A muse is a person who has a huge influence on a artist and that becomes the main focus and inspiration for that artist creative work, it could be the muses’s eyes, facial structure,the smile they give or just the vibe they give off when a artist is around them .. Another thing poets,musicians,painters, and photographers are emotional based when it comes to their work .I am one of those type of artist who depend on emotions for my creativity and just by observing my work, my work process and down to the schematics of my shoots, my best work is driven by intense feelings or even drowned by love. In this photo is my former model and muse that has set my creativity standards by far last year when we first started working together.she has pushed me to my limits until today, there’s a person that has even pushed me farther and the weird thing is.. I dont even want to take a photo of her or think of doing a photoshoot with her or cant even pursue her..muses are complicated but I’m being pushed again and I’m liking it