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Oh, Larries.  You are all so funny.  It is so predictable that after preaching the gospel of Irving Azoff the Great Savior for at least two years, that now Jeff and Irving are equal co-conspirators with Simon.  I guess after the recent discourse that it is now official that Irving has transitioned from Great White Hope status to… just another Boss Dude.

Be assured Little Larries, that we over here on the Anti side were telling y’all for that entire time that:

The Azoffs were only working with Harry.  And yes, the Columbia deal was always real.

The Azoffs had not signed the entire band, and there was not going to be an announcement “In March” (pick a March, any March) that he had taken the band.

There was never an “Old Team” who was pushing “Babyg@te” (A thing that does not exist, by the way) or a “New Team” who were Protecting Louis.

Remember all that?  No?  Erased it from your brains have you?  We haven’t.  ;)


The Tony Awards 2016 - Julie James Interviews Aaron Tveit (x)

“Wanna do any more karaoke like you did with Corden at the rehearsal today?”
“I…I…may or may not have done that…today… So we’ll see…”
“In, like, the soprano-iest soprano key.”
“Did you see that - I actually turned to the accompanist, and I said, ‘Please pick a favourable key.’ And he picked the most
unfavourable key. So I guess I didn’t pay him enough money.”

Where he is enamoured by the roses, discusses Corden’s Tonys karaoke, BrainDead, how blown away he was by the invitation to and attendance at Irving Plaza (”thank you, guys, for coming, honestly”), and being at the Tonys.

When That Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves For Alabam’ (1912). Sheet music. Irving Berlin. Ted Snyder Co and Waterson, Berlin, & Snyder Co. Performed by Vera Michelena.

That’s where you stop your train, that brings me back again
Down home where I’ll remain, where my honey lamb am.
I will be right there with bells, when that old conductor yells,
“All aboard! All aboard! All aboard for Alabam’”

Re: Billboard

If you want to know when Billboard started losing it’s credibility here’s a good place to start: ( (Currently THR and Billboard have the same parent company and creative director.)

Then it continued with this: ( which began devaluing the strength of their album sales chart.

That’s generally why industry bigwigs (aka Irving and Co.) are very anti-Billboard right now. It used to be considered the Bible of the Industry, the pinnacle of the trade mags, and now it’s turning into a music-oriented tabloid

So why was Billboard all up 1D’s ass this summer? Well, there was a lot of 1D news. Especially of the tabloid gossip variety, which if you read article #1 up there, you’ll see that’s direction they’re going in.

Why did it change? 1. Because their summer social media intern, who ran their Tumblr and was 1DAF , went back to school. I’m not even kidding. Their Tumblr crossposting is a fraction of what it was this summer. 2. Because one of their Pop Editors (Jason Lipshutz) left for FuseTV. He talked about 1D all the time, and was/is generally excellent to us as fans. 

anonymous asked:

i don't understand why people can't see that there is clearly someone else behind what's going on with babygate now. whether or not you believe it's irving who's behind this, louis is actually cooperating and all we keep hearing about is what a devoted dad he is. that's not simon's m.o. whoever is helping louis right now is trying to make him out to be the good guy in all of this.

Yeah, exactly. I thought Simon was going to use this time to drag Louis over the coals for ‘I have no responsibilities next year’, but apparently Irving and co. thought otherwise.

Like I said, the drastic change in behavior doesn’t come from a sudden change of heart, it comes from a change in strategy.