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As someone who used to work in a bookstore, I have nightmares about the Rush Limbaugh books. One time my co-worker found one and decided to read us the back cover. Imagine a 6 foot 5 red headed Viking-like guy lying in the narrow aisle, tears running down his face, as he tried to get through reading about the guy who's taught about the meaning of love and sex by a museum dress mannequin. There were others. I'm pretty sure I blocked them all out.

Ha ha WTF?! Did the ghost writer drop any pretense that these were aimed towards children and just decided to go bat shit insane with it?

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I was watching my brother play xbox when I realized... professional sports teams have video games. With avatars that look just like the players and have their stats. Sooo professional exy teams could have a video games.. and when Neil and Andrew went pro they would see their little video game selves

okay so listen:

  • andrew never pays attention to literally anything going on with his exy career
  • like seriously? he goes where they tell him and does what he’s contractually obligated to do 
  • so when he had to wear a weird suit and pretend to block a bunch of fake shots he thought it was probably some weird form of monitoring his health or muscles
  • of course he doesn’t tell neil about it in their nightly skype calls becuase it’s unimportant in his mind
  • unknown to andrew, neil also did the same thing but doesn’t much care for video games so he also says nothing
  • basically a literal day after it’s happened they’ve both forgotten about it 
  • but then the game comes out 
  • and everyone starts tweeting them about it
  • and making funny vines with 6-foot whatever kevin day being checked by 5′0″” andrew minyard
  • (it’s probably some thing where you can just like assign the players any position for fun idk)
  • neil picks up on it an favorites a bunch of videos on twitter
  • (poor boy didn’t know other people could see his likes)
  • and of course matt calls neil the day it comes out
    • “neil! you didn’t tell me we’d both be in a video game together?!? how sick is that! you totally have to come over and play, bro”
  • basically neil loves it because he gets to play as andrew and ends up mimicking him as he does it 
    • “my names andrew and i squish garbage in the can until it’s too full and i refuse to take it out”
    • “hey guys, watch out! i have the ball and i’m not afraid to beam it at your ankles if you look at me the wrong way!”
    • “i’m andrew and i pretend to hate the cats but wheni think neil’s not looking i make kissy noises at them and hold them in my arms”
    • “neil’s bothering me so i’m going to pretend he’s a vegetable and pretend he doesn’t exist”
  • of course andrew catches him doing it one time when neil thought he was home alone and was playing online with matt
  • (he was home alone but had jumped into a monologue as andrew and was too distracted to hear him walk in for his weekend visit)
  • of course andrew decides to get him back by doing the same thing as neil
    • “my name is neil and i’m an idiot who has no self preservation”
    • “watch out kevin, i’m here to steal your one true love away, the court”
    • “did you guys know that i leave my socks all over the apartment becuase that’s where they belong?”
  • it definitely turns into a way for them to get out their petty aggression on one another
  • and if one of the foxes just happens to post multiple videos of it online and create a small phenomena, then that’s between them and the thousands of views
It’s easy to forget he’s 18 years old - just ‘cause he’s 6 foot 5 and looks like Michael Phelps - he’s still 18! […] I’m proud of him
—  Niall Horan being a supportive dad to Shawn

I CANNOT be the only one who is truly in love with Andrew Joseph Minyard’s canon height. Like it really does just make everything he does that much more impressive.
Here let me give you some examples:

•During one of the games, 6'5 starting backliner Matt Boyd hid behind 5 foot even Andrew Minyard when being chased by a character only referred to as Gorilla.

•Without even pulling out his knives, all Andrew had to do was stand between Matt and Kevin to get Matt to back off.

• 5ft BABY Andrew nearly kills 4 grown men when they attacked Nicky outside of the club??? Not just A man. FOUR. MEN.

• despite his height he still manages to take his short legs clear across the field at record breaking pace to break Riko’s arm before he can decapitate Neil. A+, Minyard.

•ALSO let’s just take into account that exy racquets are customized to the height and arm length of the holder SO while Andrews net is bigger the length of the stick is short MEANING when Andrew blocked The Impossible Goal™ in the bottom corner he had to be moving quicker than a fucking bat out of hell.

•despite being called a “midget with an attitude problem” no one fucks with Neil or his hubby bc they know better…

“When I leave you wanna keep *hand motions* doin dis. But den when I come around you don’t wanna POST UP.”

•Also Andrew is canonically 3 inches shorter than Neil so Neil actually has to bend down to kiss his boyfriend OR (bear with me) Andrew has to stand on his damn tip toes

I’m done with this


distances taken from this

denerim to lothering : orange

230 miles on roads
11 days on foot | 7 ½ days forced march | 6 days on horseback | 4 days fast carriage | 3 days horse relay

lothering to ostagar : red

80 miles on the imperial hwy
4 days on foot | 2 ½ days forced march | 2 days on horseback | 1 day horse relay

lothering to redcliffe : purple

105 miles on roads
5 days on foot | 3 ½ days forced march | 2 ½ days on horseback | 2 days fast carriage | 1 ½ days horse relay

lothering to kinloch hold : light blue

195 miles on roads
10 days on foot | 6 ½ days forced march | 5 days on horseback | 3 days fast carriage | 2 ½ days horse relay
11 miles in a boat
3 hours rowing

redcliffe to gherlen’s pass : dark green

160 miles on mountainous roads
16 days on foot | 8 days on horseback | 6 days fast carriage | 4 days horse relay

denerim to soldier’s peak : light green

100 miles on the pilgrim’s path
5 days on foot | 3 ½ days forced march | 2 ½ days on horseback | 1 ½ days fast carriage | 1 day horse relay
20 miles on mountainous roads
2 days on foot | 1 day on horseback | ½ day horse relay

lothering to the dalish camp : orange + dark blue

80 miles on roads
4 days on foot | 2 ½ days forced march | 2 days on horseback | 1 ½ days fast carriage | 1 day horse relay
40 miles off road
5 days on foot | 2 days on horseback

redcliffe to honnleath  yellow

35 miles on hilly roads
2 ½ days on foot | 1 ½ days forced march | 1 day on horseback | ½ day horse relay

redcliffe to haven : dark green + pink

100 miles on mountainous roads
11 days on foot | 5 days on horseback | 2 ½ days horse relay
20 miles off road
3 days on foot | 2 days on horseback

Rules and tips for dating a hockey player:

1.go like this:

2.spin around


4.double take three times. 1, 2, 3!

5. theeeeeen, pelvic thrust!

6.Stop on your right foot. (Super important DON’T FORGET IT)

7.bring it around town. bring. it. around. town.

8. then you do this:

9: then this:

10. and this:

11. and that

12. and this and that and this and that

And if you can do half of these you are most likely mentally mature enough to date a hockey player

something i’ve been working on today :^) (also a clue to what’s about to happen)

Turtle Friends:

(1) アカミミガメ(2) ガラパゴスゾウガメ (3) ヒョウモンガメ
(1) Pond slider (2) Galapagos Tortoise (3) Leopard tortoise 

(4) インドホシガメ (5) ゲンブ (6) アカアシガメ
(4) Indian star tortoise (5) Genbu (Youkai) (6) Red-footed tortoise

//Update// (7) ワニガメ aka  Alligator snapping turtle

Manga: Yugi and Yami are the same height at around 5 foot and Kaiba is at roughly 6 foot, says the official stats. 

Duel Monsters: Yugi has no defined height. We have no idea how tall Yugi is. Yugi shrinks and grows within the same duel and he can not control it. Someone help him. Yami’s just a little taller than Yugi’s tallest.  Kaiba is the Colossal titan. 


Scattered Stuff from temple of Isis and Serapis, Rome

The double temple was built originally in 43 BCE and repaired a couple of times during following centuries. Nowadays there is not much left of the the actual temple, but several artefacts have withstood the ravages of time. They are scattered here and there around the city though.

1. Vatican museum pine cone, originally from a fountain near the temple. 1st century CE. Peacock statues are believed to be from Hadrian’s mausoleum.

2. Cat statuette, Via della Gatta.

3. Madame Lucrezia, one of the talking statues of Rome. According to scholars statue depicts a priestess of Isis. Piazza San Marco.

4. A foot of God Serapis, Via del Pie Marmo.

5-6. Two Egyptian obelisks from temple. “Macuteo” stands now in front of Pantheon whereas Bernini’s elephant obelisk guards church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva (actually the name should be “Sopra Isis”)

7. The temple was rebuilt during Domitian’s reign  and a coin was issued to commemorate this. Rather interesting reverse side, since one can see what the temple looked like.

Rome, July & October 2007 and July 2012

I got a phone call on a quiet Monday in February of 1973 from Led Zeppelin’s publicist.  I had been working the rounds in Los Angeles and between the PR guys and record companies I had made a few good contacts.  I had run into the publicist for Led Zeppelin a few weeks earlier and asked if I could have some time with the band the next time that they were in town.

The band had just come from a tour of England and was taking a month to relax before starting a big U.S. tour.  They had four eponymous albums on the charts and were waiting for the release of number 5, Houses of the Holy.  The album had hits in No Quarter and The Song Remains the Same.  While it departed from much of their blues influences it had funky tracks in The Ocean and D’yer Mak’er.  It also had a beautiful acoustic based track, The Rain Song.  Much of the initial buzz, however, was about the risqué cover featuring young, naked children.

The call from Zeppelin’s people invited me to meet them at The Continental Hyatt House on the Sunset Strip.  The Continental Hyatt had become a base of operations for many up and coming bands as it was close to the Whiskey-A-Go-Go and the many clubs and recording studios in West Hollywood.  After spending a few evenings with bands at the Hyatt my friends and I began calling it The Continental Riot House.  Led Zeppelin did much to bring about this nickname.

The lads of Zeppelin would typically rent out several entire floors for their antics.  Keith Richards became famous for throwing a television out of one of the windows.  Keith Moon threw a larger one out of one of the windows.  Never one to be outdone, John Bonham liked to unwind with a ride on a Harley Davidson…down the hallways between the suites.  Orgies with Jimmy Page, groupies chasing Robert Plant, John Paul Jones’ reserved debauchery, to Bonham being Bonzo; if you’ve read it it’s probably true.

I had hoped to catch the band for dinner and establish a rapport but when I arrived at 6:30 the night’s revelries were obviously well under way.  I followed a hotel bartender with a crate of liquor and found a mostly incoherent Robert Plant holding court.  I started talking to him about my ideas for some shots but found myself getting nowhere so after a half hour or so I grabbed a drink myself.

I had just about given up on an organized shoot when Peter Grant lumbered in.  At 6 foot 5 and well over 350 pounds, I knew Grant’s reputation for getting things done and enlisted his help in making photography happen.

Any pictures of the band that I had seen up until this point had either been stage shots or big horizontal panoramas and I began looking for props to create something different.  I found an ugly orange armchair in one of the rooms and asked Grant to help me round up the lads.  My idea was a vertical grouping of the band.  Newspapers and magazines would love it for the ease of a print layout and it was different than all of the other photos that I’d seen.

Plant and Page arrived and mulled participation.  Jones was in another mood and Grant physically put him in place for me.  Page and Plant began laughing and plopped down on either arm of the chair.  Seeming to sense that he was being left out, Bonham wandered in, smoking a cigarette, and threw his arms around them.

I began furiously working my two cameras, an old favorite loaded with color and my newer Nikon with black and white.  I managed to get almost 20 shots before the peace dissolved and chaos returned.

A few days later I was able to get my shots to Led Zeppelin’s publicist and they chose one of the black and whites.  Through them I was contacted by Grant who made an offer to buy the whole lot of the color shots.  He wanted to buy them all but I saved the best one and never showed it to them.

Since that night I’ve gone on to see the black and white in numerous books about Led Zeppelin.  It’s been in magazines and even VH1’s Behind the Music.  I’ve had a devil of a time tracking down publishers and receiving photographer credits but one thing is for sure.  None of those guys ever had an evening like mine with Led Zeppelin at the Continental Riot House.


James Fortune

Led Zeppelin at the Continental Hyatt House on Sunset Strip, 1973.

© James Fortune Photography

Water | F

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Sorry for my long hiatus. I will try to be better about getting stuff uploaded but thank you for being patient with me.

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on the ends of your last dabble, what about cute awkwd damijon first kiss with tim and/or kon catching them?

yes of course! sorry I took all day to do this 


“Happy birthday Kent” Jon looked sideways in the air vent at his friend. “You know it was last week right?” Damian quirked an eyebrow. “Yes I do, however you were on a different planet and I was being held hostage so we didn’t get a chance to properly celebrate” 

“and crawling around the air vents in Lex Luthor and the Joker’s super secret base is the way normal people celebrate?” 

“I wouldn’t know” they were quiet for a while as they inched along on their hands and knees shoulder to shoulder. Jon’s size was already becoming a problem, at 14 he was almost 6 feet tall, luckily though he hadn’t bulked up and was skinny as a rail. “You know I like this, when we’re just two years apart not three” Jon said wistfully. “-Tt, there is always the same age gap between us Kent, 2 years 5 months, it doesn’t change” Jon looked annoyed “You know what I mean Dami”

“yeah I do, sorry” Damian looked away and started to unscrew a vent cover. Seconds later the boys dropped into the room below and straight into a trap.

20 minutes later Damian spat a thick stream of blood out onto the Joker’s shoes. The Clown laughed and back headed Robin so hard the chair he was tied to tipped over. “Robin!” Jon shouted horsely straining against his bonds. Luthor waved a chunk of kryptonite under Superboy’s nose and he nearly threw up going limp in his chains. Joker pulled the chair up right cupping Robin’s face in his hands with a wicked grin on his face. Meanwhile, Luthor pulled a buck knife from his pocket and flipped it open. “I’ve often wondered young Superboy, would they love your father as much as they do if he was… imperfect? is it the human need to be ruled over by some greco-roman ideal what fuels the culture of personality around Superman?” He ran the blade softly almost loving down Jon’s cheek. “I guess not to put too fine a point on it Superboy, but if you were scared would they love you as much as they love him?” 

“You hurt him and I’ll kill you!” Damian spat twisting trying to see behind him, Joker just laughed and grabbed Robin’s face twisting it to face him. “Have you ever bled?” Luthor pressed the blade to the top of Jon’s cheek and pushed till the kryptonite weakened skin gave way and a thin line of red started to run down Superboy’s face. Jon let out a grunt of pain. Robin’s nose flared then he drove his forehead into the Joker’s face. The Clown staggered back clutching his bleeding nose and Damian’s chair stared to tip forward. Using the momentum Robin drove his feet down into the floor launching himself into a flip. The chair exploded under his as he landed heavily on the Joker’s back. Damian leaped up holding the broken arms of the chair as makeshift Eskrima. As the Joker got to his feet snarling Damian charged, driving the left stick into the clown’s gut, as he doubled over bring the other down hard on the side of the Joker’s skull. 

As the Joker hit the ground Robin spun and threw one of the sticks across the room. Lex Luthor let out a strangled scream looking down at his hand. Where the knife had been a splintered shaft of wood was half way through his palm. He looked up but Damian had already cross the room and with a flying kick sent the Kryptonite spinning out of sight. Robin put up his hands and assumed the boxing stance. At 6 foot 7 inches Lex Luthor towered over Robin who was barely 5 foot 4, but Damian moved at lighting speed and every hit was a hammer blow. Already wounded Lex didn’t last long, soon Damian was on top of him hammering away at his face, blow after blow, not saying a word. He didn’t heard the crash behind him and started when a hand grabbed his wrist and Jon’s horse voice said “Dami that’s enough”

Robin stood and turned quickly to face Superboy. “You… Kent you. You’re not suppose to do that” 

“do what?”

“you’re suppose to be… indestructible, you’re not suppose to be helpless, in danger”

“what are you talking about? I’ve been-” but that’s all he got out before Damian grabbed the back of his head and forcing him down as Robin went up on his toes to kiss him. The kiss was messy, fierce, possessive and protective. Jon could taste the blood on Damian’s lips and felt burning tears on his cheeks, but wasn’t sure if they were his or Damian’s maybe both. It felt like days maybe years before a clearing of a throat made them both jump. Robin and Superboy spun ready to face a threat but it was Nightwing and Power Boy standing there looking embarrassed. 

“I hope we’re not interrupting” Tim said “yeah if you want us to give you two a minute we can come back” joked Kon. Jon blushed and tried to think of something to say but a green gloved hand shot out and took his. “Drake, clone, Jon and I were just leaving, could you clean up this mess for us? I believe I owe Superboy his first date” Jon wasn’t sure if he wanted to die of embarrassment or laugh. It was all he could do to walk by his brother and Damian’s with his head held high, Damian’s hand in his helped. 

Rules and tips for dating a hockey player

1) cha cha now y'all
2) Turn it out
3) To the left
4) Take it back now y'all
5) Five hops this time
6) Right foot lets stomp
7) Left foot lets stomp
8) Right foot again
9) Left foot again
10) Right foot lets stomp
11) Left foot lets stomp

13) EVERYBODY CLAP YO HANDS 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽