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lol omg if you're ever sad just go check jimminovak's tags on here /post/161051681768/delicate-misha i love it

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I especially enjoy what the hecki padalecki

sunshine and whiskey// old man logan

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^^ That scene was my all time favorite scene in any of the movies. That was what sold me - Logan letting his guard down around Laura. It’s so sweet. 

Requested by Anon:  Hello! I love the Logan work you have so far. Whenever, you can would you mind doing an insert where the reader (human) convinces Logan to enjoy one normal day while they are at the Munson’s. Something sweet with Laura included.

As soon as I got this request, this idea immediately stuck in my head and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I hope you enjoy! Requests still open!

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I looked at her and smiled. Her hair flowed in the wind and the sunrays casted a golden glow on her silhouette. She looked like an angel sent from Heaven, my angel. “I love you.” I whispered. 

She looked up and blushed. “I just don’t understand…” Her eyes were searching for an answer. “I don’t understand that you love me. I mean, look at me” She laughed. “I am not even that beautiful and you…”

“You look like you are a fashion model.” She grabbed my hands. “They say inner beauty matters, but from all the people who have met me, you are the one who knows that I am not even beautiful deep down. I can be so immature sometimes and you know that I am so awkward and I can appear so weak. So what I want to tell you is…” Her smile dropped. 

“I can understand it. I mean, I am okay with being by myself, I am okay with the fact that I am not beautiful and it’s okay, if you ever want to leave me.” She bit her lip and was struggling choosing the right words. “You can leave if you are thinking of someone else. I will never, ever hold you back from doing so. It’s just, I love you too. I love you so much. You look so beautiful in my eyes, and it’s not because of your looks. I mean, your looks are perfect.” I laughed and my heart skipped a beat looking at her one million dollar smile. She looked at me.

“But I am talking about the way you love me. I know you love me, so much. I know that you care about me and that you see me as someone so beautiful, but..”

“It’s just, I want to tell you, if you want to leave, don’t hold yourself back from your new happiness. Ok? But if you do, just know that I will never find someone again. You are my only one, and I love you so much. You are my world and even is that something that you might not understand, just know I don’t want anyone else in this world.“ 

I laughed and gave her a hug. She was so tiny, so fragile but I know that she fought battles greater than I can imagine. She is mine and I would never ever trade her for someone else in this world. I can imagine her being my wife, the mother of my children. She will never know how precious she is to me.

I know that she wants to be her own rolemodel, she want to be her own hero and I can understand how big her world is. She is not like any other person I know and I know that during this lifetime, she will always be full of surprises and I know, I will never grow tired of her. 

I vowed to myself, that after learning about her, she can be so stubborn that it drives me crazy. But damn, it makes me want to love her even more. She is so passionate to be strong by herself. She is so strong and yet so fragile. She is my world and my universe. It’s silly to think but I know this woman is my fate and she may never see how beautiful she is to me, that doesn’t stop me from admiring her every day. 

“Stupid.” I laughed. It’s all I can bring out.

—  a day with the love of my life

So, I wanted to write something without kids…here we go.  Bucky and Sam.  Bro-nemies shenanigans after Darcy and Steve’s first date…

“Well well well, look who is doing the walk of shame.”

Steve furrowed his brow at Sam’s very loud announcement as he walked into the gym.  He didn’t quite understand that and shared a look with Bucky, who was standing next to Sam’s weight bench.  He had been heckling Sam as the man attempted to max out his bench press when Steve had walked in.  And he may have had a pinky on the left side of the bar, keeping Sam from reaching his goals.

But Bucky didn’t understand the phrase out of Parakeet Pant’s mouth either.  But a lifetime of being cool gave Bucky the good sense not to look perplexed.  Instead he plastered on that smirk that they had dug out of the recesses of his brain in Wakanda and nodded at Steve knowingly.

“I’m not—ashamed?” Steve shrugged his shoulders, dumping his gym bag on the bench and digging through it for his workout clothing.

“Berky over here said the reason you didn’t come down to the gym with him is because you didn’t come home last night,” Sam explained with a roll of his eyes as he got up from the bench.

Bucky simply started stacking his own weights on the bar, nearly tripling Sam’s maximum effort for his own warm up.  He had purposely kept Sam in the dark about the particulars about Steve’s date.  It had been with Pepper Potts’ right hand gal, one buxom and beautiful Darcy Lewis.  Steve was madly in love with her, had been for years now.  

And Bucky had strong armed the fool into finally asking her out.  And he’d spent the night with her on the first try.  

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no offense but yknow those redheaded people with skin pale af, light eyebrows and eyelashes and a bunch of freckles are the most beautiful majestic people i’ve ever seen. if i stare at you in the bus it’s because i think you’re an actual angel sent from heaven not because i’m judging you

sunshine wine

Lukas is walking on sunshine. Wine sunshine, and Philip sunshine, and both combined is the brightest most incredible room he’s ever been in. They’re past the point of no return but they corked the bottle and it’s in the fridge and it’s fine. He feels fine. Philip looks fine.

They’re sitting Indian-style in front of each other on the ground in the living room and Lukas can’t stop touching Philip’s face.

“You’re like…cut from marble,” Lukas says, brushing his thumb over Philip’s cheekbone. Philip beams, leaning into his hands, and Lukas stares hard at him. “This is ridiculous. You are—you are ridiculous.”

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wonho appreciation

Why I Love Shin Hoseok (x)

He’s Special

  1. looks kinky… (x)
  2. fluff ball (x)
  3. still a cutie (x)
  4. i don’t know anymore… (x)
  5. sleepy baby (x)
  6. fluffy marshmallow (x)
  7. angel sent from heaven (x)
  8. proof he’s an angel (x)
  9. pure baby (x)
  10. perfection (x)
  11. fluffy angel (x)

His Hair

  1. be looking like a sexy vampire (x)


  1. puffy cheeks (x)
  2. puffy cheeks! (x)


  1. it’s just so precious (x)
  2. wasted thirty minutes (x)
  3. wasted fifteen minutes (x)


  1. so plump… (x)
  2. his kisses (x)
  3. pouty lips (x)


  1. makes you wanna smile too (x)
  2. beautiful smile (x)
  3. beautiful smile pt.2 (x)
  4. beautiful smile pt.3 (x)
  5. eyes disappears into crescent moons (x)


  1. so big… (x)


  1. that little tiny mole (x)


  1. it jiggles (x)
  2. that ass (x)
  3. it’s perfect (x)
  4. booty in motion (x)
  5. minnie agrees (x)


  1. a tiny piece of his thigh (x)
  2. them thighs (x)
  3. who doesn’t like thick thighs? (x)


  1. gotta love a man in a suit (x)
  2. you just gotta (x)
  3. “oh, daddy” (x)
  4. this is not okay (x)

Dress Shirts

  1. so god damn good (x)
  2. fucked me up (x)

I Just Love Him (x)

Dance with me - LinxReader

Word Count: 897

Warnings: Fluffy????

Request: hey, can do an imagine where the reader wants to make a musical about her favorite movie clueless and she needs someone to play josh so she picks lin, and they fall in love. - @whatshernamemaria

A/N: Requests are open so hop over to the inbox xoxo 

p.s Sorry if I didn’t get the movie or scene right. I never watched clueless and so I had to research it. The song sang in this is called: Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur 

Two years. Two long painful years is the time you’ve spent pouring your heart and soul into a play that you can’t even find the right casting for. The first year and a half was spent on making the music, the other half was spent on casting and budgeting. Having six months left before opening night, and not having one major character casted yet was a major red flag. Growing up you fell in love with the movie Clueless and now all your hard work and devation will be for nothing, if you couldn’t cast Josh. 

“It’s okay to take a break, you know”, your lovely friend Chris Jackson said putting a hand on your right shoulder. 

Currently you were sulking in one of the dressing rooms, preparing yourself to give up on this ridiculous musical. 

“I don’t know if that’s a stupid Hamilton reference or not, but I can’t just take a break Chris”, you snapped at the older man, “I got six months till the curtains open and I haven’t even casted one of the most important character yet!”

Smiling, Chris rubbed your shoulders, and gave you a few words of encouragement. Telling you that everything was going to be alright and you shouldn’t worry about anything. 

“I have a friend”, he stated like it was the single most important thing in the world. 

“Really? You actually have someone else you call a friend, that isn’t me? What a suprise.”

“No need to be smart, young lady”, Chris gave your shoulders a squeeze between turning you around so he could look at you, “I have a friend, he is currently taking a break from this other musical, but I’m sure he’ll love to be a part of yours. Let me call him and see if he’s available to come in tomorrow to audition for Josh, okay?” 

“Okay, he better be perfect, or I’m kicking your ass.” 


You stood in the middle of the stage, the day before opening night. Empty seats before you made you want to cry. Tomorrow those seats will be filled with people ready to see your musical. 

“What are you still doing here? I thought everyone left alright.”, The only voice that can cause you to smile and make your heart skip a beat at the same time spoke. 

Turning around you were met with the man who gleefully agreed to play Josh. His hair was pulled back in a messy bun, hands stuffed into his jean pockets, shoeless, and smiling at you. Sighing you tilted your head a little bit as you opened your mouth to reply to the man standing before you. 

“I can say the same for you.”, running a hand through your hair, you watched as Lin slowly made his way towards you.

Dance with me?” Lin stretched his hand to you inviting you to grab it. 

“Excuse me?”

“You’re either really stressed or nervous about tomorrow, it’s understandable. I’ve been there, but you need to relax. Tomorrow will be perfect, don’t worry”, He took another step closer to you, instead this time he grabbed your hand making you be closer the man who you have been in love with since he walked into the theater with Chris. 

“I knew I loved you then/but you’d never know/’cause I played it cool/when I was scared of letting go/I knew I needed you”, Lin began to sing to you the song Josh sings at the end of the play when both Cher and him admit their love for each other. Placing your head on Lin’s chest, listening to him sing softly to you as the two of you swayed from side to side in a circle. 

Lin moved his hand from your waist and placed it under your chin, lifting it up so you could look at him. His chocolate colored eyes were warm and inviting as he smiled. 

“For a minute I forget that I’m older/I wanna dance with you right now/and you look as beautiful as ever”, He let go of your hand and placed both his hands on the sides of your face, “And I swear that everyday it’ll get better/you make me feel this way somehow”

He trailed off, rubbing his thumbs against your cheeks. You couldn’t help but take a glance at his lips. Everything about him was perfect. From his phsyical features to his heart. It was as if he was an angel sent from heaven. 

“Can I kiss you?”, the words startled you, as you looked back at his eyes. He was staring at you looking for a response. Slowly you nodded your head.

The moment his lips touched yours,a sigh left you. You brought your hands up to hold onto his sweater. The kiss was short and sweet as he was the first to pull away. Keeping your eyes closed you couldn’t help but smile.Then you felt his lips on your forehead. 

“I believe in you. Tomorrow, everything will be perfect”,opening your eyes you brought your left hand to caresse he side of his face, your fingers gliding over his smooth skin. 

“You’ll be with me right? You won’t go anywhere after the musical is over?”, your voice trembled, scared of what his answer might be. 

“Trust me. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll always be by your side”, Resting his forehead against yours, you couldn’t help but smile even more.  

i just find it funny how

my mutuals are literal angels sent down from the heavens above 2 bless us all w their internal and external beauty…🐸☕️

padme at their wedding: [turns up in a beautiful lace wedding gown probably handmade with hundreds of carefully placed authentic Nabooian Pearls™ and wearing an equally gorgeous veil, looking like an angel sent down from heaven]
anakin at their wedding: [turns up in jedi robes that probably haven’t been washed in a week] lol im ready to wife you (:

This Ain't No Never Neverland

Summary: Lance finally gets his angel.

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Lance ended up buying the magazine. And not two weeks later, he received an invitation in the mail to attend his 10 year high school reunion, with a note from the previous planner, the one he slept with, of a list of the people invited, and a “Hope to ‘see’ you again.” He disregarded that. His eyes scanned the list, looking for the one name that mattered to him. His angel’s.
And he found it. She was invited, and had RSVP’d. He was going to see his homeroom angel once again. And this time, she wouldn’t run away.

He walked into the gym of his old high school, irritated and nervous. Irritated because he hated high school when he had to be there, hated the people when they were students. He hated them now. He hated the school now. But he was determined to find his angel. He was nervous because, what if she rejected him again? What if she already had someone? How could she not? A model, a centerfold, and smart?! She was perfect. Any man would be blessed to be with her.

His eyes scanned the room, looking for her luscious (h/c) hair that belonged to his only. They soon found their target, landing near the bar set up by the stage. She stood tall, wearing heels and a black lace dress, seeming to match the teddy he saw in the magazine. Her figure was even more breathtaking in real life, seeming to have not changed since that day in class all those years ago.

As if she could sense his eyes on her, she turned around, searching the crowd for the piercing gaze. When her (e/c) eyes finally landed on his blazing baby blues, her throat visibly constricted and her chest stopped moving with her breaths. It was like seeing a ghost. A ghost of dreams and memories. Putting herself together, she straightened her back, pulled back her shoulders, and lifted her chin high.

She didn’t just walk to him. She didn’t strut. She glided. It was as if (he hated his mind for this cliche thought) she were floating on air. She was so graceful, determined to get to him. Once she was in front of him, though, that’s when everything intensified. Her perfume wrapped around him like smoke, just as intoxicating and deadly as carbon dioxide. Up close, he could appreciate the swell and rise of her breasts and they rose with her inhale, and dipped with the rhythym of her exhale.

“Lance Tucker, didn’t your mother ever teach you it was rude to stare?” her husky voice brought him out of his thoughts. But with those words, he was brought back to that conversation his senior year. A smirk played at the corners of his lips.

“Just admiring the view, angel.” And just like that day in homeroom, she blushed and looked down. He didn’t think it was possible, but she looked even more beautiful now than she did at 17. The lights from the dance floor seemed to make her glow, as if she were sent from heaven itself.

“You know, you shouldn’t wear such a tight dress. Might bring unwanted attention.” he winked. She rolled her eyes.

“Maybe I wanted you to stare at me. It boosts a girl’s ego. And I know what comes next. You’ll tell me I can’t handle what you throw at me because I’m too, virgin.” she stares dead into his eyes. His breath caught. She remembered.

“But sadly, Lance, I’m not so virgin anymore. Actually, I bet you couldn’t handle what I throw at you.”

“How confident are you on that, sweet cheeks? Care to prove it to me?” his voice was low, just as seductive as hers, but daring. Daring her to challenge him, daring her to fulfill his teenaged fantasy.

“You haven’t changed a bit. Except maybe a bigger ego. I watched you at the Olympics, by the way. Saw you win gold and silvers. Watched you become famous.”

“And I know what you’ve been up to, angel. Centerfold for one of the most famous, highest selling porn magazines.” Her eyes widened.

“That’s right beautiful, I know. I saw your centerfold piece.” he said. He circled behind her, mouth going to her ear. His hot breath caused a shiver to run down her spine and goosebumps to raise on her neck. He felt a small triumph at causing such a reaction. She wasn’t as repulsed at she liked to act.

“I saw that black lace negligee, and the heels, and the smirk. I almost passed out dead when I finally recognized who was in between the pages of a PlayBoy magazine. The only girl I wanted in high school.”

She turned slightly, pupils dilated with lust. “What would you do if I told you I was wearing the exact same one under this dress?” she whispered.

He swallowed thickly, his mouth gone dry. The image of what actually lay beneath the strapless garment was just too much.

“I’d ask you to go back to my hotel room with me so I can see it in private.”

A cheshire cat smirk played on her beautiful lips. She turned around fully, mouth reaching up to his ear. “Then let’s go.”

That was all the motivation he needed before taking her hand and running out of the room, pulling he laughing woman behind him.


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I love taemin unconditionally and I will continue to love taemin unconditionally for the rest of my miserable life because that’s how much he means to me he is literally the light in the darkness, he is the sunshine in my life, the rainbow after a storm I literally love him so much it’s painful I just love him he makes me so happy just by being himself like keep being the bright beautiful star u r my guy because u are amazing and the world doesn’t deserve you yet u still bless us with ur existence anyways he is truly an angel sent from heaven, a precious gift from God, I just love him so much okay


A/N: ahh~ i worked so hard on this so i hope everyone enjoys reading =^~^= don’t hesitate to get to my inbox and let me know how it is!! thank u to @mvnyoongis for encouraging me through the whole thing !!

** anaxiphilia: (n.) love of or attraction to unsuitable mates; an act of falling in love with the wrong person

Word Count: r.i.p


|| ANGELS + DEMONS AU || Demon!Yoongi ||


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They say that the yin and yang represent the good and the evil; Yin being the dark energy with a sliver of light, and Yang being the light energy with the sliver of dark. For the Yang angel who fell from Heaven, her dark energy had been too much in the eyes of God. It didn’t help that Y/N was so fascinated with the living; if she wanted to live again, then so be it.

Long, flowing, blonde hair; bright, blue, clear eyes; glowing, radiant health: these were the things that made Y/N so physically beautiful that the other angels had actually become envious. But of course, envy isn’t something that’s encouraged in the land of the promised. Her pure white wings would take her anywhere she pleased, and that’s precisely what she did in her time.

All good stories come to an end, only her ending wasn’t too desirable. Her fair skin became paler at God’s words, and the pain she felt when her beautiful wings were ripped off was incomparable. As she fell from the Heavens, blood was spread all across her back, staining her once perfect dress. Tears fell from her eyes, floating in the whooshing air past her head. Before she hit the ground, she whimpered her last words as an angel from above.

“Forgive me.”

Yin: The dark energy with light found inside. That’s exactly what Min Yoongi was, and the light in his heart was exactly what sent him to live with the mortals on Earth. From the fiery depths of Hell, the Devil himself deemed Yoongi “too good” to live amongst his brethren, and so he banished him to be with the living; Heaven didn’t accept an entity like him, which left him with only one choice: to live among the mortals on Earth.

His platinum blond hair that stopped in front of his eyes, dark hollow eyes that seemed to sink into his head, and the dark aura that surrounded him; He was Min Yoongi. The things he had done, the crimes he committed were things even the other people in Hell didn’t dare to do, practically making him the Devil’s right hand man, but the moment Min Yoongi showed weakness in the face of a battle, the light in his heart started to spark.

His departure wasn’t the most pleasant way, even for a demon. Brutally taking back the wings he had given, the Devil tore them off so barbarically that Yoongi knew that no other pain could compare to the flesh ripping off of his skin. His horns weren’t any less painful. In fact, they were just as painful as the wing removal. The Devil’s burly hands gripped Yoongi’s horns so tightly and so roughly, that upon grabbing them, Yoongi could already feel the skin lift off of his skull, blood trickling down as he cried out.

When Yoongi was finally stripped of his horns and wings, a force so powerful took Yoongi to the surface of the Earth, dragging his near unconscious body through the dirt and the rough terrain. His ear-piercing cries were muffled by the ground surrounding him, his body repeatedly taking beating after beating. As the force pulling him to the surface stopped, there Yoongi laid on the concrete, his body aching and bleeding, covered in bruises and cuts. His quiet, coarse voice cursed out the very words that brought him to Hell.

“Damn you.”

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A Trip To the Dentist [Rosalie Hale x Fem!Reader]

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:Please write a fluffy Rosalie Hale x female reader imagine?Rosalie is the reader’s gf and went with the reader when she got all 4 wisdom teeth removed and the Reader tells rosalie that she loves her for the first time when she was still kind of dazed

A/N: This is such a cute idea, of course I’ll do it. I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with, lovely. Thank you for your request as well, and sorry that it took me so long to post it! :(

Word count: 615.

Warning’s: The reader is on heavy medication from getting their wisdom teeth out. Lot’s and lot’s of fluff. A Confession of love. (If I have forgotten anything, then please let me know.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Rosalie Cullen (unfortunately) or anyone else within the Twilight Saga universe, but Stephanie Meyer does!

Your dazed expression and puffed out cheeks was the most adorable thing that Rosalie Hale had ever encountered in her entire eternal life. She had been by your side for the majority of the procedure, - not surprising as it took little convincing for the dentist allow her to remain present for your behalf-. The scent of chemicals had been most bothersome as it burnt her nostrils. Though, once your procedure to get your wisdom teeth removed, was over, she smiled down at you like an angel sent from Heaven.

“Whoaaaaaa!” you groaned, your gorgeous orbs incredibly ajar, quivering at the sight of her beauty. “I’ve never seen an Angel before…” you murmur out, debility lingering closely on each word spoken. “Well, actually,” you began, eyes flickering to the door as tears swarmed your eyes. “That’s a lie.” you sniffled, clearly out of it.

“Shhhh… it’s okay, sweetie. I’m not mad.” Rosalie cooed gingerly down at you, her golden ocher eyes warmly peering into yours. She found your puckered lower lip to resemble that of a child’s, to which only caused her to beam that much wider.

“I-I’m not f-f-finished.” you point out notably, eyes crossed comically. Rosalie chortled with merriment. “My girlfriend, Rosalie, is a-a-an a-angel.” you nodded, making a confession. “Or a goddess.” you add, smiling whimsically up at the ceiling.

“Is that so, sweetie?” she murmured, running her hands through your hair before the dentist returned, giving Rosalie the word that it you were sound and able to leave.

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“Did he just say what I think he said?” you ask. Kirk sighs, “He shouldn’t have told you that.” You smile, “Do you really think I’m beautiful?” Jim grins, “That I do. I can’t help but appreciate God’s work. You are an Angel sent from heaven.” You giggle, “Smooth, Jim.” He chuckles, “I try.”

Requested By: Anonymous

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>yoongi:</b> <p/><b>me:</b> I!!!!! WOULD!!!!! LITERALLY!!!!! DIE!!!!! FOR!!!!! YOU!!!!! MY!!!!! ONLY!!!!! SUNSHINE!!!!! MOST!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!! AND!!!!! KINDEST!!!!! MAN!!!!! IN!!!!! THE!!!!! WORLD!!!!! ACTUAL!!!!! ANGEL!!!!! SENT!!!!! FROM!!!!! HEAVEN!!!!! I!!!!! LOVE!!!!! YOU!!!!! AMAZING!!!!! HARDWORKING!!!!! ANGEL!!!!! YOU!!!!! DESERVE!!!!! THE!!!!! WORLD!!!!!SOFTEST!!!!! HONEY!!!!! BOY!!!!! A!!!!! GIFT!!!!! TO!!!!! THE!!!!! UNIVERSE!!!!! ITSELF!!!!!!<p/></p><p/></p>

can we talk about how perfect jongdae is? from a face sculpted by the gods, with cheekbones so sharp they could cut paper, a smile that shines brighter than a million stars, beautiful eyes that hold galaxies in them with eyelashes every one would die for. on top of that a voice that’s equal to a choir of angels. a gentle and calming personality that has people fall for him easily. a talented man that always gives his everything. he is a 12/10 and i believe he was sent from heaven and that all of you should appreciate him more