irving berlin's white christmas

Falling Out of Love Can Be Fun
  • Falling Out of Love Can Be Fun
  • Anastasia Barzee, Karen Morrow & Meredith Patterson
  • Irving Berlin's White Christmas (The Musical)

Falling out of love can be fun. Someone else can soon be the one. By another name, he’s the same as his brother, close your eyes and one is like the other. Falling out of love can be fun.


When you find your lovin’ romance gets a sudden kick in the pants. Get yourself surrounded and bounded with lots of men, then falling out of love can be falling in love again.


There’s 182 Days Til Christmas!

The daily Christmas Countdown starts today and goes til Christmas! I update the blog at midnight central time. This is my fourth year doing the daily countdown! Every ten days I’ll post something from A Charlie Brown Christmas to celebrate it’s 50th Anniversary!

My ask box is always open and I try to do requests as they come in.

Next week I’ll start posting Christmas Songs on Monday, Recipes on Wednesday, and Christmas Special reviews on Friday along with the daily post.

To celebrate Half Christmas I’m going to post my favorite versions of Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas.” The song has sold over 150 millions records and is the number one Christmas song out there. Let’s start with the unbeatable Bing Crosby.