Hiiiiiiii! Recently, I’ve hit 1000 followers?? I just wanted to thank you guys for following me, even though most of you don’t even know my name (and frankly don’t care) you’re one of the most important parts of my life. I honestly don’t understand why a THOUSAND people follow me. That’s a lot like more than there’s people in my school woah.

So here’s a few blogs that i love on here:

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THE MOST AWESOME PEOPLE EVER  aka people who for some reason still aren’t annoyed with me 

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Again, this aren’t all my favourite blogs, just the ones i thought of first. I love you all!

Rules: When you get tagged, you gotta write a note with 92 truths about yourself. After that, you’re supposed to tag 25 people. You also gotta tag the person that tagged you. Tagged by: you-completemesss thank you for tagging me btw, this looks like fun :)

WHAT WAS YOUR: 1.) Last beverage: coke 2.) Last phone call: my sister 3.) Last text message: Your joking, this isn’t the Kelsey I know 😂 4.) Last song you listened to: no one does it better, by ymas xD 5.) Last time you cried: yesterday, at tyler’s video, bc i was so proud

HAVE YOU EVER: 6.) Dated someone twice: nah 7.) Been cheated on: nope 8.) Kissed anyone and regretted it: no lol 9.) Lost someone special: yehh :( 10.) Been depressed: no 11.) Been drunk and threw up: nooo

LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: 12-14.) red, blue, purple?

IN THE LAST YEAR, HAVE YOU: 15.) Made a new friend: yes, quite a few actually 16.) Fallen out of love: don’t you have to be in love to fall out of it? 17.) Laughed until you cried: many of times 18.) Met someone who changed you: omg yes, i found them on here actually 19.) Found out who your true friends are: sort of, idk? 20.) Found out someone was talking about you: i think so, but i don’t really care 21.) Kissed anyone on your FB list: noo

GENERAL: 22.) How many people do you know irl on your FB list: i hate fb, so i never got it 23.) Do you have any pets: too many to count 24.) Do you want to change your name: i don’t like my name, but i feel like i’d just get confused if i changed it 25.) What did you do for your last birthday party: i went shopping + dinner with a friend, and attended summer in the city >.< not really a party, but that’s what i did for my last birthday, and it’s better then any party 26.) What time did you wake up today: 3:11pm, lol i’m more of a night person if you can’t tell 27.) What were you doing at midnight last night: playing the sims, i am a child!
28.) Name something you cannot wait for: can it be multiple? Meeting internet friends, rowyso tour/other concerts i’m potentially going to, sitc if i get tickets… 29 is missing! 
30.) Last time you saw your mother: like a second ago 31.) What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: SCHOOL! Omg i hate it 33.) Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yes i have 34.) What’s getting on your nerves right now: nothing right this minute, but my sister stealing my things gets on my nerves daily 35.) Most visited webpage: tumblr 36) Blood Type: O negative 37.) Nickname: kels, kel c, kel sea, bubboon, bubbly (it’s to do with my surname) 38.) Relationship Status: ‘it’s complicated’ lol jks, single 39.) Zodiac sign: Cancer
40.) Pronouns: what’s that? haha 41.) Elementary: I’m guessing this is asking what i was like, and i was an embarrassment, and in a world of my own (still am tbf)
42.) High school: Urgh 43.) College: in september 44.) Hair colour: blonde, i wish school would let me dye it a crazy colour, i loved it in summer when it was pink 45.) Long or short hair: medium 46.) Height: 5’4/5'5, idk? 47.) Do you have a crush on someone: only celebrities 48.) What do you like about yourself: er… That i don’t care what people think of me i guess 49.) Tattoos: none, but i’m not sure if i’ll ever get any 50.) Right-handed or left-handed: left-handed 51.) First surgery: stitches near my eye, i think 52.) First piercing: ears, and that’s also my only piercing 53.) First best friend: Rhianna, she turned out…great… 54.) First sport you joined: cross country, Lol
55.) First vacation: disney land, or some cottage in devon, i don’t really remember 56.) First pair of trainers: probably converse

RIGHT NOW: 58.) Eating: crispy m&ms lol 60.) Drinking: nothing 61.) I’m about to watch: a youtube video in the next hour or so 62.) Listening to: you ruin me, by the veronicas, holy crap 63.) Waiting for: the summer break, even though i’m on a break now 64.) Want kids: yeh i think so 65.) Get married: if anybody wants me lol 66.) Career: meh

WHICH IS BETTER: 67.) Lips or eyes: …both, but eyes i think 68.) Hugs or kisses: hugs 69.) Shorter or taller: taller 70.) Older or younger: older 71.) Romantic or spontaneous: both, again 72.) Nice stomach or nice arms: idk? I feel as though a nice stomach is harder to get 73.) Sensitive or loud: in between 74.) Hook-up or relationship: definitely relationship 75.) Trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant

HAVE YOU EVER: 76.) Kissed a stranger: noooo 77.) Drank hard liquor: nopeee 78.) Lost glasses/contact lenses: i don’t need them 79.) Sex on first date: not for me… 80.) Broken someone’s heart: Hahahaha no 81.) Had heart broken: no 82.) Been arrested: nah 83.) Turned someone down: …yup 84.) Cried when someone died: hasn’t everyone? 85.) Fallen for a friend: nah

DO YOU BELIEVE IN: 86.) Yourself: it depends, not really 87.) Miracles: meh, i’m not sure 88.) Love at first sight: no! If it’s first sight, then you don’t know their personality, so it’s pretty shallow if it happens tbh, which it never does anyway. You also don’t know enough about them, to 'love’ them
89.) Heaven: nahh 90.) Santa Claus: of course 91.) Kiss on first date: it’s alright if you really like them, but you don’t really know too much about them 92.) Angels: nope

Ok 25 people is A LOT of people, so i’m sorry if we’ve never spoke, but you should come say hi :) also, i’m sorry if you’ve done this before, idk who has and who hasn’t? i tag: irwinderful lukescheesesteak makjowpow harrycliff0rd 4ireproof dancelivelaughgive the5sosobsession ausjdmcvey 5sos-did-a-thing gigglyzqyn dimples-doe the-many-faults-in-our-stars rejectclifford flo-urescentadolescent misfitkidluke troyeble phanandthestuff little-sea-monkeys penguinxhood louyouwhore doctor-cormiayyylmao alltxmecalum ed5sosfandom berzerkshady feelsallthefeelings

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