is a dumb nerd

honestly this was just an excuse to draw todoroki in a bomber jacket but hey!! tododeku ice cream date? tododeku ice cream date.

I know there’s an entire century’s worth but the best plot twist in all of TAZ was the creepy spectral figure speaking in echoey riddles who was initially set up as the big bad turning out to be a dumb nerd in jeans who’s married to Taako’s sister

instead of good people like mcdonald’s workers and trash collectors and janitors i elect for the scum of society to be academics. i want to live in a world where i can say “Jimmy you don’t wanna grow up to be a dumb ass nerd do you?” like it’s normal.


You really gotta hand it to them.
—– Inspired by @birdsandivory‘s text post.

I know Grumpmeister Fenris is a popular characterization but consider these canon Fenris facts:

-Fenris is a nerd who laughs at Hawke’s dumb jokes

-Fenris is very eloquent when speaking, rarely uses contractions, and swears like, once

-Fenris is an introvert

-The very first time Hawke flirts with him, he’s awkward and shy

-”If I seem bitter, it is not without cause”

-Varric once asked Fenris what he did in his old mansion all day, and Fenris claimed (completely deadpan) that he dances through the place.

-Actually he makes a lot of jokes in banter. They’re just very deadpan.

-This one is a favorite:

Fenris: I thought all dwarves had beards. Where’s yours?
Varric: I misplaced it, along with my sense of dwarven pride and my gold-plated noble caste pin.
Fenris: I thought maybe it fell onto your chest.

Oh and this one:

Varric: You know, if you need advice on how to lay low I can give you some.

Fenris: Being short would make for an excellent start, I suspect.

-Fenris plays cards regularly with Varric and Donnic

-Fenris: I disavow any knowledge of gambling occurring in my house.

-seriously just read his banters with Aveline. 

-He has a lot of snark:

Carver: You’re very different from other elves.
Fenris: Oh? You know them all?

-He ends up being rather fond of Bethany, if she survives.

-Also this, in regards to the Qun:

Fenris: I didn’t escape one form of slavery only to become slave to myself.
Isabela: Er, what does that mean?
Fenris: I’m… not sure. But it sounded profound, didn’t it?

Idk where I was going with this

yay Fenris!


Like, this about it…

- Ignis kissing the boys’ foreheads to check their temperature whenever he thinks they have a fever.

- Prompto bouncing up and down with excitement as Noctis makes a last minute victory in chocobro racing, leaving no one unkissed because of his excitement before he soon rushes up to the victor and kisses his cheeks because ‘YEAH BUDDY! We won 50,000 gil!’

- Gladiolus instinctively kissing the team’s bandages after he helps fix them up, because he just got too used to having to kiss Iris’s injuries, and the action just sort of stuck to where he HAS to kiss the bandages, otherwise they won’t heal.

- Noctis being nervous about whether or not he’d make a nice gentlemen when he becomes king after marrying, so he practices kissing the back of his friend’s hands, with them jokingly replying 'Oh my, Noct! You handsome devil, you!’

- Ignis finding that kissing the boy’s on the cheeks is a much better way to encourage them to keep offering to help out around the camp, so he makes it his point to kiss each of the boys’ faces in thanks after they do little chores about the camp.

- Prompto liking to get genuine reactions in his photos with the guys, so when selfie time comes around, the moment he says three, he turns and kisses someone’s cheek or jaw so he can capture the surprised blushes and exasperated expressions.

- Gladiolus always getting annoyed with how long it takes the others to make a decision on things, so he attempts to motivate them by leaning over and kissing their puckered-in-thought lips to get their attention before saying 'You have three seconds before I pick for you.’ In fear of eating ramen again, they pick a place and receive another 'good choice’ kiss from Gladio.

- Noctis always hearing the others say 'I’m so happy I could kiss you right now,’ and always being disappointed when they don’t actually follow through with it. So instead, he always kisses them first, giving a firm nod because if his friends are happy, then he’s happy too. The kisses are just a perk to it all.