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had a real hard existential crisis before bed last night.

as someone that never wants kids and has no desire to get married again, basically planning on living “alone” (or with roommates) the rest of my life… kind of having a hard time finding a purpose for myself.

like, I get that the things I could do for other people could be fulfilled by other things and people, so it’s fully a matter of what purpose do I serve myself? where can I find value in just being here? my cat is old and needs me, but at some point in the next few years I expect that I’ll be mourning her…and then what?

I love my internet friends, but if I never logged in again? There will be more internet friends, more places to find anything I offer.

I’m not an integral part of my close friends’ lives. I come home and sit. If I can get myself to remember that I actually need to reach out to do things it’s a fucking accomplishment. The ones that do often call to do things are too far away for me to go do.

I’m terrible on the phone, so unless they’re open to text we lose contact. The amount of things I can talk about my life dwindles because I don’t do anything.

I want to do things, but I have no plan. No goals. There’s a vague “I want to live some place warm and keep bees” in the distance but I’m not in the place financially to do it. And I just, don’t know what to *do* with my life in the mean time. I sit and play video games, refresh Tumblr, and open word docs I never write in.

That should be enough right?

House Ways and Means Committee Passes IRS Reform Bills

Congress may not be moving anywhere on tax reform, but they are moving forward on IRS reform. The House Ways and Means Committee has passed several bills that add up into all the IRS reform measures addressing issues that have been in the news so much.

For starters, one of the bills prohibits IRS workers from using private email for official business.

It’s no surprise the bill was approved by the Committee in bipartisan fashion, given the IRS’ own recent history about lost emails and the importance this issue of private emails used for government business is going to have in the next election.

Other IRS reform bills approved in bipartisan fashion included one that enacts the taxpayer bill of rights and another one that streamlines the process in which an organization can apply for tax-exempt status. Another one exempts taxes on donations to tax-exempt groups.

All these bills are connected to the House Ways and Means investigations that began with an acknowledgment by the IRS that agents targeted conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. Investigations into the actions of Lois Lerner, who has since retired, showed that she and other IRS workers had used personal email accounts to send taxpayer information.

The IRS reform bills passed by the Committee therefore tackle all these issues. In his opening statement during the markup of these bills, Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan said that the point they’re trying to make here is this:

“The IRS works for the taxpayer, not the other way around. It’s their job to make doing your taxes as easy as possible. And so the burden is on them to prove any wrongdoing. The burden is on them to protect people’s privacy. And the burden is on them to tell taxpayers their rights. That’s the attitude they should have.”…
“Now, these reforms are simply common sense. All we’re saying are things like, ‘Don’t target people because of their political beliefs. Don’t tax donations to tax-exempt groups. Don’t send taxpayer information to your private email.’

The Ways and Means Committee also passed a bill that would eliminate the estate tax. This was predictably passed along a 22-10 party line vote.

If it becomes law, it will cost the government about $269 billion in reduced tax revenue over a decade. There’s no chance of that happening until after the next elections, and it would still need Republican control of the House, Senate and White House. 

Even then, it’s not something that the new President is likely to take up as a priority. It would especially make no sense if a comprehensive tax reform bill is in the works or already approved and does not include the estate tax repeal.

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Enforced writing hiatus

… because my laptop is fried. Unfortunately, due to some fuckery with Irma and an IRS bill that doesn’t even kiss me before fucking me over, I’m not where I can just eke out $ for even a cheap laptop.

You thought I wrote slow before? Try imagining me on a phone. 😳

Just a head’s up that chapters might take a little longer to get out. Sorry for the pity party but this year the hits just keep on coming.


Al Sharpton owes $4.5 million in back taxes, hasn't paid taxes in years

How’s this for some massive hypocrisy.  For all his talk about rich people and corporations paying their “fair share,” Al Sharpton hasn’t paid his taxes in years and has racked up tax debt in the millions. 

from New York Times:

Indeed, Mr. Sharpton’s influence and visibility have reached new heights this year, fueled by his close relationships with the mayor and the president.

Obscured in his ascent, however, has been his troubling financial past, which continues to shadow his present.

Mr. Sharpton has regularly sidestepped the sorts of obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills. Records reviewed by The New York Times show more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses.

And though he said in recent interviews that he was paying both down, his balance with the state, at least, has actually grown in recent years. His National Action Network appears to have been sustained for years by not paying federal payroll taxes on its employees.

With the tax liability outstanding, Mr. Sharpton traveled first class and collected a sizable salary, the kind of practice by nonprofit groups that the United States Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration recently characterized as “abusive,” or “potentially criminal” if the failure to turn over or collect taxes is willful.

Mr. Sharpton and the National Action Network have repeatedly failed to pay travel agencies, hotels and landlords. He has leaned on the generosity of friends and sometimes even the organization, intermingling its finances with his own to cover his daughters’ private school tuition.

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Dude.  If Al Sharpton were a conservative, he would be in jail for tax evasion right now.  The bias at the IRS is staggering!  There is no other explanation for why the IRS harasses Tea Party groups and Conservative individuals but leaves this sorry hack alone to play footsie with the President.  

The past few weeks have been tough. Business in person has shown a bit of a slow down… people who were hard core “new years resolutioners” have officially fallen off the map. You know those types. I’ve been drumming up some marketing ideas for summer, all while getting slammed with a pretty intense tax bill. Thanks IRS. Hate you.

My health is always a concern for me. My body aches and pains regularly, but you know what– I deal with it. I hurt consistently. My husband massages and rolls my muscles and I ice and heat and epsom salt.. blah blah blah. On top of it, my eye has been getting tons of styes. Just last week, the left one got crazy infected, so I look a hot mess on a daily basis. BUT OH WELL! Medicine is taking it’s course and I will continue to just shut up and do. At least (knock on wood), I haven’t had any crazy anxiety issues with my heart racing!

I’m 100% real people. I binge sometimes, I restrict sometimes. I make time to meal prep every week for me, my husband, and our kids. I eat the same thing and train my ass off, as my body allows. I’m not perfect. I’m just trying to be MY best. I benched 120 yesterday without spot… and damn, I felt empowered. That shit keeps me going.

So today, I’ve got about 30 client check ins (some are crushhhhhhhing it!!), I’ll drink lots of extra hot coffee (because I hate room temp and NEVER iced), and I have an MRI plus in person clients later.

…..And I’m good with that. Because I have my overall health… and kick ass clients… and the flexibility to work from my kitchen counter with 3 little yellow flowers in a snack bowl that were picked by my babies.