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Petrichor [Yoonmin - M]

Author’s Note: This became way longer than intended, but enjoy university!au Yoonmin; apologies if at times they seem a bit out of character. This is for the lovely fic exchange with @btsbound.

Word Count: 11,861 (lord help me)

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pet·ri·chor ˈpeˌtrīkôr/


a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

There are very few things in the world that truly grate on Yoongi’s nerves.

  1. When the sunlight creeps in his bedroom window, on the days when he was up far too late the night before; albeit the countless number of times he’s shut the blinds (he’s positive he did), some always manages to sneak through, successfully waking him hours before his mind was ready.
  2. When his roommate (and best friend) Hoseok always steals the last banana milk, even if Yoongi writes his name all over the damn bottle. (It’s not that big, there’s not that much space to scribble on, you’d think he’d get the point after four years?)
  3. And finally, when his favorite study room is taken in the library, the one by the far back window where it’s warm, and honestly, the best place for Yoongi to sleep in between classes.

And as his luck would have it, one of the three things happened to him today. Needless to say, he was in a shitty mood.

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mark tuan || the first step [hogwarts!au]

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genre: fluff, a bit of comedy

pairing: mark tuan / [hufflepuff] reader (you two aren’t a thing yet, though) [the reader’s house is never mentioned explicitly but it’s still pretty obvious]

warnings: none?? unless slow-burn relationships count, haha

words: 3.8k

a/n: maybe I’ll write a part two, depends… btw I hope u enjoy this @cherrydream00 , I ripped my ass in half and deprived myself of sleep for this lol (fluff is not my thing)

summary:  but for the first time after seven, relaxing years at Hogwarts, he felt his heart rate increase, the long-forgotten sensation of anxiety take over his system and a single thought consume his mind: ‘Suck my ass, Jinyoung.’

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honestly sam and his class envy irritate the hell out of me. i don’t know why he never outgrew that after everything he’s been through since the first season. it’s amazing how much horrible shit he’s willing to overlook just to be part of a group of rich intellectuals.

  • <p> <b>Us:</b> it's so irritating how everyone thinks class is cancelled<p/><b>Also us:</b> *complains about how class is going to be cancelled, basically makes it into a fandom meme, spends most of our time talking about all the great stuff that could happen in a season two we're never gonna get* it makes no sense<p/></p>
I'm so irritated.

Apparently the zoology class at my college did something with beta fish (I don’t know what, I’m in Bio II, we just share the same lab room) and then the teacher expected the class to take their fish home as pets!!

Anyways, there was only one left by the time my class showed up, and a girl volunteered to take him before I could (I was going to temporarily put him in my hospital tank until I could find him a better home). I noticed while I was looking at him that he had Ich, so I stopped her to tell her about him being sick (either so she would decide not to take him or would know that she needed to treat him) she just looks at me and goes “Oh, okay.” No care or worry in her voice that she is about to take home a sick fish that she probably has no idea how to care for. I was like “Yea, I just wanted you to know so you can pick up some Ich medicine and treat him for it, it’s very contagious.” And she just goes, “yea, okay, I guess I need to get food for him too.”

The FUCK do you mean you GUESS you need to get food for him??

That fish is a living creature that YOU NEED TO CARE FOR!

That poor fish is probably getting moved from that beaker into a damn bowl, isn’t going to be treated, and then is going to die of Ich.

And there’s nothing I can do about it.

Autumn Leaves | 02

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taehyung x reader | university au

prologue | 01 | 02 | 03

genre: fluffy; series

words: 1692

note: if you have any questions please feel free to leave a message in my ask! sorry for the time skips, there’s more than usual. enjoy.

You couldn’t help but think about every one of Taehyung’s moves. You could remember that conversation forever; the grass dewy from rain droplets and the golden sunset that made his profile glow. His eyes stared off towards the horizon, slowly drifting away as he continued to explain his life dreams. Staring into his flawless visual, and wished you could sit there for the rest of your life. You fell into a trance, not responding to his question. He turned and saw your stare, and was immediately filled with satisfaction. You could even imagine his boxy smile, almost every detail of his face.

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Best Interests

Happy birthday to Kuroo Tetsurou!!

Over the years, Kuroo’s interest in his own birthday decreased exponentially. Gone were the reminders that came weeks before the event, and with them went expectations for a lavish celebration or a pile of gifts. His current lackadaisical attitude was a far cry from the way his five-year-old self would pine for his birthday the other three-hundred-sixty-four days of the year, but, frankly, after having lived through the special day a grand total of eighteen times, it had lost its glamour.

So, when he woke up to his blaring alarm on the morning of the seventeenth, the morning of his birthday, he just blearily hit snooze and napped another ten minutes. That, he concluded, was going to be the extent to which he treated himself. Of course, the gift was short-lived, and he soon had to crawl out of the warmth of his bed to get ready for school lest he was scolded by his teacher for being late for the third time that month. And, as he rushed through his morning routine, all thoughts of his birthday were pushed to the back of his mind. After all, it really was just like any other day; no matter when he was born, the world would keep turning, time would keep ticking, and, at this rate, his teacher would still mark him late without a single shred of mercy.

As he scrubbed furiously at his teeth — bad breath was a terrible, terrible trait — Kuroo realized that it was probably in the best to let his traveling companion know to go on without him. But, as he grabbed his phone to message them, he paused as a new notification popped up on his screen.

To: Kuroo

From: The Bae

Sorry, I can’t walk with you today! There’s some stuff I need to take care of so I left early. Don’t be late for class!

That… was strange. You always waited for him. Once, he had completely forgot to set his alarm, and had only scrambled out of bed after you called him demanding to know where he was. That day, the two of you were late by nearly fifteen minutes, but the next day you were still standing in the same place as always. So, for you to leave so suddenly, and with such a vague reason, was rather baffling. Still, another glance at the time reminded him to worry about that later. He really wasn’t interested in running the risk of earning a detention, and he didn’t have the leisure to be dawdling. Besides, the unsettling feeling in his gut was just because he was stressed and hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, right?

Wrong. As the day went by, he grew increasingly puzzled as you kept your distance. During breaks, you’d usually meet him in the hall for a quick hug or, if either of you were feeling particularly bold that day, a chaste kiss. For some reason, however, you never spared a glance his way, and had already disappeared around the corner before he could call out to you. The first time, he thought it was just a coincidence, that maybe whatever you had to take care of before school started was still unfinished. Yet, when lunchtime rolled around and he still hadn’t spoken with you at all, Kuroo knew something was going on.

“Hey, Kenma,” Kuroo said as he chewed his lunch. “Have you seen [name] at all today?”

Kenma wrinkled his nose distastefully at Kuroo’s eating habits, but ultimately didn’t comment on them; years of being Kuroo’s friend had taught him that trying to teach the middle blocker some table manners was out of the question. “They talked to me before first period,” he said, dropping his gaze to the screen of his phone as he busily tapped away, no doubt playing yet another mobile game. “But that was about it. Why?”

“Nothing,” Kuroo responded just a bit too quickly, and Kenma glanced up at him, eyes pensive. They had known each other long enough that, no matter how hard Kuroo tried to mask it, Kenma could pick up on his little signs of agitation — the way he bit the inside of his cheek and ran his hand through his bedhead were both obvious indicators — with practically no effort. Considering his best friend’s state of mind, Kenma watched him sigh and continue poking at his lunch before ultimately deciding that it was best to offer him some comforting information.

“I wouldn’t worry about it so much if I were you,” Kenma mentioned offhandedly. From the corner of his vision, he noticed how Kuroo sat up straighter, leaning in as though waiting for Kenma to elaborate. But, as he recalled the insistence in [name]’s voice that morning as they requested him to keep their secret, Kenma resolutely kept his head down as he played with his phone. Eventually, Kuroo sat back in his seat, and they remained that way until the end of lunch.

Finally, when the entire school day had flashed by and he still hadn’t heard so much as a quick greeting from you, Kuroo began to get irritated. During class, he kept thinking up different reasons as to why you would suddenly ignore him like that, and the only logical explanation he kept revisiting was that he had upset you somehow and you were avoiding him as a result, and that only served to upset him even more. He’d like to think that you trusted him enough to be able to talk to him if he overstepped his boundaries, liked to believe that you knew he’d be more than willing to take responsibility for all of his mistakes. From the way you were behaving, however, it was obvious that you actually assumed the exact opposite, and now Kuroo was annoyed with you, angry at himself, and just in a terrible mood. Even the most rambunctious of his teammates noticed during practice, and everyone, save Kenma who had total immunity and Yaku who simply didn’t care, kept their distance. A few times, some opened their mouth as though to say something, but a meaningful look from either the setter or the libero shut them up. They were keeping secrets from him, and, realizing that, his temper grew shorter and he grew moodier, so much so that, when the coach ended practice half an hour early, he didn’t even bat an eye. Kuroo just wanted to go home, call [name] until they picked up, and talk things out.

Making a beeline to the locker room, Kuroo changed out of his uniform and collected his belongings in a matter of minutes, intending to be well on his way as soon as possible. But, just before he could head home, Yamamoto burst around the corner panting as he leapt into Kuroo’s path.

“Where are you going?” He demanded as he caught his breath, winded from hours of practice and the sprint to find his captain.

“Going home,” Kuroo bit back after recovering from his surprise. Moving to walk around his teammate, he scoffed, “What’s it to you?”

“Hey!” Yamamoto yelled, grabbing Kuroo firmly by the arm as he began dragging the taller male back in the direction of the gymnasium. “Come on! You have to be here for this!”

“What are you going? Let go!” Despite his struggling, Kuroo found that Yamamoto was stronger than he appeared, and, in the end, he ended up back in the gym’s doorway hissing and spitting like an offended cat when Yamamoto finally let go of him. “What’s the big deal, huh? Why can’t you leave me-”


The collective shout cut him off. Kuroo jerked his head around to find the entire team waiting in the room, each holding a small present as they grinned at him. But, what really caught his attention was you standing in front of everyone else, holding a cake in your hands. On it, written in a neat cursive, were the words, “Happy birthday Kuroo!”

“Happy birthday!” You called, giggling when he just stared, flabbergasted. “Are you surprised?”

“That’s, uh, yeah, I am,” he answered, still glancing at everyone uncertainly. “What is this?”

“You birthday party, silly! Now, come here!” You answered, beaming as you walked up to him and pulled him into the fray, everyone bursting out in a chorus of happy birthday. The song was discordant. Some people were belting out the words even though they were tune deaf, some were singing it as though it were a funeral march, and others were barely speaking at all. Harmony  was a foreign term, and everyone had managed to absolutely mangle such a simple tune, but, in spite of the chaos around him, Kuroo felt a smile tug at his lips for the first time that day. And it kept growing as the song ended in lieu of gift giving, which then transitioned to blowing out candles and cutting the cake. By the time everyone had a slice and were happily digging in, his smile had evolved into a full-blown grin.

“And for our birthday boy!” You announced, bringing him a slice of cake as you held a plate of your own. “How did you like your party?”

“It was great,” he answered sincerely, lifting his fork to his mouth and enjoying the taste of his favorite flavor as the dessert practically melted in his mouth. “Is this what you left early for this morning?”

“Yeah, and I was rushing around the rest of the day trying to track everyone down to let them know what was going on,” you replied, sitting down next to him and leaning into his side. He eagerly welcomed your affection, draping an arm over your shoulders and tugging you closer. “Then I had to bike home after school to grab you cake and bring it back here before practice ended. Honestly, it was kind of draining, but I’d gladly do it again for you.”

Meeting your eyes and noting your honesty, he pressed a quick kiss to your temple. “You’re perfect, you know?”

“I do,” you replied cheekily, breaking out in a fit of laughter as he nudged you in teasing disapproval. But, as the playful antics died away, you rested you head on his shoulder, remarking nonchalantly, “Kenma told me you were upset today. Did something happen?”

For a moment, Kuroo felt a hot flash of guilt run through him. How could he have doubted you? You always had his best interests at heart, and had never done anything to warrant him questioning that fact. “It’s nothing,” he said, offering you a reassuring smile when you peered up at him. “Really, it was just something silly. Don’t worry about it, okay?”

You hummed in agreement, finishing the last bite of your cake and standing to throw away the paper plate. Before you could walk away, however, Kuroo grabbed your hand, causing you to turn back, a brow cocked as you asked a silent question.

“You know, there is something upsetting me now though,” he spoke easily, genuine smile twisting into a smirk. “Everyone’s given me a gift so far, everyone that is, except you. Now, can I really believe that you, of all people, had forgotten to give me gift?”

You just shot him a smirk of your own as you shrugged your hand free of his grip and walked away. “Unfortunately,” you called over your shoulder, “I can’t give you your gift here. I don’t think the rest of your teammates would appreciate it. But, if you’re willing to be a good boy until later, I can consider giving you your present.”

As Kuroo watched you make your way across the room, only one thought was running through his head: later couldn’t come soon enough.

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pick a story/scenario/etc. from a few muses/idols you write for that you really enjoyed writing, whether it gained popularity or not – and then tag your favorite fellow writers to share their own favorite works as well!

we all know these will just be all got7 lolol

“Meet me on the roof in ten minutes.” | drabble game request #40
      ↪ Jaebum!warlock au → part 2 in the works 

“Remind me why I married you again?” |  drabble game request #8
       ↪ You’re just trying to cook a decent meal for Jaebum 

Never Anyone Else | badboy!Jinyoung
       ↪ leather wearing, motorcycle riding Park Jinyoung is…jealous?

Hello Blue | warning: character death 
       ↪  You’re able to see auras. Whites. Grays. But today? Blue.

Partners| classmate!Mark au
       ↪ for a class project, irritating Mark Tuan ends up your partner.

My Dark Winged Savior | demon!Mark au → COMPLETED SERIES
       ↪demons are not supposed to save humans and yet…   

Leather and Onesies| appa!Jaebum → ONGOING SERIES
       ↪  He’s all leather and piercing glares. But it takes someone special to   smooth out rough edges.

Rain| best friend!Jackson
       ↪ You know you only date jerks.

Lilacs | ghost!Yugyeom au → sidenote; i cried when writing this lol
       ↪ It’s not easy being a ghost falling in love with a human.

so yup these are the ones (they’re not like amazing, amazing but favorites all the same) & hopefully i’ll get some more stuff up asap

tagging: @kpopfanfictrash // @yeol-stole-my-soul // @the-porcelain-doll-xo // @parkjinyoungology // @m-yien 

@paynesenterprise lol I don’t care about that like it’s Chris Nolan which means it’s gonna be promoted up the yin yang and only be an 6/10 like….THAT ALONE IS ENOUGH TO IRK ME
like I love wwii films it’s my favorite after mafia but omg omg omg like I’m so god damn annoyed like it was ruined for me before we even got a trailer!
Like….I’m sure he’s gonna be great in it BUT MY GOD ITS AN ENSAMBLE FILM!!!! AND HIS FIRST ONE

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A fight with harry bc he gets jealous all the time?xx

Here ya go anon.  Hope you enjoy.  You didn’t specify smut.  If you want one with smut, lemme know.  MUAH!

Sometimes it was better if Harry was preoccupied with other things when you went out.  Even though it tended to make you feel isolated when his friends would monopolize his time, it also meant he wouldn’t fall victim to his jealousy.  Jealousy was something Harry knew well when it came to you.  The amount of times he took an innocent hug or touch the wrong way were starting to pile up.  And unfortunately tonight was no exception.

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So I did a current event on Joe Parrish. He’s an asexual politician in North Carolina. He’s running for the House of Representatives. I told my class I was ace and According to my civics teacher there’s really only 3 options on who to love:
Or both
And he said anybody who didn’t anything are nuns. So congrats everybody we’re considered nuns to my civics teacher. I don’t really like him anymore.

Day 4: AU

In which Zenyatta loses his chill and Genji is grateful.

“You may be my brother,” Hanzo began after Genji tried joking with him, “but you are not the Genji I knew.”

Zenyatta, who was nearby, started laughing. But it wasn’t his usual laugh – no, this one was maniac, biting, harsh, and the brothers whipped around, concerned.

Zenyatta was clutching his lower torso, a very human-like action, as he continued to laugh.

“Master?” Genji began, confused and wary.

Zenyatta held up a finger, taking a moment to collect himself. “Not the same Genji you knew? Of – hahahaha – of course not!” Zenyatta interrupted himself with more chuckles. “Of course he’s not the same Genji you knew- being murdered has that effect.”

Genji could see where this was going and tried to stop it. “Master, please, do not-”

“Genji, my student, allow me my piece just this once. You will not say it, but something has to be said, otherwise he will never learn.” With that, Zenyatta turned back to Hanzo. Genji just put his face into his palms. Many of the support members would grow irritated at the other classes whenever they did something really stupid without their, well, support – and apparently that had happened this time. This appeared to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Or in this case, Zenyatta’s (formerly seen as) endless chill.

“Of course he’s not the same Genji you knew, because you slew that version of him once you brought your blade up against him! Did you even know that Genji? What did you know of him besides a habit of breaking tradition, a love of cheesy arcade games and stolen nights? Did you know of the thoughts that plagued him, the dread of one day using people as disposable resources? Of trading them and murdering them for no other reason than profit? Of selling weapons to whoever had enough money, damned if they were flesh traders or bounty hunters? Did you know anything other than Shimada Genji?” At this point, Zenyatta had floated over and into Hanzo’s face. Genji went to pull his master back a bit, but a stern glance and a fierce “Do not” in his direction was enough to get him to back off.

Hanzo, meanwhile, was frozen. Zenyatta was the calmest force he had ever seen, even in battle. To bear witness to this sudden 180 in character was startling, to say the least. Zenyatta continued.

“Do you know of how he was saved? Of how his body was saved in the wreckage after your battle, how it took at least seven doctors and three bio-engineers just to make sure he had a chance of living? Do you know how the original Overwatch used him as means to an end, letting him destroy himself from the inside out? A soul does not come out of a betrayal like that unscathed, Shimada Hanzo.”

A glance towards Genji surprised the cyborg, but it was understandable. Genji had told those stories to Hanzo before, but his meeting and acceptance of Zenyatta and his teachings was one he had yet to tell.

Even when angry, Zenyatta would respect Genji’s wishes. And Genji loved him for it. The cyborg shrugged, and Zenyatta continued, though his anger seemed to be leaving him.

“Do you know what a ruin of a man your brother was when he stumbled across the Shambali’s doorstep? Even our newest could sense his discord. He was lost and injured and alone and lonely and none had helped him until he literally collapsed in our doorway, exhausted.

Do you know how long it took for him to even speak to us? Silent, ever-watchful, threatened. He felt threatened in a temple full of monks who stood for peace, because nothing in his life was constant until then. Do you know how wearing that is on a soul, to not be able to count on things for longer than a day? A week? A year? Do you know, Shimada Hanzo?

Do you know how resilient your brother is? How he was able to pick up the pieces of himself and put them back together, and came to forgive you, came to forgive Overwatch, came to forgive himself? He has made great strides towards his own peace.

You and your brother are more alike than you think.”

“We are nothing alike,” Hanzo growled, the line taking him out of his stupor.

Zenyatta made an odd clinking sound – his version of a snort of disbelief. “Please. Genji was as reluctant to accept help as you are now. Your brother has surpassed you in the respect that he can acknowledge when he needs help. You cling to your values of honor and redemption and would rather honor a corpse than realize that the times have changed.

In the words of an ally, catch up with the times or get run over by them, Shimada Hanzo. Genji has rebuilt his part of the bridge. Are you truly going to burn this one down as well, and deny the second chance so freely given?

You seek honor, redemption. At least, you claim to. These are not easy roads to walk, Hanzo. Death is not the answer to this, though you think it to be, and if I am correct in putting pieces together about your upbringing, for good reason. But Hanzo, you have already cut ties with the Shimada Clan, nonexistent as it now is. Are you still truly loyal to a thing that never can be?”

With that microphone drop, Zenyatta backed away. Hanzo said nothing, did nothing, too much information churning in his brain for him to react as he might’ve otherwise. Genji took advantage of this and escorted his master out of the building they were in.

“You should not have done that-” Genji began, motioning for Zenyatta to stay quiet when the Omnic began to interrupt, “- no, let me speak my piece now, master. You should not have done that; I know the extent of Hanzo’s wrath as you well know. He is my brother, mostly unchanged after all these years.” Genji opened the door to one of their garden rooms on base, a place where anyone was welcome if they needed a peaceful place to relax and find themselves. He let Zenyatta in first, following him before grasping him into a surprise embrace. Zenyatta returned it near immediately.

“You should not have done that,” Genji began, “but I am very glad you did.”

Zenyatta hummed, the orbs resting around his neck like a mala resonating with him as he affectionately bumped his forehead into the lower part of Genji’s faceplate. “For you, Genji, anything.”

Hands Off - Request

Series: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Reader x Aiden, implied Reader x Isaac

Request:  Can I request an Isaac imagine where you’re friends with secret feelings for each other, but you start dating Theo because you don’t think he likes you? Also, Isaac gets super jealous and beats the crap out of Theo lol Thank you! :)


Hi, I’m the anon with the Isaac/Theo request! Can we switch Theo out with Aiden maybe? Or whoever works for you! Thank you so much ❤

Warning: Some highschool fights 

Word Count: 1698

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Could I please request either a yoonmin or jihope fic with the following prompt: "I don't want to just sleep with you. I want to sleep with you, and wake up with you and do everything else in between with you, too." Angst, with optional happy ending! Thank you!! xx

For Jimin.
rating: t
warnings: swearing, implied sexual content

word count: 2151
crossposted to ao3

Yoongi wants more than heated nights that fade into lonely mornings. He wants Jimin in every way, even when he settles for having him in any way.

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Get to Known me Meme, Royalist Edition

[2/10] Monarchs - Louis XVI

Everyone agrees in calling him weak, but who has tried to put himself in his place and consider the problems that confronted him?

To settle the grievances of each class, without irritating the other classes.

To relieve the sufferings of the peasants, without antagonizing the nobles.

To give greater liberty to the Protestants, without alienating the Church.

To reform government, without shaking the foundations of the State.

To revive the spirit of the army, without plunging the country into war.

To reduce taxation, and at the same time restore the ruined finances.

To regenerate morals, to purify the court, and last but not least reconcile the factions within the royal family itself.

These were the problems the boy of nineteen was called upon to face, and that he has been described as weak and imbecile for failing to solve.