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Hi, I quite like your art and I would love to subscribe to your channel so I can follow any streams you may do. So um, could I have a link?

Thanks so much, and yes of course!

My Twitch account is here and my Picarto account is here.

I don’t stream too often with uni and stuff, but when I do it’ll most probably be on Picarto if I’m drawing, just because there’s less delay and anyone can join chat on Picarto without having to make an account. The downside to Picarto is that it doesn’t seem to record streams like Twitch does, but I could record stuff and put it up somewhere if you wanted :)

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I can't resist that prompt! "Cherry soda" & "showgirl!gen" from the western!au? Pretty please?

@irrlich 🌹💖🌹 (Also if you haven’t read Wet Lace by irrlich, I believe you should hhhhh ✨) @fluffyfireflyart

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Your art looks so professional with cool colourful. You have these beautiful curves and this neat and clean style.

Thank you!

That curvy thing is new to me! : O I usually draw lot of stuff with sharp (and messy) edges, or at least I used to a year ago.

Maybe the fact that I don’t feel that frustrated or stressed anymore has something to do with it!

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Ok, I'm curious. 35, 55 and 74 :)

35. Do you ever write in pencil anymore?

Nope! … *sees notes on my desk* … uh…

um shit just listen ok this doesn’t count!

55.  Favorite type of fruit pie?

Cherrrryyy~ *-*

74.  What is your favorite book fanfiction?

I don’t really have a favorite book so I’m making this favorite fanfiction.

Boys by themantlingdark  (Thor/Loki fic - sorry I haven’t read enough OPM yet to declare a favorite, but Full Color by NanakiBH is one of the frontrunners)

The atmosphere that the author creates? It’s so beautiful and soothing I can’t even? The comfortable intimacy they share is so amazing? I’d love to be able to do the same. This fic is forever #writinggoals and I know I will never reach it but goddamn I’ll keep aiming high.

Thanks for asking! 

Pick a number?

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Once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself and then send it to ten of your favourite followers. :D

Oh! I have three of these so far, haha! I’m so tickled. I lurves you guys so much. <3

Okay, here we go:


  1. I love the red of my eyes (such passion).
  2. I love the red of my body (much colour).
  3. I love the peach of my face and belly (wow).
  4. I love the pale blue spots along my gill.
  5. I love the way the blue iridescent shines through when the light hits me just right.


  1. I love my pouty lips (how can you not).
  2. I love how far I can jump!
  3. I love how fierce I am when I’m eating (such a shark).
  4. I love how I wriggle my booty.
  5. I love that I love bubbles.


  1. I like scary movies (but not too scary).
  2. I like placing bets on the cats when they chase each other around the apartment (Mika usually wins).
  3. I like crocheting.
  4. I like dancing on my rock when I think no one’s watching.
  5. I love potatoes.

@irrlich I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner to your message! Tumblr mobile is being dinky lately and I didn’t see it, and now I can’t respond to it??
But I really love Feferi, I think people are so used to seeing various colored male bettas that to them females, especially pale ones, seem bland. But I can’t help stopping to take a closer look at Feferi’s pics, she has these gentle highlights to her coloring that come out at different angles, it’s just wonderful. C:

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If you're up for it, you can always post about your late bettas. To me they are still alive in our hearts.

That’s very true… I think I will! Thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking of it but wasn’t sure if that was a bit morbid, or something.

irrlich replied to your post:

I hope so too. It happened when I was away for the weekend. He didn’t get any food and I left the lights off for 2 days.

From what I gather, this is pretty common. My most recent tail-biting happened when my tank was covered and in darkness for a few days as a preventative quarantine measure. I don’t like the darkness, and I protest when they fast me… and sometimes I do it just because. I’m sure your little guy will recover soon!