it’s not a fabricated comics-world thing. It’s a fact.


Pairing: JiminxReader

Word Count: 506

Genre: Fluff!

Prompt: “Is there a special reason as to why you are wearing my shirt?”

Also going to take @kpopstarsreact in order to ruin her. 

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You awoke to the sound of your alarm clock pissing you off. You turned on to your side to see that Jimin was already awake.

“Good morning love. Sorry I set the alarm, but I have to go to practice early.” he said kissing the tip of your nose.

“Then I’m going back to bed, I’ve got the day off.” You responded by sticking your tongue out, to which he returned. You then turned back around and fell back asleep.

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Honestly the more I see theories about how Livvy isn’t dead or how she could come back annoy me and I don’t think I’ve disagreed more with half the fandom than I do now. Yes, it fucking sucks and yes, it’s not fair. But that’s life? People die, innocent people die for no fucking reason at all. That’s life and isn’t something you can avoid and it’s so fucking relatable for readers to see the characters they love dealing with and going through things they have. It makes it more real.  And if the shadowhunters really are leading into the darkest time they’ve ever seen, then yes people are going to die, innocent, young people who don’t deserve it are going to die. There’s going to be risks, and those risks have to matter because then what the fuck is the point. If no one dies, or if only evil/bad people die, that cheapens it and will tell people who have had loved ones died that they were just terrible people, but guess what? They weren’t terrible. They were decent people who shouldn’t have dead and that’s what Livvy (and every other innocent person) represents

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Prompt: “Not to be edgy, but this isn’t good cop / bad cop. This is bad cop / worse cop, and trust me, you don’t want to find out which is which.”

pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: angst
type: badboy au
words: 654

When Jeon Jeongguk appeared in front of your doorsteps looking too good, too enticing with a smile that could trick you into love and colorful neon jacket, you knew tonight can go two ways: you can sit back and relax whilst binge watching Criminal Minds or you can find yourself  press up against the side of a Toyota parked on the edge of the road, grasping Jeongguk’s hand with a vice grip and him letting you cut his circuit off because he it’s the only reason he has to hold your hand.

“Not to be edgy, but this isn’t good cop / bad cop. This is bad cop / worse cop, and trust me, you don’t want to find out which is which.” Jungkook surmises after dropping down under the window after stealing a glace at the flashing red and blue lights. The silence is eerie as the footsteps get closer, his heart beating too fast, too erratically. Out of all nights, why does he have to cross paths with them while he’s with you? You’re going to hate him for tainting your records. Jungkook almost jumped out from your hiding spot, hands in the air as he surrenders, as long as your name’s cleared. Almost.

Then you laugh, the sound trickles from your mouth like chimes and for a moment, Jeongguk forgets about where you are and why you’re hiding behind a car again. He’s tempted to whip out his phone from the back pocket so he could record the angelic sound of your laughing but he decides against it and instead clasps a hand against your mouth as, in the process pulling you closer until your back is pressed flush against his chest. If you notice his erratic heartbeat, you don’t show it. You probably assume it’s due to the scuffing boots nearing the car you’re behind painfully leisurely as if the person is trying to prolong this cat and mouse game.

The tap on Jeongguk’s hand returns his eyes to you, yours looking like the stars and galaxy is trapped in them as they curve into moons. He’s reminded again of how you easily agree to his boyish smile and little sweet lies of a plain night out. In the end, the one who’s convinced is always him, convinced by your curious eyes as you tell him about the quieter side of town that the people from your lecture was talking about, convinced by your innocent amazement when he handed you the ivory spray can and told you with a proud smirk to go crazy as triumphantly rejoice in his head because he’s the one who you’re doing this with for the first time, he’s the one who fulfills your curiosity and the loves you will meet after this will never compare. He hopes.

And as he stares back at your devious gaze, he realizes how his actions were never his. He lets you guide his hand down, granting a view of your enthralling smile. The only thing he manages to do is swallow thickly, bracing himself as he lets you twine your fingers together. Your grip is firm, strong, promising; never let go.

It’s all a blur, how you shoot up, prompting him to do so from your connected hands, him almost tripping when you both pass the familiar crack in the sidewalk that he’s memorized easily in his head, the sight of your shoulder blades against your skin tight t-shirt. Jeongguk tries not to hold you both back as shouts echo from the spot you’ve just bolted from, flashlights flashing, footsteps closing in and he’s not sure if running is better than waiting it out and hoping for something out there to help the both of but then he meets your fascinating gaze. 

It’s dangerous, it’s insane and it’s oh so exciting setting himself up for the heartbreak of a lifetime as he falls more in love with you.

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I had a dream a bit ago where for some reason my dad was good freinds with wade. My dad and wade were at a bar talking about a party we were going to at my grandmas and I thought since bob and wade were going mark was going to go. Fast forward to the partym I was looking for mark everywhere I and I could not see him so eventually I found him talking with bob and I hugged him and I said that i only watched him for a year and I don't have a YouTube account but l love his videos and I support him.

That’s a sweet dream :D the sad part is u suddenly woke up. :3

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Hey so ik all of you meta writers believe it will go canon in the end, but I'm wondering... What do you mean by "canon", exactly? Would it have to be completely unambiguous like a kiss or declaration? Or would you be okay with something more vague like Dean saying something like "I want you to stay" while romantic music plays? Personally I bet they're gonna just hold hands and smile at each other or something

If for some GOOD reason it had to be less obvious then maybe, as long as the characters are happy and it’s acknowledged as part of the story it’s fine in principle.

However. Imo there is literally no reason why it can’t be more textual other than that they don’t want to show a queer romance on the show between those characters, because they’ve shown far more visually and textually romantic moments between Dean and other characters. It just would come across as totally homophobic if they held back from making it clear whilst acknowledging that it WAS romantic and imo that would be really terrible and not at all what they want to achieve PR wise. It would be the worst of all scenarios and annoy everyone.

Quick Announcement

Hey guys! In a little bit I’m going to be off on a trip and I won’t be back til Sunday. The reason I mention this is because I won’t have my phone or any sort of internet access while I’m away, so I guess you could say I’ll be on a bit of a hiatus. Ask box and submissions will be closed, I don’t want to be overwhelmed when I get back and have to keep it closed for longer.

Have a good weekend and I’ll see yall in four days!

A little more explanation...

What can I say? I was having a rough day and wanted to keep it short, but I feel you guys deserve maybe just a little more of an explanation as to my reasons.

Let me make it clear that there aren’t really things going on in my personal life (Things are actually pretty good other than my car wreck lmao) and Tumblr doesn’t make me upset or depressed or anxious or anything like that with all the anon hate. So don’t feel bad for me or think that something’s wrong. It’s more of a fact that I don’t feel like I have to put up with it. 

I shouldn’t have to. No one should. And I’m just done with it.

Unless you are the Kazliin’s of the fandom with Until My Feet Bleed, being a fanfiction author is a pretty thankless job. Don’t get me wrong, I have had a lot of support and lovely followers, but when you put in hours and thousands of words, sometimes, 20-30 comments just seems like not nothing for what you’ve done. Especially when there are ‘those’ comments…the nasty and the hateful. And sure, in the grand scheme of things, they are 1 bad comments for every 20 good, but we as humans have a tendency to focus on just the bad, don’t we?

But it also got to the point it was no longer just my writing anymore, it was attacks on me personally. For the most part I never published the nasty anons because why expose all of you to that and why encourage the behavior? No point. But, why? Why the fuck is anyone putting up with this shit on this piece of crap website? For fuck’s sake. 

I’m not speaking at anyone directly, and certainly not to my loyal followers, but THE FANDOM drives away some of the best authors. Not personal issues the author is going through. THE FANDOM.  The YOI fandom has driven me away, just as the SPN one did. Though, I’ll give SPN credit, I don’t recall them ever having a fucking ‘shit list’ (Though I’ve seen how nasty some people are to one of the fandom’s best artists so maybe that’s the same)

What will happen to my stories? I don’t know, to be honest. I won’t delete anything, of that I can promise. PR will likely be done someday because there’s only 2 chapters left and it would be stupid not to finish it. But FP and SP…yeah. I don’t know. Probably LR will continue, since I was always just writing that for me in the first place. But I make no promises for anything either way.

I’m going to go back to what got me into writing in the first place….my world of OCs with @spanthedistance. My beloved 200k story on AO3 that has a total of 4 Kudos between the two books. That’s right. Four. And yet, Even though no one read it, I still love it. I love it so much. And It’s time I return to it,  I think.

If you want to keep up with my writing, then I encourage you to follow A Twist in the Myth Series and the soon to be added Dreams of the Morrow on my AO3. Both can be enjoyed without being familiar with the fandoms they are in, as me and Kage (my co-author for these stories) were very conscious of writing it as such. DotM maybe a little less so, but ATITM can really be enjoyed without knowing anything. 

I’ll still be around, but I just won’t be active. You can still message me and send me asks, but I likely won’t answer for days at a time. You can find me on instagram: bflemingo and snapchat: kashoku if you use those platforms.

Seriously guys, thank you for everything, and one day I’ll probably come back, but not until Tumblr gets their heads out of their fucking asses. 

<3 Sinpai

He Lead Me Home

This is my first writing and there will be a chapter two if anyone is interested:)

“I want to go home, Tony.”
Those six words stunned him. He knew things hadn’t been good for you, at least not at the moment.

“Y/n, this is your home.“ You remain silent. “are you sure? Please think about it.” He says with a concerned tone. “Please Tony, please. I need to leave. Not forever but just for a few…” A few what? Days? Weeks? Months? “Please. I just need you to send me back home. I might as well leave know that Bucky is in a mission.”

Ah, Bucky. The reason which you wanted to leave the Avengers behind. Your relationship with Bucky was pure, at least so you thought. From acquaintances, to friends, to an inseparable couple, Bucky and you were miserable without each other, however the harsh words you both said to each other lead to one of the most excruciating painful moments of your life: the break up.

“Y/n, c'mon we need you here” “Maybe tony but, I need to be alone for a bit.” With a sigh and a slight nod suggesting he understands, he walks you to the common room where he gathers the rest of the team.


The team, as you had suspected, was angry at first but soon came to understand that you needed some time off. After saying  your  goodbyes and also finished packing you hurry to the quin jet but Steve manages to catch up to you.

“Y/n, are you sure you want to do this?” You think about your answer for a moment. “Steve, I’m not sure I want to but… it might be for the best.” He gives you one last tight hug. You wave goodbye as you board the quin jet. Once you’re in, your mind begins to wander to what happened a week ago.


“Did you really have to fucking do that?!” Bucky was well pissed. But then again so were you.

“Please if I hadn’t stayed behind those tpeople would’ve died!” Your tone is cold  and angry. “You disobeyed my orders!!”


“YOU’RE SO FUCKING INCOMPETENT! YOU CANT EVEN DO THE ONE THING I ASK FOR FUCKING RIGHT! Why can’t you just be like them huh? Why can’t you be good for once in your fucking life?”

Ah why couldn’t you be good like them. Natasha the most dangerous spy. Or Steve the patriotic hero. Even tony, the genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist. You have got to admit. It really hurt that Bucky thought that.

“Well… sorry I can’t live up to your expectations.” He hears the disappointment in your voice.

“Look Y/n you just had me really worried. Just please don’t be careless and stupid next time alright?”

That does it. The words and tears you tried so hard to keep in finally spilled out of you. “What about me huh? Don’t you think I get worried when you can’t sleep at night? When I see you suffer but I can’t do anything to help you?”

Bucky cant look you in the eye after your say that and instead looks down at the floor.

”You don’t think I get worried? Don’t you think I get worried when you compare me to people I can’t be?! To people I’m not?! It makes me feel like shit because I know I’m not good enough ok! MAYBE I AM STUPID FOR BELIEVING WE COULD BE TOGETHER!

“Y/n, hey, baby that’s not what I meant.”  HIs voice cracks and he tries to get closer to you and attempts to reach your face but you back away. “All i have to say is that you don’t have to be worried about me anymore.” And with that you stormed out of the room.


“Ma'am we’ve arrived.” The agents voice makes you realize that you’re home. Well at Tony’s airport which he created in some of the Avenger’s hometown. After the ride to the airport you finally arrive. Three knocks to the door and your mom opens it and hugs you with excitement as she realizes it’s you.

“Y/n? What are you doing here? Not that I’m complaining.” Your mom says this was a slight giggle. You tell her about what happened how you needed to get away. You cry and she comforts.

Sooner than you realize, night comes and you go to your old bedroom, a room untouched. You turn on the fairy lights, only now they are more dim than the last time you were here. You snuggle into bed, cuddling the pillow wishing it were Bucky instead.

You think about how much you miss him. How his kisses made you feel loved. How he would hold you tight and kissed your head before you fell asleep. His way of saying I love you. But then you also think about how you’re maybe not enough. Maybe you aren’t as beautiful as the person who he deserves, who he needs. Maybe not as smart. Or as patient. Maybe it was time he separated from you. He could find someone good enough. Just maybe.

Through these painful realizations, you end up falling asleep not knowing Bucky was suffering as much as you.

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How does inasa deal with todoroki in the expelled au? Do they become good friends after explaining the situation of what todoroki was in (with his father) and that maybe inasa thinks that todoroki has guts for what he did to get expelled?

At first I think he’d be quite pissed off because a reason why he didn’t choose U.A. was to avoid seeing Todoroki, but now??? he gets to see him EVERYDAY???? It does intrigue him that Todoroki had the guts to go rescue one of his friends… does it mean that he possesses the HOT HEROIC SPIRIT after all?

But I’d like to think that they’d have a rocky start initially –e.g. slipping on Todoroki’s ice during training which he just happened to create the moment Inasa arrived; Todoroki roasting barbecue for his class and when Inasa asks for one…whoops no more bbq srry!!! basically, mostly small things where Inasa comically runs into him at the wrong time and thinking Todoroki is a dick and does them all on purpose. (In reality, Inasa is just unlucky)

However the two of them are actually good kids individually, so they’d definitely have slow buildup in their friendship later on!

Why do you guys like Tate so much? I kinda get the appeal of Tate. I would much rather have like Jimmy or Kyle. I get the appeal of James more because he’s sexy about what he does, but I personally wouldn’t want to be with him. I really wouldn’t want to be with Edward either. Kit would be great because he would always know how to treat you and take good care of you.
Rory would be protective, like how all of them are, he would just spend more of his time going to bigger parties and drinking (Like even more than Kyle). So, I want to know who you guys like and why. If you don’t want to give a reason for why you like them, you don’t have to.

Even if they flipped and decided they wanted to evict jess

If I was Dom and I had the hex - I would still use it. Cause then she would gain an ally who she knows - knows what’s really going on and someone who has reason to hate the HGs just as much as she do. Plus Cody has a good chance of coming back with the battle back. They can swoop up some of the stragglers and the those who gonna switch out (with the idea to get the switch outs first after using them to help get their enemies out - cause bish you thought).

I don’t want Jessica to have the Hex - nor because I’m hating - but because Jessica wouldn’t have to use it in most cases. I mean yes she can use it - save Dom and have a great alliance- but she also knows Cody has a chance of coming back and that fear already makes people wanna switch out (cause no matter what they say they know Paul fucking them over) and she can save that for them just in case.

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I mean to put this as pragmatic as I can but is it possible Debbie is shying away from Caroline screentime because Gabriella is not a very good actress? I know you like Caroline as a character but you must admit Gabriella is quite awful. I think with a better actress we really could have had something but

I think she is a very talented actress that proved herself last season with some difficult material.  What about Luke, is he not a good actor? He has had about 3 minutes of collective screen time this season, it must be because Debbie doesn’t think he is very good either.

People always rush to find convoluted  reasoning for these decisions but it seems pretty straight forward to me. Before the season aired I read an interview where Debbie said her favorite characters in season 3 were Drake and Morwenna -  she is a human with biases and she is naturally going to devote more pages to characters she enjoys writing. But the other characters have suffered as a result

  • Xefros: "Joey."
  • Joey: "yeah xeffy?"
  • Xefros: "Why...the SHE coming with us?"
  • Joey: "uh, no time to explain!"
  • Joey: "we have reasons to have her here!"
  • Joey: "good ones."
  • Joey: "really good ones that have nothing to do with a budding interspecies attraction on my part."
  • Trizza: "--E < Do you have a problem with that?"
  • Xefros: "I really, really despise having you in my presence."
  • Xefros: "Honestly, I can barely restrain myself from hitting something right now."
  • Xefros: "So help me god, if you start to meme, I'm going to take this bat and smash your face in."
  • Trizza: "--E < Oh please. Like I'm going to waste good material on someone like you."
  • Xefros: "...Fuck you."
  • Trizza: "--E < The feeling is mutual."
  • Joey: " this what hate flirting looks like?"
  • Joey: "gotta say, it's pretty fucking weird."

izzytheturnip: Was lucky enough to meet and film with Olly Alexander for his new documentary a couple of months ago. Though none of me and my pals talking made the final cut (probs a good thing) the documentary is AMAZING and our faces pop up at some point. It’s called ‘Growing Up Gay’ and is on BBC 3 now so get yer noggins on it 😎😎 Also going to take this time to promote BLAH- Norfolks only LGBT youth group. Blah is the sole reason I’m so comfortable with my sexuality and has helped me meet loads of amazing people. If ANY of you in the Norfolk area are struggling with your sexuality, or want to find out more about this youth group, message me and I can give ya the deets or message the page!

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why are infj 4s supposedly so common but isfj 4s so uncommon?

Oh man this is a difficult one because I’m going to probably annoy a certain type of person. Then again I always annoy that certain type of person, so I shouldn’t care.

But before I start I should stress that the only source of data I have for enneagram/MBTI is the Thought Catalog survey I’ve mentioned a bunch. I believe I included enneagram in my test survey but I never analyzed that, and either way I don’t have a large population of people responding, and as I’m going to expand upon, none of it is reliable.

My personal theory is that a good number of INFJ 4s are MBTI mistyped. This isn’t particularly revolutionary, but to catch everyone up: INFJs are allegedly rare, but are extremely common in the MBTI community, and there’s not a good reason why (I can kind of see why intuitives might be more drawn to a theory of personality instead of, you know, just talking to people. I can kind of see why introverts might be more prevalant in internet communities even though it’s not like extroverts don’t use social media. But that doesn’t explain why INFJs frequently outnumber even all the other INxx types). Descriptions of INFJs are often positively gushing about their uncanny ability to read people and empathize, their incredible logic, and their philosophical depth. Their only flaw is clumsiness, or caring too much (somehow, inferior sensing is never a burden the way inferior feeling or intuition or thinking is).

And so I think plenty of people - perhaps even enneagram 4s in particular, as people who crave uniqueness in their identity - are drawn to this portrayal of them as this near-perfect being. I mean, who wouldn’t be?

To provide some examples from Thought Catalog, as the survey was of people on the TC MBTI Facebook page, from shortly before the article I use for MBTI/Enneagram combinations was published:

(How types prepare for the holidays)

ISFJ – Settles down to watch their favorite holiday specials that they’ve been enjoying every year since childhood.  [pretty standard Si=traditions stereotype]

INFJ – Drives themselves crazy trying to narrow down the MOST PERFECT gift for everyone, that is in equal parts meaningful and practical. [yeah someone with inferior Se and no Te? IMPRACTICAL AS FUCK. Note how the ISFJ’s Fe doesn’t come into play at all and the INFJ is entirely selfless in this depiction.]

INFP – Channels the holiday spirit to help them up the ante on the ‘random acts of kindness’ that they already regularly engage in. [this is actually pretty nice, a lot of INFP stuff is like “cries in a corner.”]

ESTP – Loudly wishes everyone at work a “Merry Christmas” instead of a “Happy Holidays” and is called in for sensitivity training. [great the stereotype is that ESTPs are bigoted assholes now, cool cool cool]

ISTJ – Begins subtly asking their loved ones what they need in the way of household or personal items, in order to determine the most practical gift they can get for them. [1. I don’t really do subtle asking, 2. I love getting people ridiculous gifts they’d never buy for themselves. I already complained that the gift guide says to give ISTJs a toothbrush subscription so I don’t have much to add here]

ESTJ – Adheres to whichever holiday traditions are most important to their family, but spends the entire time making mental to-do lists for work the next day.  [you know it’s funny how intuitives want credit for being creative and deep and understanding but they tend to consider ESTJs to be Scrooge just toned down a tad, every fucking time.]

And to be clear: I like Thought Catalog’s MBTI stuff a lot of the time! It’s a big part of what got me into MBTI. But a lot of sources that I consider pretty decent still do this INFJ-worship and it’s no surprise that people fail to see themselves in the descriptions of their actual type, and do see themselves - or at least see who they want to be - in the INFJ type. And I suspect this happens more for 4s, who want that uniqueness.

So: I think it’s highly likely that type 4 INFPs and ISFJs will mistype as INFJ. Perhaps other type 4s of other MBTI types might also do so.

I’m heading to Nuka World soon which got me thinking about how Cait would actually react to that place.

SFW, 400ish words.

Cait can hardly contain herself when they reach Fizz Top Mountain. Her fists are balled, nails digging into her palms; her jaw is clenched so tightly her teeth could shatter. This place is Hell, a repeat of everything she’s been through multiplied ten-fold. Standing on the balcony overlooking the park, she turns to Frank with an expression more harsh than usual, barely able to keep herself from screaming at them.

“You better have a damn good reason for agreein’ to this shite,” she says, venomous.

Frank looks at Cait. “We’re going to kill every single one of these bastards,” they reply calmly, “but not yet.”

Cait sneers, “The hell do you mean?”

“There’s too many of them. We can handle one gang, not all three.” Frank shifts their weight on their feet. “They have home field advantage, too. Gotta do recon.”

“Yeah? And then what? Call in the Brotherhood?” Cait crosses her arms. “I can’t wait that long.”

Frank shakes their head and looks out over the park. “Just Spatha squad and our power armor. Maybe Danse and MacCready.” They sigh and turn to Cait, softening. “I’m so sorry.”

“You didn’t know what we’d be walkin’ into. Sure coulda gone without thinkin’ you were actually gonna go along with Gage.”

“I’m sorry. It happened too fast, there wasn’t any time to explain.”

Cait nods. It’s basic survival – saying no while surrounded by bloodthirsty raiders is certain death. There’s no way Frank would truly agree to that… they’re no friend to those types. She uncrosses her arms and tries to relax, taking deep breaths to calm herself.

“I dunno how long I can stay here without losin’ me goddamn mind,” she says, voice wavering despite her best efforts.

“I know,” Frank says, resting their hand on Cait’s cheek “I’m not asking you to stay. I can do the recon if you want to go back to the Commonwealth until the squad comes.”

That’s a choice she doesn’t want to make. Leaving Frank behind in the middle of enemy territory feels impossible, but so does staying. She frowns and moves in closer, wraps her arms around their waist, and nuzzles against their neck.

“… Can I think about it?”

Frank hugs Cait tightly. “Of course,” they whisper, stroking her hair. “Take your time, hon.”

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speaking of ex boyfriends, how the fuck u handle that shit? i miss mine sometimes so much and i cant go anywhere in public without freaking that I'll see him and his girl. I love my bf to death and he's super good for me and we treat each other well but i still wish i could have had a friendship with the ex.

ya’ll ended for a reason leave it in ur past — there is literally no reason to be friends w an ex be dumb stupid happy with ur boyf kiss him n fall in love