is a dumb nerd

people are already out there calling Rae Sloane “Grand Admiral Mom” and imagining she is nurturing young Armitage but the last time she felt motherly feelings towards someone she also

- compared them to a coatrack and had a fleeting urge to choke them

- completely misjudged them to the point of near delusion

- swiftly but brutally executed them for treason

I love Sloane but she’s got a bit of an iffy track record with mom’ing

I know Grumpmeister Fenris is a popular characterization but consider these canon Fenris facts:

-Fenris is a nerd who laughs at Hawke’s dumb jokes

-Fenris is very eloquent when speaking, rarely uses contractions, and swears like, once

-Fenris is an introvert

-The very first time Hawke flirts with him, he’s awkward and shy

-”If I seem bitter, it is not without cause”

-Varric once asked Fenris what he did in his old mansion all day, and Fenris claimed (completely deadpan) that he dances through the place.

-Actually he makes a lot of jokes in banter. They’re just very deadpan.

-This one is a favorite:

Fenris: I thought all dwarves had beards. Where’s yours?
Varric: I misplaced it, along with my sense of dwarven pride and my gold-plated noble caste pin.
Fenris: I thought maybe it fell onto your chest.

Oh and this one:

Varric: You know, if you need advice on how to lay low I can give you some.

Fenris: Being short would make for an excellent start, I suspect.

-Fenris plays cards regularly with Varric and Donnic

-Fenris: I disavow any knowledge of gambling occurring in my house.

-seriously just read his banters with Aveline. 

-He has a lot of snark:

Carver: You’re very different from other elves.
Fenris: Oh? You know them all?

-He ends up being rather fond of Bethany, if she survives.

-Also this, in regards to the Qun:

Fenris: I didn’t escape one form of slavery only to become slave to myself.
Isabela: Er, what does that mean?
Fenris: I’m… not sure. But it sounded profound, didn’t it?

Idk where I was going with this

yay Fenris!

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i finished the song of achilles yesterday night and no book has ever destroyed me like this.., who even need feelings anyway, please if you have headcanons about patrochilles to share or anything tsoa to share im willing to cry

Oh my gosh I have so many thoughts about Song of Achilles (and have forced them on so many. I cannot tell you the amount of people who hate me for making them read this book)

  • please give me all of the patrochilles friendship where they love each other so deeply and are already folded into each others lives before they even start dating
  • it is so natural for them to start dating, and they realize their relationship has always been heading towards this immense something between them that was fate 
  • Achilles knowing just how much Patroclus makes him a better person, and always calling him his better half 
  • Patroclus always calling Achilles petal as his endearment, and it started as a joke, but now Achilles feels all warm inside whenever Patroclus uses it. 
  • Achilles being an absolute disaster at life in general, and Patroclus being able to calm him down somewhat. Achilles always becomes softer around Patroclus. 
  • Patroclus being an absolute badass who works in a hospital and has seen some shit, so everyone always assumes that Achilles is the super aggressive and assertive one until they see Patroclus angry. Achilles just is a disaster; Patroclus is a storm.
  • They have a playlist of songs that they call theirs. It’s a really eclectic mix and Careless Whisper is definitely on there. 
  • Achilles is really particular about folding clothes. Patroclus is really particular about kitchen cleanliness. This is how they battle out problems in their relationships. 

So my favorite Reaper76 headcanon is that Gabriel is a HUGE NERD (which is like, strongly implied btw - ).

But only Jack knows this. After being Gabriel’s “best friend” for 30-ish years, Jack knows WAY TOO WELL how nerdy Gabriel is. And he loves it of course, because Jack is just as big a nerd and he loves everything Gabriel is.

But literally no one believes Jack because “Commander Reyes is such a badass.” or “Commander Reyes is so cool.”

So Jack suffers as Gabriel blatantly drops obscure sci-fi movie references or fucking video game quotes into his everyday conversations and NO ONE GETS THEM except Jack.

Gabriel: You gotta redo this budget, Jesse - your numbers don’t make sense, Mason.
Jesse: okay, cool, I’ll do that, boss - who’s Mason?
Jack *in the background*: Someone needs to stop him.

Jesse: I dunno what ta go as for Halloween this year. Any suggestions, padre?
Gabriel: Do you like lobsters?
Jesse: I - wha
Jack: …
Gabriel: how do you feel about shirts with only one sleeve?
Jack: Gabe.
Gabriel: do you feel like the ocean’s grey waves?
Jesse: ya’ll seriously lost me like a calf in a herd
Gabriel: it’s alright, Delores - how do you feel about Paint It Black in instrumental form?
Jack: *head in hands* oh my god

Gabriel and Jack pass Winston:

Jack: Hey Winston -
Winston: Hello, commanders!
Gabriel: Sup, Rajang?
Winston: …I don’t know what that means, sir.
Jack *so mad because he gets it*: Dammit Gabriel
Gabriel: No worries, Caesar. How’s that Tesla Cannon coming along?

Gabriel and Jack debrief Genji:

Gabriel: really glad you’re going to help us out, Genji.
Genji: Thank you, sir. I will do what I can to help cut out the corruption in the Shimada clan.
Gabriel: I really respect that. So you can use a katana, shurikens, and the Sharingan?
Genji: uh, yes, the katana and shurikens, I am very proficient in. What’s a sharingan?
Gabriel: Don’t worry about it. Angela is working on new cyborg upgrades for you.
Jack: whyyyyyyy

The worst moment is when Gabriel says that he “death blossomed the enemy squad” in the middle of a Blackwatch report and Jack practically starts sobbing with laughter because he knows Gabriel just dropped a fucking Last Starfighter reference and everyone else thinks Jack has lost his damn mind.

But the overall worst part is when Gabriel’s references work into Jack’s brain inadvertantly and then EVERYONE thinks Jack is a huge nerd.

Ana: Well, that mission was tough. Do you think we’ll see more from Null Sector after this?
Jack: Nevermore.
Ana: …what
Gabriel: *dry wheezing cackle* mierda, joder, holy shit
Ana (on the comms): Rein, Torb, you won’t believe this
Gabriel: how the fuck can you not like Poe??
Jack: Whitman is better -

An expression sheet featuring my Asura Scrapper and giant nerd, Newwton (and his little sister, Yuuli, AKA “Murder Rat”)! It looked like fun, and I set out with that goal in mind: just have fun with it. There was originally a “Dominant” expression on the sheet, but NAH. There’s no such thing as a dominant Newwt, so Yuuli is going to bully him instead. (Don’t worry! They actually love each other very much.)

Newwt is an entomologist and a professional slacker. He loves all the bugs… except the arachnids. (Pls no spooders.) Newwt’s research focuses on creating tech inspired by different insects. He also has a pretty poor diet that consists of mostly cup noodles and pizza, much to the horror of his sister, Yuuli, and his friend, Paprika, who try to get him to eat healthier. He’s weak physically and well aware of that fact, which is why he prefers to spend most of his time in the safety of his lab. That doesn’t stop him from trying to act tougher than he actually is when he’s around other people.

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Thoughts on @FoolishKia?

She’s a really damn cute nerd who has a stupid dumb beautiful face and big pretty, deep eyes and even though she’s making a stupidly kickass film for school, still takes time, like an adorable idiot, to draw a lot of dumb-ass way too precious art of us for some reason. But despite all that, I’m still enjoying talking to her every day. So I guess all in all she’s not too bad! :)