is a cylon

Kuron is an android, not a clone:

so S3 Shiro (aka Kuron) is obviously not real Shiro, based on {all these reasons here} plus all the multiple other metas floating around detailing all the differences. the most common theory at this point seems to be that Kuron is Shiro’s clone, but i’m gonna make the case that he’s not a human clone - he’s an android, i.e. a humanoid robot, but he thinks he’s human.

  • in {this video clip of 3x05} you can hear a mechanical sound as Kuron’s pupils dilate, which sounds like a camera focusing - as if his eyes are cameras
  • Kuron survived for days on the ice planet, and for a week in space without food or water, which a human shouldn’t be able to do
  • Kuron acts cold and robotic, as evidenced by {this gifset} of him coldly telling Keith to open the team up to attack for the sake of the mission
  • in all of VLD so far we’ve never seen any hint at the Galra using clones - in fact, all the Galra we see are very different and individual
  • however… we have seen them use robot sentries:
  • Kuron not only has a different haircut etc, his physical features also look different - there’s differences in his eye shape and hairline, his eyebrows are thinner, and his shoulders are more flat than Real Shiro’s, and his arms and chest are more bulky
    • if he’s genetically identical to Shiro, we wouldn’t expect to see those differences in eye shape, eyebrows, or hairline, but we do
  • (not to mention, those squared-off shoulders make Kuron look even more like the Galra sentry robots)
  • that creepy dead-eyed Shiro lying on a table during Kuron’s escape? it’s not a failed clone - it’s an android that hasn’t been programmed yet:
  • …hence the vacant stare and expressionless face
  • we know Haggar can transfer a living consciousness into a robot body, because she does it to the Robeasts several times (i.e. Myzax and Prorok both got transferred into robot bodies)
  • as i pointed out in {this meta about Shiro’s bayard}, Shiro never uses guns on the show - but Kuron uses a gun during his escape. you know who else uses guns? the Galra sentry robots.
  • on a meta level, “robot replacement who thinks they’re the original human” is much more in keeping with the science fantasy genre than clones

and i want to bring up one final point, which is that the design of the Galra ships, sentry robots, and uniforms are all reminiscent of the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica:

(Allura wearing the guard helmet. notice the similarity in the V over the eyes)

In BSG, the robot Cylons were also used as sentries and guards, just like they are in Voltron. However, there were also humanoid Cylons (i.e. androids) who could pass for real humans. And some of them were programmed to think they were human…



The impossibly creepy, serpentine design for the supreme Cylon leader in the original Battlestar Galactica. He reminds me of the Skeksis from the Dark Crystal. 

Imperious Leader’s design is unique among the Cylons because he was a hold over from the original concept. Originally, the Cylons weren’t going to be robots at all, but a sinister serpentine reptile race. Since Battlestar Galactica was originally conceived as having biblical parallels and was “the Bible in space” (hence Biblical names like Adama and Sheba), the Cylons were serpent aliens. 

Apparently, changing the Cylons to robots was a decision made surprisingly late in pre-production, when Imperious Leader had already been built. The finished Cylons still seem like vaguely Biblical enemies, but in a New Testament mold: they look Roman, and are called “Centurions.”

15strawberri3s  asked:

Hello! Given your fantastic character design analysis for season one and two, any thoughts about the season 3 character designs? Specifically Shiro's? (Or Kuron's?)

you’ll forgive me if i don’t do a detailed breakdown of this, because Kuron still gives me INTENSE anxiety, but here are some thoughts:

firstly, Kuron’s outfit doesn’t match very well with anyone else’s. several of the design features i pointed out in my {original meta on this subject} have now changed, making Kuron stand out as an outsider to the group who no longer visually co-ordinates with the other characters.

for starters, Kuron is wearing mostly grey, with only a little darker black, so he’s no longer as colour co-ordinated with Keith as Shiro was in S1&2. and you’ll notice the two things i said that helped him match with Keith - his belt and boots - have both changed. now his pockets are on his thighs; his boots don’t match anyone’s, and the colouring towards the top of his trousers weirdly resembles like… thigh high boots or chaps or something? idek it’s bizarre.

Kuron also lacks many of the features that helped Shiro co-ordinate with the Alteans: the collar with the yellow buttons is gone, as are the segmented look and the side pockets on his jacket. he’s also the only main character to have a bare arm, since everyone else is relatively covered up.

so Kuron’s character design serves to emphasise that he doesn’t actually belong with the others, and that adds to the feeling of him being an outsider and an impostor. he no longer co-ordinates well with characters he used to match, such as Keith and the Alteans.

now, i’m just gonna throw something else out here real quick:

compare these to Kuron’s outfit above. notice the similarities in the trousers (or pants, for you Americans); and in the collars and the placement of pockets/pouches on the thighs. and the fact that several of the Galra look like they’re wearing short sleeves - just like Kuron.

pretty interesting, huh?

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