irritable bowel disorder

Relatable IBS Things
  • Eating the same 3 meals for days or weeks or months on end because you know they won’t make you sick
  • Being too exhausted to even think of trying new foods, even if they’re supposedly low-FODMAP, because you feel like they still might make you sick
  • Being unable to take pleasure in any food at all because it’s just a chore at this point
  • Becoming a recluse because all social gatherings involve either food or alcohol
  • “Does this have onions in it?”
  • Everything pre-made or prepackaged has garlic and onion in it. Fucking everything.
  • Being offered desserts and having to go through the, “I’m gluten intolerant. Oh no I can’t have dairy either. No I can’t really eat most fruit I’m sorry. Chocolate’s a no, too. Y’know what this all probably has too much sugar anyway, forget it.”
  • The utter dread of travel.
    • Packing both laxatives and anti-diarrheals because you never know which one it’s going to be this time
  • The constant, gnawing anxiety that somehow you’re going to fuck it up and die, either from dehydration or sepsis, and it’ll be the most embarrassing and ignominious death of all time
  • “Well what CAN you eat?!”
  • Constant abdominal pain and discomfort
  • Going through four rolls of toilet paper a week
  • Perpetual anal fissures
  • Sore legs, hips, back, abs, arms, shoulders from endless hours on the toilet
  • Giving up on eating completely because it’s not worth it
  • Feeling utterly hopeless because there’s neither cure nor medication, and feeling like nobody’s working on making one because it’s not serious enough to matter
  • Feeling like nobody could ever love/be intimate with you because your body is broken and gross
  • Feeling like you can never do anything fun because your body is broken and gross
  • Feeling like you’re “not sick enough” to be part of the chronic illness community
  • Feeling alone and miserable because you can’t talk about your chronic illness with anyone, at all, because it’s gross

Feel free to add your own, and remember: there’s seventy million of us worldwide.

A little lucky intestine for all the happy, sad, diseased, complicated, lazy and all the other intestines out there!

Remember that your tummy has a huge impact on how you feel - and how you feel influences your tummy.
So I send you this happy intestine to make your intestine a little happier.