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Here cometh the long-awaited irritable match report. 

The weather sucked and everyone was injured. Otherwise YAAAAY.  

Visual evidence: 

So live! So close! So Azzurri!

Fraaatelli d’Itaaaliaaaaa…

I think our strikers might wanna revise their positioning because they are on the verge of being offside here. A haha.

Seriously though, drop whatever you’re doing and go watch a match live because it is just

I thank thee. Exit me.

Ring the bells, bang the drums, for I am back (and not okay with it at all)

So, over the last month I:
- missed a lot of football (tried to keep up with headlines though and promise to catch up properly soon)
- discovered my home town anew (it. is. just. wonderful.)
- met a guy who looks like a much shorter Totti
- sat on the plane next to a guy who looked like a fat Gigi (he flirted with ALL the flight attendants)
- cleaned up an old house (and didn’t get attacked by dust bunnies ;)
- survived a job interview in a foreign country in three languages
- rode a horse (remember that Horse Whisperer scene? Just like that. Well, no Robert Redford present and a bit slower, but otherwise just like that… <3)
And some more.

But the important thing is I'm back and as irritable and football-starved as ever.

Btw, I spent most of today at work watching compilations of World Cup goals. I managed 2006, 2002 and 1998. It may cause you to squeak or occasionally punch the air, which may look weird in the office, but all in all I recommend it. Oh, the splendour and the drama and the action.

And now I have a lot of feelings about it all, of course. Football is the worst. In a good way.

A short announcement: I’m moving. May not have internet access for some time. Making serious plans to secretly watch football at work though.

Take care and make sure to miss me until I settle everything and reconnect to the world!

So la-grande-follia tagged me in a thing (for which I thank you!)

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to five of your favorite followers. :)

Um, okay then. Now I should warn you I derive an inordinate amount of pleasure from talking about myself at length so instead I just asked my sister to list 5 positive things about me. Here’s what she had to offer:

1. I buy her cookies quite often, which is a quality she appreciates in people. 
2. I knit great wooly stuff for winter. 
3. I make the best lame jokes. 
4. I excel at reenacting Arabian music videos during breakfast. (It might sound weird, but… no, I got nothing.)
5. I am very good at giving advice in matters I have exactly zero experience in (surprisingly enough, that wasn’t even sarcastic, some friends actually call me Auntie Oracle, which I’m very proud of :D)

As for the tagging, I heartily invite all my followers to take part, as you are all my favourites (well some are my favourite favourites and you probably know who you are ;), but I’m not gonna tag anyone now because I’m under the unfluence of Pippo and alcohol and I shouldn’t be making any decisions now. ;)

I haven’t posted for four days! I feel like a prodigal daugther coming back from the offline life. And slightly out of the loop. Did I miss anything big? ;)

(And just to pretend someone out there on the other side of tumblr is wondering how irritablefan is doing, I swear I didn’t miss any matches during this time and I’ve had some real-life almost-adventures: for example, I’ve just come back from a high school reunion which lasted 6 hours, went better than expected and I think ended up with me and some people deciding to organise a football picnic soon. And if I get to play football with actual proper teams before I die - not just me and my sister kicking the ball around - I will be very happy indeed. I realise this shouldn’t interest you but I’m quite excited over here.)

Oh screw it, I’ll rant.

I’d lie if I said I wasn’t upset about Liverpool - Ludogorets. Injury time goals are not cool. And just when we thought a last minute equaliser would give a Bulgarian team their first CL point. At Anfield too.


What a game. Great spirit. That fight for the ball and eventually the recovery before the goal. That save after Borini’s header. That shot in the post. The supporters cheering loudly throughout the game. So much reason to be impressed and proud. And even more reason to hit yourself in the head with a shovel, because that really could have been a draw. Or a victory. And it’s not. Gaaah. I’ll shut up now.

I haven’t been very devoted to tumblr lately, because my bitch of a life is taking up quite a lot of time and effort at the moment. But, somewhere between being forced to become an emergency plumber, electrician, carpenter, and interior designer, and worst of all, an independent adult with a fulfilling social life, I do try to pop on tumblr to reblog a thing or two and keep track of what you lovely tumblrfolk are posting. Not a very exciting post, and the ending will be somewhat anticlimactic, as nothing seems likely to change any time soon.
Have a good day,
yours relentlessly.