I actually find it kind of annoying that the majority of aesthetics and posts about Pisceans stereotypically lump us all together as some type of wishy-washy, over-emotional, submissive little weirdo incapable of making decisions for themselves or standing up for others.

Um, no. No no nonono.

May I remind you President George Washington was a Piscean? Steve Jobs? Albert Einstein? Commander Chester Nimitz? Liz Taylor? Dale Earnhardt Jr.? Wyatt Earp? Steve Irwin? Queen Latifah? Chuck Friggen NORRIS?

Every one of them steely badasses, well capable of taking care of themselves, taking a stand, embracing risk, leading their field/army/country….

Someone once said “remember, there are all types of fish in the sea. The Pisces you meet may be a little Guppie or a beautiful Koi… But they could also be a Barracuda or a Shark….”