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why do people always seem to bash asgore? is it because "MUH SORIEL!?" toriel was a real self-righteous bitch tbfh.

Toriel is extremely stubborn by nature so she definitely had to lie to herself just to keep herself in the Ruins.

She must have had to tell herself that Asgore was a killer because even when she tells Frisk she doesn’t really seem to completely believe it.

“They… ASGORE… Will kill you.”

The fact that she even pauses to say his name shows that she is both hurt by his actions and does not want to believe that he is a killer.

This is further supported by the text given when you do a betrayal kill. She mentions that you are just like “them”.

Toriel blames the people more than she blames Asgore which is VERY telling about their characters. Toriel would rather have a few suicidal children live than support monsterkind who, in her mind, have betrayed her.

Toriel does still love Asgore but she does put the blame on him for why their people changed. That is why she is so cold to him. Not because of something petty like hatred. Why she remains cold to him for so long? Because she is stubborn by nature.

Toriel is stubborn and does not like being betrayed by her people. That said, she and Asgore seem to have an happy ending post-pacifist.

Meanwhile, Soriel!Toriels forget she even had Asriel, Chara, and the fact that Frisk canonically sees Asgore as their dad. Soriel!Toriels also forget that the other characters also support the Dreemurrs reuniting and that dating someone you barely know because they share a single common interest that everyone else also shares is moronic.


Canon Toriel is complex just like any other character.


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ever consider experimenting with some symbiotic species? re: aliens. I've always felt it's an under-explored area proportional to nature.

Good old Gessies and Daws.

By definition a species that has domesticated another a type of symbiotic relationship, I feel if a sapient species did have a concious symbiotic relationship with another species it honestly probably wouldn’t be too far off then what humans have with dogs or with agriculture. (Or gut flora).

As for something a bit more codependent and a lot more “"one critter crawling around or living inside the other” type symbiotic relations I haven’t gotten anything that interesting yet. I’ve thought about (seeing that one of my “dinosaur” alien species is mildly based on a parrotfish) having some sort of weird flighted combination of an Ox pecker and a cleaning wrasse that picks and pecks off bugs and grime off larger creatures.

Beyond that I got nothin. 

One thing I like to talk about (ad nauseum, until my long time followers are like oh no not again) is the contradiction between Alannah’s calling and her physical condition. By now she’s got about four years under her belt as a white mage; maybe not enough to be called a veteran, but definitely experienced. She’s as in tune with nature as she can get without being an actual Hearer. Cleansing corruption is how she makes a living (often her services are asked for and she’ll be contracted, though just as often she does it without expectation of payment). She can crack the earth and make the wind howl, coax plants to grow, and soothe wild beasts.

But she can’t wear flowers in her hair, she can’t keep animal companions, and can’t sleep outdoors without extreme discomfort. Walking through the Twelveswood is like sticking her head in a bucket of molasses, even though she does it anyway. Alannah is allergic as fuck to pollen, to animal dander, to grass and fungal spores, and insect bites, and is sensitive to excessive light. She lives in fear of anaphylaxis and often deals with severe sinus headaches that leave her unable to function as well as constant sneezing and eyewatering.

Anyway I only bring this up (again) because it’s an exercise to find aesthetics about nature that involve as little nature as possible, and I’m always reblogging flowers and shit when in fact those are a big ol’ nope for her.

The Seventh Wheel: A Case for Black Lion Lance

Alternatively titled: Lance Deserves The World Because He is My Son and I Love Him

Okay, so Shiro’s gone and someone’s gotta fill his big ass shoes. In the toss-up between him, Allura, and Keith, I’m going to be arguing in this post that Lance could be the guy to do it. And, fair warning, this is going to be ridiculously (like, ridiculously) long lmao so here’s the TL;DR right now: I think that a) Lance already shows the character traits of a good leader, and b) there’s a good chance of him becoming one, given his impending character arc. 

It also has a chance of not happening, of course, but who cares?? I already started writing this thing, so:

Alright, let’s begin at the beginning, because that’s always a good place to start.

Lance is first introduced to the audience as the classic loud, arrogant, goofy flirt. The perfect comic relief character. He rescues a guy because his “rival” was gonna do it first and he can’t have that, the first thing he does in the giant robot cat is fart, and he hits on a girl who just fell out of a pod in a magic castle. He’s there to make you laugh.

I can’t imagine anyone looking at a character like that and “You know what? This guy could be a leader.” Allura says it herself in episode 1. The black lion is supposed to be the decisive head of Voltron, a person who’s a natural born leader, who’s in control, and,

Basically, calm, collected, and respected. “A natural born leader.” So, definitely not Lance. Case closed.

But, not really. Because Lance actually is calm and collected. He’s just not respected. He has all the leadership traits– the problem is that he’s not treated as someone who could be a leader.

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At Camp
  • <p> <b>Person A:</b> *a responsible leader* Alright, what's the first thing about first aid we should teach the new campers?<p/><b>Person B:</b> *definitely not a responsible leader* *raises hand* Natural selection and every man for themselves?<p/><b>Person A:</b> You don't get to teach the new campers.<p/></p>

What’s the biggest bony fish in the sea? The mola mola, or ocean sunfish! 

This one was spotted in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Mola molas spend time basking on their sides near the surface, with their pectoral fins flapping in the air. Have you spotted one while visiting your sanctuaries?

(Photo: Maps for Good/NOAA/Point Blue/ACCESS)

The Domestic Garden Witch: Gardening Without Plants!

So maybe you’re a college witch with limited space and money, limited to the one window in your dorm. Or, maybe you’re a witch without extensive backyard space who wants to start up a magical garden. Perhaps you’re a kitchen witch who wants the freshest herbs right at her fingertips.

For many witches, having a garden seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. After all, plants and magic go hand-in-hand. Plus, when thinking of a witch, it’s hard not to think of a cottage in the woods with a little vegetable garden out front. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our cottage in the woods is a tiny flat, and our garden out front is a windowsill with limited space.

This is when it comes time to embrace your craftiness and bring your garden indoors! Not only does it place your garden in a convenient location, it also allows you to freshen the air, recycle what would otherwise harm the earth, and embrace your witchy green thumb!

Sand and Meditation

Something that often does not cross an individual’s mind when they hear the word “garden” is the thought of a garden without plants, especially where witches are concerned. After all, witches are sometimes known for the sheer amount of herbs and plants they collect (hell, my boyfriend sometimes criticizes the quantity of herbs I have - not my practice, mind you, just the fact that I have over thirty varieties of herbs in large quantities in my witchy drawers). But gardens take all sorts of shapes and sizes, including that of the zen garden, Japanese rock garden, or meditation garden.

Unlike planted gardens, these are minimalist creations designed to help induce meditative thought and relaxation through the use of flowing patterns and stone placement which often are likened to mountains or islands rising up from the sea. They are generally designed as large features which are raked into different patterns each day, but are easily adaptable for the small amount of room our domestic garden witch might have!

Creating Your Garden

As with any indoor garden, perhaps the first thing to look into is the type of container in which you’d like to keep it. In this case, a dish that is wider than it is tall is recommended. Choose either rounded shapes or rectangular shaped dishes that are shallow yet deep enough to hold sand.

Fill this dish with sand - white is traditional, though colored sands can be found in local craft stores or dollar stores - until it is about half full. Select visually appealing stones and set them on the sand.

With a utensil, trace ripples into the sand - flowing lines reminiscent of water are traditional.

If you feel that you want a bit of plant life, small air plants are definitely helpful. Remember to design your garden based on simplicity. Use natural themes and variations in your design to provide an aesthetic that you find appealing.

Tools of the Rock Garden

Typically when you think of a desktop zen garden, you might envision one of the little kits that you can get as a novelty gift at Barnes and Noble. In these kits, there is of course a couple of little rakes - one for smoothing out the sand and one for providing the patterns.

We’re witches on a budget, though, so let’s take a different approach - one similar to what’s pictured above. While it is completely reasonable to use a fork or a pen to make the patterns, you can take bamboo skewers or chopsticks and turn them into rakes using wire. Using these, you can smooth out the sand and rake patterns into it each day or as often as the whim takes you.

How Can I Witch This?

Unlike all of the gardens I’ve written about thus far, this is a garden whose only maintenance depends upon what you need from a meditative standpoint. Its design is not only decorative, but spiritually functional. If you’re a witch who is still fairly closeted and can’t have an altar, gardens such as these make for excellent substitutions, as they can form a sort of sacred space in which you can meditate and focus your intent.

If you’re a crystal witch, these sand gardens are a dream come true! Instead of placing stones, arrange your grids in the sand and use the rake or skewer to draw patterns in the sand to help focus the energy of the stones in your grid!

Draw sigils in the sand based on your intent and either wipe them away with the rake, or incorporate those sigils into the design of the ripples!

Sands come in various colors and grades. Play around with options for your sand! For cleansing, use a fine black sand. For empowerment, use a fiery orange or red. For healing, use white or light blue! The possibilities are near endless!

Of course, I can’t leave out my fellow kitchen witches! Salt is a key feature of the kitchen witch’s lifestyle. So much so, in fact, that in some circles it is believed that it is bad luck to run out of salt. For this reason, you can replace the sand with salt! This has a couple of benefits: first, it’s inexpensive. Second, it acts as a constant cleanser - much like a quartz cluster or a rod of selenite. When the salt has become to crusty to rake into appealing patterns, it has done its work! Dispose of the old salt and replace it with a new batch! (Do not pour the salt outside! This is harmful to the environment! Instead, find a safer way to dispose of the salt - I usually use the salt to clean out my mortar and pestle, then dissolve it in the sink to drain away).

If you use salt in place of sand, you can take the crystal grid concept a step further! Place the crystals in your “salt garden” and rake as you would if it were sand. This provides a way to cleanse your crystals in a way that is also visually appealing!

Consider different ways to make this plant-less garden a magical addition to the dorm or coffee table!

And may your harvests always be bountiful!
Blessed Be! )O(