is a fortune teller

Question for Ni Users.

After several INFJs and INTJs I know telling me about their weird dreams coming true and stuff, I’m wondering if it is actually an Ni thing. Like legitimately:

Do you guys experience deja vu a lot? Or have dreams that seem to show you the future or other bits of reality you don’t normally see? I know it’s stereotypical that INFJs are like “mystics” and “fortune tellers” and all, but is it a thing for INTJs, too? Or even aux Ni users?

Please share!!

     "You know my family are witches, obviously,“ Asher stated, looking at him warily.
     "Of course.” Loch nodded. Most people knew Asher’s mother was a seer, and made a job as the local fortune teller, but not everyone knew that all three of her sons had inherited magic. Cullen and Enoch had very little interest in it, and barely ever used it outside of little tricks. Asher didn’t show his off much either, though only because he usually took it seriously. He’d always loved to study magic, and Loch had been pushing him to take a job teaching magical theory at the school.
     "Well, Shard -that’s her name, by the way,“ Asher quickly explained before continuing. "Shard is, er, she’s sort of, like… magically indentured to our family…” Asher watched him carefully, waiting for a reaction.
     "Indentured? Like, a slave?“ Loch frowned; that made no sense.
     "No! Ha!” Asher laughed suddenly. “Like you could ever get Shard to do something she really didn’t want to! No, she’s… Ah, fuck it! She’s a demon, and she’s bound to our family, okay?” Asher abruptly revealed, giving up on careful wording. Loch eyed him cynically.
     "A demon?“
     "An actual demon? Like, an actual, genuine demon?“
     "… She doesn’t look like one,“ was all Loch could think of to say. He still wasn’t sure he believed what Asher was telling him, though it wasn’t the craziest thing he could of said. The town was filled with oddballs and supernaturals, so a demon wasn’t that far-fetched.
     "She hides her horns usually, to blend in better. She has a terrible habit of teleporting around though, and occasionally floating, so I wouldn’t say she’s that good at it.” That would explain him not hearing the door, if she hadn’t even needed to open it.
     "Okay, how the hell does a demon get bound to your family, then?“ Loch asked incredulously. This all sounded ridiculous. "That sounds like black magic to me.” Loch knew Asher’s opinion on magic used for dark purposes, and wasn’t surprised to see his brows furrow at his words.
     "I don’t know exactly. She’s been contracted to us for a couple of centuries now, I think. She kinda gets… passed on each generation.“
     "Like inheritance?”
     "Ha! Yeah, kind of. Except the kind you wish you weren’t obligated to keep.“
     "You can’t just let her go? Null and void the contract, or whatever?”
     "Nope. We don’t have any idea how, and she won’t tell us, for some reason. I don’t know why she’d want to stay though. Technically she’s supposed to do whatever she’s told, but I think she’s found a way around that. She only listens to very direct commands, and only by… the… ‘heir’…“ Asher paused with a frown. "Dammit…”

  • Cassian: (walks into Elain's room, sits on the bed)
  • Elain: Uh, what are you doing?
  • Cassian: I'm here for my appointment.
  • Elain: ...
  • Cassian: My reading. I decided on this time three days ago.
  • Elain: (rubs her temples) Cassian. I'm not a fortune teller.
  • Cassian: If you're not a fortune teller, then how did you know this is when I'd be showing up for my appointment?
  • Elain: I didn't.
  • Cassian: (winks) Of course you didn't. Let's talk about Nesta.
  • Elain: (answers phone) Cassian.
  • Cassian: I knew you'd know it was me calling!
  • Elain: The caller ID told m—
  • Cassian: What's going to happen to me today?
  • Elain: Cassian. I told you. I'm not a fortune tel—
  • Cassian: WAIT! Don't tell me! I want to be surprised.
  • Elain: ...
  • Cassian: Just answer one question for me?
  • Elain: (sighs) Fine.
  • Cassian: What's Nesta wearing?
  • Elain: (hangs up)

Custom sigil commission for my lovely and wonderful friend, Leelahel!

Meant to enhance the ability to communicate with the spirits and to divine, particularly through cartomancy and tarot. 

Good for mediums, fortune-tellers, card-readers and anyone who wishes to see and communicate beyond the veil. 

(It’s also meant to embody Leelahel’s aesthetic and feel, which is, thankfully, completely in-tune with the practical purpose of this sigil)