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If you're up for it, you can always post about your late bettas. To me they are still alive in our hearts.

That’s very true… I think I will! Thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking of it but wasn’t sure if that was a bit morbid, or something.

@irrlich I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner to your message! Tumblr mobile is being dinky lately and I didn’t see it, and now I can’t respond to it??
But I really love Feferi, I think people are so used to seeing various colored male bettas that to them females, especially pale ones, seem bland. But I can’t help stopping to take a closer look at Feferi’s pics, she has these gentle highlights to her coloring that come out at different angles, it’s just wonderful. C:

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Once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself and then send it to ten of your favourite followers. :D

Oh! I have three of these so far, haha! I’m so tickled. I lurves you guys so much. <3

Okay, here we go:


  1. I love the red of my eyes (such passion).
  2. I love the red of my body (much colour).
  3. I love the peach of my face and belly (wow).
  4. I love the pale blue spots along my gill.
  5. I love the way the blue iridescent shines through when the light hits me just right.


  1. I love my pouty lips (how can you not).
  2. I love how far I can jump!
  3. I love how fierce I am when I’m eating (such a shark).
  4. I love how I wriggle my booty.
  5. I love that I love bubbles.


  1. I like scary movies (but not too scary).
  2. I like placing bets on the cats when they chase each other around the apartment (Mika usually wins).
  3. I like crocheting.
  4. I like dancing on my rock when I think no one’s watching.
  5. I love potatoes.

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I love your design for alt!caliope! I adore the pronounced bones and that spine! I love skeletons so much and that gorgeous bone structure is just perfect, I could stare at it forever!

thank you!! <3 <3 bones are pretty much my favorite thing and i love drawing them and i’m glad people like my drawings of them! o///o

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I hope so too. It happened when I was away for the weekend. He didn’t get any food and I left the lights off for 2 days.

From what I gather, this is pretty common. My most recent tail-biting happened when my tank was covered and in darkness for a few days as a preventative quarantine measure. I don’t like the darkness, and I protest when they fast me… and sometimes I do it just because. I’m sure your little guy will recover soon!

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Yessssssss love that name.

I figured since Dean Finchester already lives in my home, it only makes sense to welcome Sam Finchester as well! :D :D :D irrlich replied to your post:Unexpected betta news!

Wow! What a surprise! And cool name. Do you have a tank for him? Can’t wait for pics :)

Thank you. :3 I have no idea what he actually looks like, so, it’s going to be something of a surprise. Apparently he only eats frozen thawed food, too. Currently I don’t have a third tank, so I’ll be doing one of the following: (1) Get a second HOB filter and a divider for the 10 gallon and re-‘scape it around the new additions. For this to work, however, I would have to be sure that Dean has a clean bill of health - I don’t know what’s wrong with him, and if it’s parasites or infectious bacteria, I don’t want to pass that on to Sam.  (2) Re-'scape the shrimp tank and hook up another DIY baffle so that it’s suitable for a betta. I’ve been considering doing this anyway, since the flow in there is really limited for what I’m doing (i.e. modding a saltwater tank for a freshwater setup).There is a risk, of course, that all my shrimps will be eaten or harassed to death, which sucks, but since I’m about to have 16-40 shrimplets show up in the next 20 days or so I’m willing to take the risk. theblondephysicist replied to your post:Unexpected betta news!

congrats! i can’t wait to see him!

Thanks! Me toooo. :D

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Gyarados - because everyone needs a gyarados. Serperior - cuz plants + snake, Milotic - cuz pretty fishy, Zoroark - blame dark jade, Gardevoir and Musharna cause your profile is pink. Hope you like the team ^^;

omg this is actually perf I love it. I should actually try to use Musharna some time! I’ve used 4 of those before. n.n

Get to know the members of Petblr.

As you may or may not know, Tumblr hosts a variety of pet communities. There’s Birblr, Fishblr, Reptiblr, and more! This post will hopefully shed a little light on the people behind some of the Petblr blogs. All you need to do is replace the answers here with your own when you reblog. Don’t forget to tag more people you’d like to get to know better. Even if you aren’t tagged, feel free to fill this out!

Picture of yourself (or if you aren’t comfortable with that, a picture of one of your animals):

Age: 27

Blog: and

Pet Community Association(s): fishblr ^-^

My Animals: I have a 7 gallon and a 20 gallon tank.
The 7 gallon houses my male betta Eridan, who is named after a character from Homestuck. He lives with 7 rasboras (4 hengeli and 3 espei) and an uncertain number of cherry shrimp. This tank has been running since late 2012.
The 20 gallon is dedicated to my lady Feferi. She is also named after a Homestuck character. She shares it with 13 Mountain Minnows, 4 khuli loaches, an undetermined amount of cherry shrimp, 3 assassin snails and of course their food. 

Most popular (or favorite) post you’ve made: Apparently Eridan interacting with shrimp is quite entertaining.

How did you get into keeping the type of animal your blog is focused on? As a kid I once got a little guppy at a birthday party. I was thrilled with Bandera and luckily my dad used to keep fish when he was in his 20ties. So he got rid of the vase the guppy came in and got me a tank and some other guppies. 
In the following years my obsession with fish kept growing and at some point we had 3 tanks, a pond and various large plastic tubs where we kept fish and plants in. Much to the chagrin of my mother. 

When I moved out to study abroad my dad and I gave a lot of the fish away since taking care of all those fish, next to his other hobbies (gardening, sailing, fixing boats) and his work was just too much without my help.

I didn’t keep any fish the first few years that I lived in Belgium, but at some point I saw a nice 7 gallon tank at a yard sale, and I just had to have it. And I don’t regret getting back into the hobby one bit!

What inspired you to start your blog? I posted a few pictures of Eridan on a whim, and suddenly a whole bunch of people from the fish community started following me. So I decided to create a blog for Eridan, partly because I don’t want to shock the hell out of people when I feel like posting porn.

Favorite animal or dream animal you’d like to one day keep? A part of me wishes to own an Arowana some day. And a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat. I adore cats but I’m allergic. 

How do you feel about the pet community you are a part of? I don’t really know. I met some very nice people here, but I’m not always the most consistant member, as in I can be occupied with other stuff for months and when I come back to Tumblr I have no idea what happened. (When did fish community become fishblr?)

Anything you’d like to communicate to your pet community? I wanna have all your tanks! All of them XD

Any interests outside of your pet community? Aikido, slashfiction, sailing, drawing (I don’t do this nearly enough) freediving, Sherlock, Hannibal, Pokemon, Homestuck, various anime. 

What do you do outside of Tumblr? I work at a bank, practice aikido, love my fishies and bug my boyfriend

Tag some bloggers? aquasplendens, betta lovin and splendenbetta, have you guys been tagged yet?

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Once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself and then send it to ten of your favourite followers. :D

AAAA Looks like I’m a favorite follower of a couple blogs on here! uwu you guys are so sweet

HUMM let’s see…

1. I’m really goofy! I love making weird faces and just being fun and silly :D

2. I’ve been told recently that I have really pretty eyes (and they’re even prettier if I do some wabayum smoky eye makeup!) 

3. I love getting excited and slightly obsessed with new things. For example: A new song? I’ll listen to it over and over and over again and not even get tired of it

4. I’m to that point in my life where I realize that I shouldn’t value negative opinions as highly as positive opinions so I don’t! 

5. Umm I love that I’ve found a hobby, fish keeping, that’s really stuck and hopefully will be a life-long thing. Aka I’m the ‘crazy fish lady’ and I love it!

For everyone who sends me this ask I’ll tag ya in this! 

irrlich answered your question: I’m considering getting a pea puffer for the 8…

I adore peapuffers! But I’ve never seen any in the store. I do have an assasin snail and it leaves my cherries alone :)

There’s a store in Mississauga that has them for $3-$5, according to a person on I’ve been meaning to do a giant information-gathering fish store tour out there since there are at least four specialty shops out that way, so, I might just go see what’s available. There might be bettas I like, too!

Inactiat- I’ve pretty much not been home for the past two weeks due to family stuff, but I finally got a couple free hours and I’m like I NEED TO DO THIS!! 

Ugh. the poor 3 gallon is so mucky…but I moved Loki over to the 20 the other day and I’ll just use the 3 for plants and maybe shrimp in the future. I may even get shrimp for the 20! 

Charli- Get on it! :D Also I’m not sure I’ve ever seen pics of your 75? MUST SEE! 

Irrlich- lol first thing that happened was me getting a mouthful of fish water. BLECH and of course I ended up spitting water everywhere. For sure needed a mop for that!!

Tyler- Dude. Do yo changes! :D How’s the algae issue? Is it under control? 

irrlich replied to your post:Once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself and then send it to ten of your favourite followers. :D

°^° Awww, now I wish I lived in the states so I could visit you and sample your cooking. (At least I think you live in the states)

Nope, Canada! You can tell by how much I bitch about the weather. But if you’re ever in the continental neighbourhood, you’re welcome to swing by. :3
irrlich answered your questionI’m kind of brainstorming some new articles and…

How about betta anatomy? Their organs are a bit different from other fish; eg. swimbladder location

I did an external one and completely forgot about internal! thanks for the reminder!

dreamonlittlelady answered your questionI’m kind of brainstorming some new articles and…

How to tell the different types of Bettas apart?

cyanideinyourshirleytemple answered your questionI’m kind of brainstorming some new articles and…

Maybe ‘how to cycle’? Or something on betta colors and fin types?

oooh tail types and colors would be fun. Maybe do a different one every week. Cycling! That’s a good one too! I’m loving this feedback! Great ideas! danceswithfoxz answered your questionI’m kind of brainstorming some new articles and…

The substrate article sounds very interesting! I’m personally on the fence right now if I want to stick with gravel or go sand/barebottom

My fry tank is bare bottom and it’s so much easier to clean but there isn’t very many places for bacteria to hold onto except on the various plants and the sponge filter. I like it better tho. That and sand. I switched to sand not too long ago and I like it. It can be a pain to clean sometimes though cuz I get too close and the sand gets sucked up. A lot of people seem to like the substrate and traveling ones the most so I’ll probably start with those!

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Oh dear, I shouldn't have teased Jack about his nippy tendencies, Now Eridan's doing it too. He partially nipped off his first two dorsal rays. Jacky, have you ever stopped nipping? And how long does it take for your rays to grow back?

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! I do sometimes stop nipping for a while, then nip again when I’m anxious, bored, or… seemingly at random. My owners can’t quite figure it out. Depending on the severity and location of the nipping, once I’ve stopped, my owners can usually see clear fin within a week and it will grow back in a few weeks.

I hope Eridan sees sense and stops nibbling his fins. It’s such a bad habit for us!

irrlich said: A mind that can conjure a story such as yours deserves to be followed. :) And wow, 64 is a good number! I have 10 followers, most of whom like fish, so I mostly post fish. So sorry for the fishspam ^^;

-hyperventilates, passes out-

You are so sweet. Thank you so much, for reals. I can’t even. If I wasn’t literally, like, this close to getting married, I would ask you to run away with me.

And I like fish plenty, so yay fish! I had a fish when I was younger. Fiiiishfishfishfish.