is a godmodder

Do not RP with anonymous-is-for-death

This is an urgent public service announcement to bring anonymous-is-for-death to light.
I’ve RPed with the guy over at coretexinc and wow, he is an edgy godmodder.
I highly recommend avoiding RP with him.
@technoctogy also RPed with him and he’s considering booting him off of his own steam friend list.
If you do block him, he’ll make an alt to evade your block and continue RP.

Spread this, please.

alysandraarryn  asked:

❛ Who threatened you? ❜

It was late when Asha was returning to her quarters, still warm from the mead she had had with dinner (and after dinner). The castle was quiet at night, but Asha enjoyed the freedom. It surprised her, however, to find a young lady, curled into a corner, visibly upset. For a moment, Asha hesitated, the drama of the court was something she swore never to get involved with, she did not care which lording wasn’t interested in the girl. Against her better judgment, Asha approached.

Alysandra Arryn looked… frankly, she looked awful. “Sweetheart,” Asha whispered, hoping not to scare her, “you can’t sit here, let’s get you some place more comfortable than this.” Asha did not bother to ask if she was okay, she did not believe in stupid questions. Alysandra looked up at Asha with the largest eyes she had ever see, and her heart broke, just a little bit. This look of pain seemed all too familiar. “What happened,” Asha asked, her whole demeanour changing, “Who threatened you?” 

Alysandra looked as though she would not tell her, Asha would not normally be considered the caring type, but she would murder any man who would try to bully the girl. Against her better judgement, Alysandra whispered, “Prince Daemon.” 

anonymous asked:

You always reserve the right to disengage in a role-play when godmodding occurs and the 'leaders' of the godmodder approve of their actions. Especially if that person walks away after doing something radical, not waiting for anyone to respond appropriately. No attempts or any form of 'this could be stopped' = Godmodding. Godmodding = Not fun to deal with. Learn up, kid.

anonymous asked:

hi darqx! how do you make such interesting and diverse characters? i am horrible at making oc's ;w;

Awr thanks anon! Honestly i just wing it ahaha…don’t be like me |D Also noo don’t say that anyone can make an oc! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ …sometimes we just need a little bit more of a nudge in a general direction than others is all.

There’s an oc masterpost floating around Tumblr that is a handy resource for if you wanna go really in depth, otherwise here are 4 shorthand tips that may be helpful to start out :)

1. Make them relatable

People like characters they can relate to and such a sense of ‘kinship’ helps to make a character seem more realistic. A lack of relatability is often the downfall of many ocs and is why those considered top-tier ‘Mary Sues/Gary Stus’ are so disliked by practically everyone. We don’t usually feel any connection with a character who is literally perfect with no flaws or a godmodder or someone with no context to their actions etc. Because we aren’t.

You can make a character relatable through:

  • Looks (this is kinda shallow, but having a good looking or interesting character design is one of the first things that hooks people’s interest if you’ve drawn them. They like the look of your character then maybe they wanna find out more. Writers have a bit more leeway in this area cos plots often come first before looks.)
  • Personality (what kind of person are they? Are they likeable? Or are they a little shit that you want to murder?)
  • Actions (what choices did they make and do?)
  • Ideology (what do they think?)
  • Relation to other characters in a group dynamic

NB: This applies to villains too. Make them relatable to a degree and not only do you get a more fleshed out antagonist but you can watch people being torn about whether they like them or not and it’s rather entertaining.

2. Make them real

Take a look at the people around you to gain ideas and understanding of aspects of your characters looks, personality, emotions etc. Your friends may have some interesting quirks or some irksome flaws that would make for part of an interesting character. If you have people you dislike you can take the parts of them that make you dislike them and make that a part of a realistically annoying antagonist.

Using HH as an example Wei Ren gets some of his interests (e.g. Dr Who, Star Trek, anime…) from some of my uni friends and the rest of him (speech, mannerisms, family life…) comes from my cousin and his friends.

Give your characters some sort of life (figuratively and literally lol).

3. Remember your character’s context

Context affects everything. If your character reacts to something in a certain way, it will probably (or should, really) be explainable by taking things like their upbringing, personality or past events into context. Your character dresses a certain way? Their environment and/or personality was most likely the context. Keep the context of your character in mind and it will help to keep them believable.

Here’s .D and Izm’s reaction to the same vaguely unsettling thing. If you consider base elements of their personality - a form of context - then their individual ways of reacting are quite fitting. Even if you don’t know what the characters are like, you can sort of figure out who’s more stoic and who’s more extroverted from it.

(I’m not sure if that helps explain it any…i just wanted to doodle these two reacting like this lmao)

Your character’s context should change as they grow and mature - this is a good thing and shows evolution of character. Don’t be afraid to tweak them.

4. Keep their design relatively simple

Consider their personality, environment and context when designing your character and you will get something more memorable than if you threw everything including the kitchen sink on them.

Hope that helps!

Let Me Explain To You A Thing.

“This fandom is shit. I’m leaving.” 

“Wow this fandom is so hostile.”

“It’s like everywhere I look in this fandom there’s drama.”

“God I hate this fandom.”

“Haha now I remember why I left this fandom.”

“Oh man now I remember why I didn’t want to come back. Bye.”

This is a thing I see quite a bit. It’s generally something that is said by either young roleplayers or frequent fandom hoppers. But let me tell you something, coming from someone with 12+ years of rp experience. If you find the perfect fandom… and this is your mindset? Don’t join it because you’re only going to ruin it.

Harsh? Yeah. It is. But guess what? EVERY fandom has this. Every fandom has its downs. Every fandom has its ups. There are elitists and godmodders and people who really just are there to cause drama. In. Every. Single. Fandom.

Why is this? Because we are humans. By getting into something like a tumblr roleplaying community (or any rp community really) you are willingly joining a large group of people that share one thing and one thing only. Their love of that thing. Transformers. Mass Effect. Supernatural. Sherlock. Dr.Who. AvP. The Walking Dead. Osmosis Jones. DnD. WoW. Skyrim. Pacific Rim. Teen Wolf. TF2. etc, etc, etc. 

The only thing you know you have in common with these people… is that one thing. And no matter where you go.. you will have drama. No fandom is going to be more chill than another. Calling an entire group of people shitty, or dramatic, or hostile, or toxic… is only adding to the hostility. By labeling an entire group like that, many whom you have never met… or never bothered to get to know… you are essentially becoming one of those hostile, dramatic, and toxic people. This has never, and will never solve anything. 

Sure. People can be shitty. There are people who start drama. There are people who are nasty and mean and just not fun to deal with. And sometimes it’s hard to tell who is and isn’t at first. Sometimes you don’t realize it till you’re in too deep that you’ve found a bad crowd. But that’s all it is. You’ve fallen in a bad crowd. So get out of that crowd. Anyone can become cynical and hateful and just hop on to something else because the grass is greener there. But let’s think of this in real life terms. 

Just because you have a coworker you don’t get along with… maybe that coworker has friends. And you don’t get along with those friends. Does that mean everyone at that workplace is hostile and toxic? Just because one person causes you tons of problems by being dramatic… does that mean everyone is? It’s easy to label an entire place. Call it shitty. Quit. Get a new job. But guess what. That job won’t be any better. 

If you’re only looking at the bad.. that’s all you’re going to see. Sometimes you gotta get back up, and be more mature. Stop being immature and quitting every time you skin your knee. Stop whining about how toxic it is here. Get back up and try again and maybe when you stop telling your own fandom how shitty they are.. you’ll start finding friends again. Sometimes it’s not the fandom. Sometimes it’s how you react to things. 

You wanna know why things look bad? Why you’re losing followers? Why don’t you take a look at yourself first? Have you been hostile? Have you become so cynical that perhaps your former followers and even former friends are scared to approach you? Have you become the very toxicity you ran away to avoid? 

Think about it. Really think. And then do something not many people think to do. 

Wipe yourself off. Clean up your boo-boos. Wipe away your tears. Get your feelings off your shoulders… 

Move on. Whatever that means to you. If that means leave the fandom? So be it. But you’ll go through it again, and again, and again. Until eventually you’ll stop letting other people make you hate what you once loved. It took me a long time to realize that. And I stopped loving things because I let others ruin it for me. Until I figured out… the only one in control of my emotions… is me.

The fandom isn’t toxic. People can be toxic. But not all of them. You just have to weed through them to find the right ones and stop scaring off the ones who cared by becoming just like the ones you hate. 

Public Service Announcement: Godmodder and Spammer

   If you see this, please reblog this to raise awareness and keep other roleplayers writing happily and safely! 

   There’s an account under the URL of bla4496 that has been making their rounds in mostly the Disney (specifically The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Hunchback of Notre Dome,and Treasure Planet areas), Total Drama World Tour, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Teen Titans, Gravity Falls, and Phineas and Ferb fandoms. Bla4496 roleplays multiple muses, apparently – primarily, I’ve seen them doing Ariel and Eric from The Little Mermaid, a presumed OC daughter of the two of the named Fiona, Elsa from Frozen, and Isabella and Candace from Phineas and Ferb. There is no about page or any sort of description or bio, so it’s hard to say for sure.

   What there is, though… is godmodding. Godmodding galore.

   Not only does bla4496 reblog posts they’re not apart of – they take over both your and your partners’ parts and finish a reply. They send asks to roleplay blogs and pretend that their characters had an established relationship, when they didn’t – they blatantly ignore what muns request them to do – they attempt to coerce non-RP blogs into writing with them, even after being told no multiple times – they don’t follow blog rules – they refuse to approach you OOC – they comment on things their character would have no knowledge of (e.g. they state that characters they are interacting with are from movies/TV shows, as in saying “I haven’t seen the Tangled movie yet!” to a Tangled character) – they change facts in their own thread, as in saying “I was introduced to you by my brother,” and then saying, “My brother hasn’t told me about you” – … I could go on, because there’s so much more… but at the end of the day, it boils down to that they don’t listen and don’t pretend to.

   This character has reblogged most of, if not all of my Eric posts (even those spanning months ago), including my out of character posts, such as reply lists and hiatus notices. They’ve commented, too – either on my current blog status, or my replies, at times replying for my partner or for the both of us.

   I’d be willing to talk to you, bla4496, about how roleplaying is supposed to go.

  But with the foreknowledge that this is probably intentional, and that they probably don’t care… please reblog to raise awareness.