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Liquid love and happiness potion.

Hello sunshines,

Today I will share a recipe I came up during one of the long sleepless nights, when I felt sad and hopeless. It helped me and I’m sure it will help you too.

What you will need is:

1. One big spoon of honey, choose the one you like best for the taste. Honey is magickal by itself, in Hindu texts it is described as one of five immortality potions. Furthermore in folk magick it is used to sweeten someone’s feelings towards you, so feel free to prepare this drink for either yourself (if you feel down it will make you kinder to yourself too) or your loved one. Its health benefits are also science proven - it can protect you from allergies and their symptoms.

2. Few thin slices of ginger, i suggest fresh one, as it has the most benefits. Ginger by itself is fiery and energetic, it amplifies everything it’s close to. It also adds passion to already existing relationships, so once again, it’s a perfect drink to prepare for your loved one.
Apart from magickal benefits, it’s great for your health, it triggers the immune system and works great against cold.

3. Fresh lemon juice from half the lemon. Lemon juice is magickally cleansing and purifying, something we probably need when we feel down - to cleanse ourselves from toxic emotions and any powers that might have control over us. Furthermore it is proven that lemon juice aids our immune system and as well as ginger can protect us from cold and generally feeling bad.

4. Three or four cardamom pot seeds. This lovely spice is something I recommend adding to your daily tea or coffee, apart from this potion. It’s stimulating beyond belief - it can relax your body and purify your mind letting you concentrate when you need it the most, or let you drift swiftly into the arms of Morpheus.
It also is antiviral and antibacterial, which is great during autumn and winter, when sickness is hunting for us at every corner.

5. Hot water. When you are done adding the ingredients, just overflow your cup with freshly cooked water, stir it with spoon and let it sit for about five minutes, for the water to take in the tastes from the ingredients.

And that’s it, that’s how you make the happiness potion.
Let me know guys if you enjoyed the recipe and Goddess be with you all. :)

Stay safe!


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