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Day 30: Celebrate Monster Girls!

Last one! W00t! Between a ton of real-life commitments and taking the time to actually sketch and color all of these, this is probably the entry that took the longest time for me to finish. I’m proud of how it came out, though!

As noted in some of my previous entries, I’ve developed a fondness for Monster Musume, but part of me knows that once you see the monster tiddy, you can’t ever unsee the monster tiddy. XD So I thought I’d sorta exorcise myself of the lewd thoughts that this anime has instilled upon me by drawing all of the girls as, well, monsters. Not the half-human “limnials” seen in the anime, no - these designs are my own interpretations of what the girls would look like if they’d actually evolved from the creatures they’re based on. Check out the picture captions for thoughts on each design!

General thoughts about Monster Musume: I have little interest in harem animes, or anything for that matter to do with the romantic comedy genre. I have little if any interest in rom-com because the boy-meets-girl antics tend to run together after like several hundred movies or so. This is why I like the fact that Monster Musume went out of its way to give the girls and the main character distinct and interesting personalities which play off of each other in a variety of ways. I can’t possibly care less about the romance plots and all, but seeing these characters interact and have their own development arcs is quite refreshing, especially because there are parts of this series where romance isn’t the main plot element.

I can understand why this series may be off-putting to some - there’s a little too much fanservice and kinkiness for comfort, which throws off the story at times - but I personally wasn’t bothered by the more explicit elements as long as I got a good story out of it. One thing I have to give credit to Okayado for is that unlike in most rom-com universes, it isn’t all sunshine and daisies. The interspeices laws that can be bypassed by exploiting the right loopholes, and even without that, humans and limnials don’t get along too well, which makes Kimihito’s compassion all that more valuable. Sure, it’s as much wish fulfillment as any other harem anime, but if you can get past that and all the ecchi, there’s a lot of heart and soul in this series, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d gladly call it a guilty pleasure. Now, if only we got a monster BOY anime (sans sexism) to match this show…

And that’s that, everyone! I’ll probably go back and redraw some of the entries for this challenge, but other than that, I’m pretty much done with monster girls for the time being. We now return to your usual scheduled content of tiddy-free fantasy creatures, story concept sketches, and other such goodness!

Rejetより愛を込めてアイコンプレゼント!Part 1 (?)

「 パラダイスo'ウィスパー 」

「-陰陽師幻夜録- 我が掌で眠れ」



「クリミナーレ!F 」

「ミッドナイトキョンシー 」


「Dance with Devils 」 

「 ピタゴラスプロダクション」


Bell being such a cutie >.<