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Wedding Bells (Biadore ft. Shalaska) - by Sadie

A/N: I absolutely love this story (it’s my guilty pleasure story, since I live for Shalaska and IT IS BIADORE WEDDING FOR CHRIST SAKES) and I already have the Honeymoon chapter to go. But like I said before, this is supposed to be Roy and Danny’s life together after RPDR, and even though in ‘What Goes Bump In the Night’ they are already married and they already have a child, this is before the wedding day. I hope you like it as much as I did! Xx Sadie

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Dan doodling on your arm - Danisnotonfire Imagine

You were cuddling with Dan. You were on the edge of sleep. You felt your thoughts go fuzzy and your muscles relax. Happily you snuggled into Dan hoping to fall asleep.

“Y/n,” Dan mumbled. He was so awake, why was he so awake. You hummed in answer.  

“Babe I’m bored,” he whined kissing your temple.

“Then do something,” you murmured feeling your eyes shut again.

“But I want to cuddle too,” he complained as if his dilemma was one of epic proportions.

“Here!” I said a bit too harshly thrusting a pen into his hands. He looked at it with confusion.

“Draw on my arm,” you ordered draping your arm over his lap and you snuggled back into his shoulder.

“Are you sure?” He asked but you could here minor notes of excitement in his voice.

“Yes 100%,” you replied closing your tired eyes. You slept for maybe forty-five minutes. When you woke Dan was still beside you examining your arm thoughtfully. You looked down.

“Dan!” You gasped. Doodles covered your arm from your wrist to your elbow. Small stars, dragons, hearts, planets, flowers, and lightning bolts peppered your arm. A small anime version of you and him was on the middle of your forearm. On your wrist was some quote that had apparently been said by Kanye west which you rolled your eyes at. With the spaces left he’d written the word love in multiple languages and fonts.

“I’ll wash it off, I’ll wash it off I swear!” He said looking at your worriedly. His high pitched promised brought you back to the real world.

“Dan no, I love it!” You told him in a dreamy voice.

“You do?” He asked with a sheepish grin.

“It’s so lovely. I didn’t know you could draw this well,” you complimented as you ran your finger over the pen drawings.

“I can’t, I’m shit,” he laughed. You sat up and kissed him gently to quiet him.

“Well I love it,” you smiled happily down at your arm. “It’s beautiful,” you told him and gave him another quick kiss. He was blushing and looked a bit dazed from all the kisses.

“Thanks,” he almost giggled.

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I woke up really sad because of babygate and idk what to do :(

aw, love. i’m sorry ): i understand that sometimes, you just feel kind of down about things and that’s okay to feel that way. you care a lot about the boys, and that’s where that comes from, and that’s okay. but, know that they’re going to be alright, yeah? even if we don’t know what’s going on or what’s going to happen, these boys have gone through a hell of a lot through the past five years. they have jumped through tons of hoops and gone through so many obstacles. while i wish they wouldn’t have had to experience any of that, i guarantee it’s made them very strong individuals. i also think that they’ve got a lot more power than they did back then. they may be not in total control just yet, but they’re getting there. i fully trust that they know what they’re doing. like, louis with tamara. that didn’t make sense to us at the time, but in hindsight, that was a brilliant move by him. louis knows what he’s doing. he knows that his fans love and appreciate him, and know he is. he’s got a beautiful family that would do anything for him. he’s got wonderful friends to support, and he’s got an amazing support system right there. he’s going to be alright, they’re going to be alright, no matter what. <3 so, you just take care of you because that is what is most important. he’ll take care of him, and he’s got lots of people there to help him and support him, and he’s got a love of epic proportions right there next to him.

but, let’s cheer you up, yeah?

carpool karaoke


tattoo roulette

james bond

never have i ever

talk dirty to me

best of harry 1d day

best of louis 1d day

larry crack!vids 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

cute baby animals

the cutest picture in the whole wide world!!!!!

and a joke: i went to the zoo last week, but there was only one animal in the whole park….. it was a shih tzu.

love you lots, babes.