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NOT to be a corny geek but the cemetery we went to today gave me such.. a weird uneasy feeling like the entire time we were there like it was beautiful also daytime and we were in the middle of town w/ cars driving by at all times.. and also the only ones there but like.. there certainly were some.. odd vibes

Umm what, @dear-mrs-otome? Do my ears deceive me? I didn’t think it possible but you have plans to continue the fic and it involves Unresolved Sexual Tension (omg), sparring, Yukimura + Olympian, burgeoning attraction, angsty character backgrounds, Sasuke, and HOT DOJO SEX (omg omg omg). 

When you say hot dojo sex do you mean maybe like a sparring match turned hot n heavy? Saizo teasing and provoking? Getting a little too close with fleeting touches definitely not part of any self-defence routine? 

WHERE DO I SIGN UP? WHERE? Never knew I needed this and your beautiful prose in my life until now. Please tell me we don’t have to wait long… Do we? 💕 



still like 3,000 behind as of rn, but i’m hoping to really catch up this evening. i want to get to like. 1,000 behind or less so that way tomorrow i can hopefully get on track.

A blog that is quite beautiful..

I recently came across quite a lovely, sweet person.. or I should say that she found me. Randomly, I started getting these sweet replies on some of my posts.. yeah, the ones where my wife usually is the only one.. where is everyone else? 😂😂😂 Anyways.. so I checked out her blog and stalked it for about 20 - 30 minutes (yeah, I like to reply to stuff unlike you fools lol) and I realized that she is actually a very good unnoticed writer.. very descriptive.. great imagery.. just plain great writing. If you scroll through her reblogs, you will find the true gems. Her personal writing which is fantastic.. you should check her out @sleepbeneaththeflowers.

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Will you guys look at her blog please? She has an especially powerful piece about PTSD that I thought was really good and you guys really read stuff so I thought you may want to keep your eye on her..

Thanks for your wonderful interaction @sleepbeneaththeflowers. Here’s a gift from me to you..

If you want to make the world a better place for mentally ill and neurodivergent people, get into the habit of shutting down people who mock/laugh at/sneer at “odd” or “weird” but harmless behaviour. Just refuse to laugh with them and say “That’s not funny.” or “They’re not doing any harm.” Do this whether or not anyone who’s directly negatively affected hears it. This is both about protecting people from ableist verbal abuse, AND about teaching ableists that their attitudes are not being tolerated and that you’re not going to bond with them over ableism (or, hopefully, any other form of oppression).


northern downpour - panic! at the disco