is DEFINITELY not natural



[ih-fem-uh-ron, -er-uh n] 

1. anything short-lived or ephemeral.

2. ephemera, items designed to be useful or important for only a short time, especially pamphlets, notices, tickets, etc.

1570-1580; Ephemeron is from Greek, from ephemeros, “daily; lasting or living only a day,” from epi, “upon” + hemera, “day.”

“The Sanskrit word for the world is jagati, while the word for changing or evanescent is jagat : the world’s evanescent nature is actually built into the very definition of “world.” Yet behind this shimmering ephemeron lies the deeper, sacred reality – Brahman, the infinite, transcendent reality that covers and pervades all things.”
- Pravrajika Vrajaprana, Cross Currents

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jughead didn't know how to tell Y/N, but he had completely fallen for her.

It was in the way she walked, that sway to her hips that lured him in and caught him staring every single time she strolled past in a hallway.

It was in how she spoke, so delicately and yet so fiercely passionate that it provoked fire in his chest even in a casual conversation, and the things she said were pure poetry to him simply because it was her talking. He was a writer and yet he couldn’t replicate the way she could string words together to make his heart beat harder.

It was in the way she touched him absent mindedly, as though her skin touching his was second nature in her mind because it definitely was in his. The warmth that spread through him at the slightest contact was indescribable, which didn’t disturb him in the slightest because he wanted that feeling entirely to himself. No one else deserved a description.

It was in her. In every aspect of what she was, what she could be, and what she was growing to be in the future. There is nothing more immaculate than a kind heart and she had that in a way no one else he had known, she was the epitome of perfection to him, and god if that wasn’t the most intimidating part.

He took a deep breath, slow and soothing, attempting to calm the horrific nerves. If it we’re possible, he’d say she we’re more beautiful today than he’d ever seen her. He approached slowly and tapped her shoulder gently, she turned and smiled, brightening the world around them both. One last big breath. “Y/N, I just wanted to ask you something.”

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eyo ghost, i just realised i prrobabblyy have bdd but like im scared i dont and im just being rly vain for literally no reason whatsoever so like,,how do you Know? I've checked pretty much every symptom list and fit in there but I just. idk?

NGL i’ve noticed this with a lot of ppl who research disorders and find ones that they fit the criteria of, they kinda go through this. denial period??? maybe not denial, but lots of self-questioning. like i even went through that with the very fact that i’m mentally ill back in 8th grade lmao BUT 

i guess how i’ve gone about it is i’ve just waited and tried to notice things i naturally do that definitely fit the diagnostics. i dunno if everyone gets this or if it’s just a dissociation thing but i get really bad “just because it happened in the past doesn’t mean it was actually real, it probably never happened and i’m just remembering it incorrectly”, but paying attention to the present can really help with that since you notice yourself doing something and then you’re like! hey i actually just thought/felt/did that naturally and idk it’s more validating

tl;dr it takes some time to fully realize it i guess

The Golden Ratio and Secret Geometry in Nature

These wonderfully symmetrical plants show the fractal nature of math, physics and the universe. Could this be evidence of sacred geometry? “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein

The Golden Ratio, or Fibonacci sequence, is everywhere. It can be found in ancient architecture, in some of the world’s most beloved artwork (such as the Mona Lisa), and most definitely in nature. It’s for this reason that the intriguing sequence, which begins as 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and so on forever, has fascinated mathematicians, scientists, designers, and artists for centuries. 

Leonardo DaVinci, for instance, was known to use the Fibonacci sequence in his masterpieces because the pattern is aesthetically pleasing. Is it a coincidence that the ratio can be seen from a micro to macro scale in all biological systems, and even in inanimate objects? Clearly, there’s much to learn about sacred geometry and inherent order in the universe. 

 Some theorize that the phi ratio (phi = 1.61803…) is evidence that nature is inherently perfect, and that when mankind strays away from the natural law, sickness and imbalance occur. While the Golden Ratio doesn’t account for every structure or pattern in this world and others, it most certainly is a key player.

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What do you think kakashi's first reaction was to sarada and what kind of relationship do they have overall? :)

I think that when Kakashi first saw Sarada as an infant; saw her black hair and her black eyes which were as deep as the void itself…

He probably thought to himself:

“That’s definitely Sasuke’s daughter…”.

However, once Kakashi got to know Sarada as a person; her behaviour, her mannerisms, her feistiness and her headstrong nature…

He probably thought to himself:

“That’s definitely Sakura’s daughter…”

Lol, and that’s for obvious reasons. Because Sarada may indeed look like the spitting image of her father on the outside. However, on the inside, she resembles her mother through and through ^_^

we all must admit how hard it is to just sit down and do your work sometimes. the following are a few random tips that i used to study better (i’ll probably be making another more specific study tip post but this is just a general set of things i do that really help me out).

set a routine

if you continue to do something, eventually it turns into a habit. try to study at a certain time every day. it’ll turn into a habit and eventually become an instinct to get your books out and sit down at that certain time of day.

create a pleasant study space 

this will definitely help. naturally you would want to go and study if you have a nice atmosphere to go to so open some windows to let in light, invest in a good chair, and keep the space lively with some flowers or plants (i surround myself with greenery. it makes me feel really calm). likewise, keep your space away from distractions such as your laptop (ahem ahem. unless you need it for work and have a website blocker or something), the t.v, and the kitchen (keep a healthy little brain snack on your table so if you feel hungry you don’t need to go to the kitchen to get food then get lost spending too much time making creme brûlée or something when all you really needed was some celery).

remember your future goals

this will keep you from procrastinating by giving you a little jolt of guilt and also keep you sane. i personally wrote down my goals on a post-it and stuck it on the wall. later on, whenever i felt like throwing my textbook out the window (rip louis pasteur and his scientific contributions to biology) i would look up and see the note which would promptly calm me down so i could take a five minute break and get back to work.

give yourself time beforehand

if you give yourself a little bit of time before you start studying, you will feel more refreshed and ready to study. when i come home from school i give myself   a half hour to change, have some fruit, and start getting my materials out. that way i don’t feel rushed from just finishing school to immediately starting all my work. i also stay off of tumblr and the internet during this time because if i got on i would probably spend my half hour there and not have any time to actually relax and unwind a little bit. also if you need more time, take more time, but don’t stretch it out to two hours or something overboard like that, especially if you come home later.

for when you really want to fling your work into a tornado and go on tumblr

nope. sorry. not going to work. i mean, you could probably get on tumblr but you’ll regret it come tomorrow when your teacher asks for your homework or hand out that test and you look at it and realize you don’t know the material. try working in pomodoro time chunks so that you don’t overwork yourself and also get rewarding little breaks in between. sometimes when i’m really unmotivated, i turn the pomodoro method into a little game and try working for just a little bit more and challenge myself to see how many more minutes i can study for. if i end up achieving 25 minutes, i take the 5 minute break. 

you can do this!! ~hana from kageyama-studies

Starting a campaign in medias res: hardcore version
  • DM: *collects sheets* OK, George, what are you playing?
  • George: *beaming* A fighter!
  • DM: Cool, you're with the City Guard. Joan, what are you playing?
  • Joan: *beaming* A thief!
  • DM: Cool, you're in chains. You've just been sentenced to death for stealing. Georgie here is dragging you to the gallows.
  • Joan: ...
  • DM: Steve, what are you playing?
  • Steve: *reluctant* A cleric?
  • DM: Cool, you're there to perform the last rites. Begin!

im pretty sure the only make up guys recognize is lipstick and eyeshadow. so when they say they want the “natural look” what they really mean is to continue wearing the foundation, concealer, eyeliner, bronzer, mascara,and blush as well as tweeze the upper lip, eyebrows, and any other “unsightly” facial hair. yep, that sounds pretty damn natural to me.