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So, lets face it slender man isnt interesting or scary anymore in 2016. He's been done to death with inconsistent features and appearances, he's lived and died as a meme, and now theres just no mystery anymore. How do you feel about this?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I still think he’s scary. At least, the very concept of him is still terrifying to me. In fact, that lack of feature consistency is what adds to it. The fact that everyone’s Slender Man is depicted differently means there is no one definitive Slender Man and thus his true nature is still ultimately unknown making him even more mysterious. Plus, I like throwing viewers curve balls like giving him spider legs and multi-arms.

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Is it me or did Tanaka look rather nostalgic when he explained to Ciel how the lantern festival worked?

Hey Anon! And not at all, it’s not just you…

Between his face and his words, I definitely took that moment as him thinking about some people in particular

In the first place “we pray that these lights will prevent [those souls] from going astray” definitely made me think of UT (as he killed himself) even if that’s probably not who Tanaka was thinking about (as I doubt he’d know about UT’s nature). 

When I saw this panel, I definitely thought Tanaka was probably thinking of Vincent, Claudia or both, and considering how Vincent’s life ended and how likely it is that Claudia died in a similar way, that might be Tanaka hoping their souls will be guided and able to rest in peace. 

Like, I don’t want to start rambling, but Tanaka most likely joined the P household when Claudia was alive, so if a butler is supposed to protect his master, then Tanaka must think he is one hell of a failure for losing Claudia (if she was also murdered) and then Vincent. :/

So that is probably something that still stings deep inside and he might not be able to forgive himself for their deaths. Maybe the lantern festival is one way for him to apologize to them as he prays they will be able to rest in peace.
I certainly hope so in any case.

As you can see, you’re not the only one seeing nostalgia in those panels Anon, poor Tanaka… <3

Thank you for passing and have a nice weekend Anon! :)


Hey guys, I’m off to soak up some tropical sun! I’m going to try to stay off tumblr for the most part so I can take in the natural beauty and such. (But definitely let me know if season 11 is announced or gillovny is confirmed. Not even kidding.) Be kind to each other! ❤️👽🌴

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i'm trying to get back into art but i feel like i'm not creative at all and that's gotten me really down. do you have any tips for building creativity? am i doomed if it's not something i'm naturally good at?

You’re definitely not doomed. Artists of all kind have to learn their crafts. None of them are ’naturally good at it’. It’s practice.

First of all it’s okay to create art that you don’t like when you’re finished. Even if you think the end result is ugly you still learn from it: what do to, what not to do. Also if you’re worried that making one bad drawing or painting or what-have-you will ‘spoil’ a good art streak, it doesn’t. One hundred drawings that you think were poorly done don’t diminish you at all. You can always start over.

On creativity, it’s always great to remember that you can create anything you like. Fencing yourself into certain styles or self-assignments can frustrate you very quickly. Things that inspire you now, inspired you in the past, and what you enjoy most about creating art are great for motivating you to create art. Do you have a favorite thing to draw/paint/sculpt/write/compose/etc? An artistic flourish or trick you like to do a lot? Well, you could make something that is nothing but that in order to help you unwind or get your creative juices flowing. You can make art for yourself that you enjoy making and makes you happy, and not for anyone else. Being frustrated doesn’t help.

Know when to take a break. Walk away from a project every once in a while. If it’s late, go to bed. It’ll be there in the morning.

Doodle, or whatever you’re chosen medium’s equivalent would be. Mix different art tools together. A lot of good can from from screwing around artistically.

A good way to warm up (for illustration, at least) is to draw with the hand opposite to the one you’re used to drawing with. After that once you switch back to your dominant hand you’ll really appreciate the deftness of it.

Also you don’t need to create art every day for fear of losing your edge. If you don’t want to draw or anything, you don’t have to.

I hope this helps.

im pretty sure the only make up guys recognize is lipstick and eyeshadow. so when they say they want the “natural look” what they really mean is to continue wearing the foundation, concealer, eyeliner, bronzer, mascara,and blush as well as tweeze the upper lip, eyebrows, and any other “unsightly” facial hair. yep, that sounds pretty damn natural to me.


Good morning, Senator~


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