The Pathfinder Nations in a Nutshell
  • Absalom: Step right up and get your very own Deity License!
  • Alkenstar: Shhh, don't tell the DM, but we snuck a bunch of guns into his campaign setting....
  • Andoran: Freedom doesn't knock, 'cause freedom RINGS.
  • Belkzen: We needed a place to put all the Orc tribes the PCs fight.
  • Brevoy: In Soviet Rostland, dragons fight you!
  • Cheliax: We own 50% of the continent and 30% of our own souls.
  • Druma: We already bought the world, here's the receipt.
  • Galt: Who's running the country today?
  • Geb: Where "you might be a zombie" is a compliment.
  • Hermea: I got two tickets to paradise if you just sign away your free will.
  • Irrisen: A snowy land ruled by witches that is totally NOT Narnia.
  • Isger: We're Cheliax's bitches and we love it.
  • Jalmeray: We needed a place where monk characters could come from.
  • Katapesh: The city-state of Ebay.
  • Kyonin: Not to be confused with Rivendell....
  • Lastwall: We're like Mendev, but we fight undead.
  • Lands of the Linnorm Kings: THIS IS NOT SKYRIM
  • Realm of the Mammoth Lords: THIS IS STILL NOT SKYRIM
  • Mediogalti Island: In order to keep our assassin's guild a secret we let the whole world know we live on this island.
  • Mendev: We're like Lastwall, but we fight demons.
  • Molthune: MOAR LAND
  • Mwangi Expanse: Just head upriver and keep right. If you get devoured by sentient, psychotic gorillas you went too far.
  • Nex: Our wizards could beat up your wizards.
  • Nidal: The kingdom of Creepypasta.
  • Nirmathas: A nation of Robin Hoods (tights optional).
  • Numeria: According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists....
  • Osirion: What's this "Egypt" you speak of?
  • Qadira: We are a peaceful people who just want to burn the infidel shitstain of Taldor off the map.
  • Rahadoun: God-Free Zone.
  • Razmiran: Razmir rolled a natural 20 on his Bluff check and now we have to believe he's a god.
  • The River Kingdoms: Law? Government? Stability? You're cute.
  • Sargava: Homeland of Murphy's Law.
  • The Shackles: Argh.
  • The Sodden Lands: Where dry towels are worth more than gold.
  • Taldor: Are we still politically relevant?
  • Thuvia: Our entire economy is based around a single man with a single potion. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Ustalav: Everything here is either haunted or cursed, and if it's not already, it will be.
  • Varisia: Literally everything that could cause the apocalypse is buried here.

Winter Witch

A winter witch is the name given to the variant of a normal witch who specializes in magic of cold. Nearly all of the White Witches ruling Irrisen are winter witches. These represents Cold Sisters, members of an organization devoted to hunting down anyone disloyal to the throne of Irrisen. Those the Cold Sisters find, they torture into compliance and devotion, or execute for their crimes against the queen.