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Wordless, the knight fell to his knees. The men of her khas came up behind him. Jhogo was the first to lay his arakh at her feet. “Blood of my blood,” he murmured, pushing his face to the smoking earth. “Blood of my blood,” she heard Aggo echo. “Blood of my blood,” Rakharo shouted.

And after them came her handmaids, and then the others, all the Dothraki, men and women and children, and Dany had only to look at their eyes to know that they were hers now, today and tomorrow and forever, hers as they had never been Drogo’s.

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Wow, I didn't realise there were that many changes in Dorne. I understand why people are annoyed. What other changes are there worth taking note of to the overall story

Well, remember that most things from S6 onwards are further ahead from the books, so much of that storyline will be different when TWOW and ADOS comes out. The main differences include:

  • Obviously the entire Dorne plot as I pointed out. Arianne and Quentyn exist, Doran and Trystane are alive, and Ellaria and co. are actually likeable characters.
  • Catelyn Stark is found three days after the Red Wedding by the Brotherhood. Beric Dondarrion gives his life for her, and she is resurrected. Gone is the loving, kind, caring woman, instead she is replaced by a sort of zombified version, hellbent on revenge against the Lannisters, Freys and Boltons. Her throat was cut that deep that she can’t talk, her red hair is gone and replaced with white, thin hair, and she has scars on her face from where she went made at the wedding. Brienne actually meets Lady Stoneheart, who doesn’t believe that Brienne has been searching for Sansa. Stoneheart threatens to hang Brienne unless Brienne brings her Jaime Lannister. Brienne refuses and she and her companions were ordered to be hanged and as they are hanging, Brienne shouted a word and her fate remained unknown. But in ADWD, Brienne is seen near Jaime’s camp in the Riverlands. She tells Jaime that she has found Sansa but the Hound has her and needs his help to save her, possibly luring Jaime into LSH’s trap.
  • Sansa doesn’t marry Ramsay, she’s still in the Vale posing as Littlefinger’s bastard daughter. Instead, Jeyne Poole (daughter of Winterfell’s steward Vayon Poole, and childhood best friend of Sansa) is forced to marry Ramsay, only they are passing her off as Arya Stark so the North believe that one of Ned Stark’s daughters is now married to Ramsay. Obviously Theon knows Jeyne and knows she isn’t actually Arya, but he still helps her escape like he does with Sansa on the show.
  • Robb doesn’t marry for ‘love’ in the books. Instead of marrying Talisa, he marries Jeyne Westerling, daughter of a Lord sworn to Tywin in the Westerlands. Jeyne comforts Robb when he learns of Bran and Rickon’s ‘deaths’ and he ‘dishonours’ her. Knowing how much of a tough life Jon had at times, Robb doesn’t want to risk fathering a bastard, and so does what he thinks is the right thing and marries her to preserve her honour. Frey still takes it as a slight and the RW still happens, but Jeyne doesn’t attend and is still alive.
  • Jon actually dies for a different reason in the books. He hears that Ramsay Bolton has married Arya (Jeyne), but he thinks it’s actually Arya. Worried for his sister, Jon sends Mance Rayder to get ‘Arya’ and bring her to him. However, Jon receives a letter from ‘Ramsay Bolton’ telling him that Mance Rayder and Stannis Baratheon are dead, and demands fealty from Jon, as well as wanting his ‘bride and his Reek back’. Jon asks wildlings and Night’s Watchmen to come with him to Winterfell to fight Ramsay, but many in the NW fear retribution from Ramsay and the same tensions in the show arrive, and Jon is killed by his own men (Jon still allows the Wildlings into the Gift).
  • Melisandre still arrives at Castle Black with Stannis, and urges Jon to burn anyone with ‘King’s Blood’ to get Stannis on the Iron Throne. To save their lives, Jon sends Maester Aemon and Mance Rayder’s son south with Sam and Gilly. Jon switches Gilly’s baby with Mance’s baby so the baby can’t be used in any sacrifice since it doesn’t have any King’s Blood (Mance is King Beyond the Wall so he’s a King). Maester Aemon still dies, but travelling to Oldtown, but Sam, Gilly and Mance’s baby make it there.
  • Willas and Garlan Tyrell are the first two sons of Mace, both older than Loras who don’t appear in the show. In the books it is Willas who the Tyrells try to marry Sansa to, not Loras.
  • Aegon Targaryen (son of Rhaegar) supposedly smuggled out of King’s Landing before the sack and survived, and has been hiding in Essos with Jon Connington (close ally of Rhaegar). No one knows if this is actually Aegon Targaryen, a Blackfyre, or not a Targaryen at all, but he has been raised to believe he is Aegon Targaryen. In fact, in the books, it is Jon Connington who gets greyscale, not Jorah Mormont.
  • Rickon is still alive in the book and is believed to be currently hiding in Skagos, an island pledged to House Stark just off the east coast, with Osha and Shaggydog. Wyman Manderly asks Davos to find ‘his Lord’ and bring him to White Harbor in exchange for Manderly men fighting for Stannis. I assume we will see Davos in Skagos in TWOW.
  • There are some minor changes as well such as Arya is cupbearer for Roose Bolton at Harrenhal, not Tywin Lannister. It is Edric Storm who Davos frees at Dragonstone, not Gendry. Davos loses more than one son at the Blackwater. The Great (or Grand) Northern Conspiracy is a thing in the books. Brienne doesn’t fight the Hound, instead, his wounds from a fight with Polliver and the Tickler are what ‘kills’ him. Euron wears an eye patch and has the nicname ‘Crow’s Eye’ and is actually much creepier than show!Euron.
  • Characters are aged up on the show. All of the Stark kids are aged up (Robb and Jon 14-16, Sansa 11-13, Arya 9-11, Bran 7-10 and Rickon 3-6), Daenerys is 13 in the books, Missandei is 10/11 etc.
  • Characters still alive in the books include: Stannis, Shireen, Selyse, Jojen, Grenn, Pyp, Doran, Trystane, Areo, Mance, Rakharo, Irri, Barristan, Myrcella, Ramsay, Roose, Walda, Walder Frey, Meryn, Brynden Tully, Rickon, Hodor, Margaery and Loras (everyone in the Sept apart from Kevan), Olenna, Summer and Shaggydog, Osha, Tommen and more
  • Characters not in the show include: Lady Stoneheart, Arianne, Quentyn, Victarion Greyjoy, Strong Belwas, Coldhands, Big & Little Walder Frey, Willas,Garlan, Edric Storm, Mya Stone, Jeyne Westerling

There are many more changes, but these are the ones which stick out for me.

George R. R. Martin: 'Game of Thrones' Author Says Twist Will Appear in Book, Not TV Show

The next book in the “Game of Thrones” series, entitled “The Winds of Winter” will feature a twist that will not appear on the HBO series since the character is not alive on the show, Martin told IGN. 

Quick guys, post that list of who’s alive in the books that’s dead in the show… Other than… Jeyne Westerling, Jojen Reed, Pyp & Grenn, Shireen, Rakharo/Irri, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Pyat Pree, Mance Rayder (maybe?), Ser Barristan, Hizdahr Zo Loraq, Myrcella…? … LADY STONEHEART?


Pyp & Grenn.

I just have a lot of emotions and I wanted to get them out.

I’m brutally, unbelievably sad, don’t get me wrong. But that’s kind of the point. I’m seeing a lot of posts comparing these deaths to like, Irri and Rakharo, which I understand (and approve of parallels for though, lbr) - but there’s actually a major difference.

Grenn took the place of Donal Noye, a character who by this time was known and endeared to the reader. When Donal and Mag kill each other in a manner which keeps the gate closed, it is unbelievably sad, and also, realistic. Had they added Donal into the show a few episodes ago, then it could have worked. But had they added Donal in tonight just to kill him off, it would have fallen emotionally flat.

Furthermore, before Grenn died, he gave Jon the command, using a bit of trickery and brilliance much befitting a triumph and growth from Grenn the aurouchs.

Pyp did not take any immediate place, but in the books, by this point he has been shipped off to another castle. Yes, he’s giving orders, but Satin has taken the place of Pyp in chapters with Jon Snow, and has less of an impact on the story than those of us who love minor characters want to say he does. Here, having him die, makes his character last longer in show-watcher memories only.

This is NOT the case with Irri and Rakharo. The freaking entire khalasar was killed off on Dany, which is a 120% NOT okay, because what they tried to do was make Dany all “alone”, which officially changes her characterization. In the books, Dany is simply the strongest of widows, children, cripples, and all the ones who couldn’t walk off with the other two Khals – aside from her handmaidens and her bloodriders. They choose to stay, honor their vows and friendships, which is important. Even more important, Dany continues to take care of them, because she is mother of ALL of her people, as much as she is physically capable of, not merely of dragons. She is a leader, just as much as Jon Snow is if not more so.

So anyways, I am sad that Grenn and Pyp died, but it makes the battle at Castle Black MATTER more to show watchers, makes the fact that this was a HARD BRUTAL BATTLE actually felt, as opposed to just magically protecting the characters that are named. Irri and Rakharo died for no purpose - so I approve of this change, where I strongly disapprove of the former.