lrstudio  asked:

yes, hello, please talk to me about the fredlings because i legit can't stop thinking about them, about what possible function they could have in the game, how many there really are, having to spot their tiny asses as they possibly swarm the room, and then having them jump at your face screaming bloody murder, and basically having to fend off those little hellspawn monstrosities. ;v; (personally they remind me of gremlins so i call them fredlins lmfao)

Yes! When I first saw them I thought gremlins as well, so fredlins is absolutely perfect! :’> BUT, I have no doubt that these guys are gonna be a pain to deal with.
I look at them and immediately think, “climbing and skittering”. These tiny bears are going to be climbing up walls and across ceilings. We will probably be seeing them go across windows, linger in doorways, climb in vents, get into your office and hide, ect. I’m betting this because Scott started experimenting with movement in the last game… and October is a long way away, that’s a lot of time for some fun animations. Also, I’m thinking they will probably stay near N. Freddy, and will become more numerous and difficult to repel the closer N. Freddy gets. Think having 2-4+  trying to get in your office at one time. 

As for game play affecting functions, I’m unsure! I could easily see them disabling cameras, power, lights, systems, or whatever it is Scott chooses to use for the mechanics. They will more than likely cause at least one thing to malfunction though, they just look mischievous. (I bet they bite wires…) Example, if enough get into your office they will cause all systems, even power, to fail resulting in a game over. Also chances are you will repel them with flashlights, big eyes hate bright lights after all!
I’ve not thought too deep into it yet because of how little there is to go on, but speculating is too fun. I’m so excited to see what the next hint is!   ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ