Here we go again.. this series wasn’t requested. I have two more parts coming 

Better sit down and get comfortable because there’s going to be some swinging on the chandelier (not literally ofc) 

Warnings: Not for virgin eyes (lmao just kidding)

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Müxik listende hangi sarkılar var? Foto veya yazı olarak atabilir misin ?

Şimdilik bunlar baya uzun oldu ğwıpğşğö

Adele-Hometown glory
A Day To Remember-All i want
Alan Walker-Faded
Alan Walker-Sing me to sleep
Ashes Remain-Change my life
The Amity Affliction-Don’t lean on me
Alexander Rybak-Fairytale
Avril Lavigne-Bad girl
Avril Lavigne-Forgotten
Avril Lavigne-Give you what you like
Avril Lavigne-Losing grip
Avril Lavigne-My happy ending
Avril Lavigne-Nobody’s home
Avril Lavigne-Runaway
Axel Flovent-Forest fires
Anna Blue - So Alone
Bea Miller-Enemy Fire
Bea Miller-Open your eyes
Bea Miller-This is not an apology
Bea Miller-Yes girl
Benny- Boys will be boys
Blur-Woo hoo
Birdy - Not About Angels
Boy Epic-Dear world
Boy Epic-Wicked
Bullet For My Valentine-Bittersweet memories
Bullet For My Valentine-Say goodbye
Von Bondies-C'mon C'mon
Calvin Harris-How deep is your love
Christina Grimmie-Liar liar
Christina Perri-A thousand years
Christina Perri-Human
Christina Perri-Jar of hearts
Christina Perri-The lonely
Christina Aguilera-Hurt
Lana Del Rey-Dark paradise
Lana Del Rey-Summertime Sadness
Lana Del Rey-Born to die
Lana Del Rey-High by the beach
Demi Lovato-Don’t forget
Demi Lovato-For the love of daughter
Demi Lovato-Heart attack
Demi Lovato-I hate you don’t leave me
Demi Lovato-Kingdom come
Demi Lovato-La la land
Demi Lovato-Skyscraper
Dope-Die mother fucker die
Ed Sheeran-All of the stars
Ed Sheeran-Thinking out loud
Ed Sheeran-Don’t
Ed Sheeran-Give me love
Ed Sheeran-Lego house
Eden-Rock and roll
Ellie Guilding-Burn
Ellie Guilding-Love me like you do
Evanescence -New way to bleed
Evanescence -Sweet sacrifice
Evanescence -Understanding
Evanescence -What you want
Evanescence -Bring me to life
Evanescence -My immortal
Evanescence - Call Me When You’re Sober
Evanescence - Goodnight
Evanescence - Hello
Evanescence - I Hate Everything About You
Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken
Evanescence - Broken
Eisbrecher-In meinem raum
Fleurie-Hurts like hell
Framing Hanley-Alone in this bed
Framing Hanley-Back to go again
Framing Hanley-Built for sin
Framing Hanley-Criminal
Framing Hanley-Lollipop
Framing Hanley-Twisted halos
Framing Hanley-You stupid girl
Framing Hanley-Hear me now
Get Scared-Badly broken
Get Scared-Keep myself alive
Get Scared-Told ya so
Halsey–Hold me down
Hollywood Undead-Street dreams
Hollywood Undead-We are
Imagine Dragons-Bet my life
Imagine Dragons-Bleeding out
Imagine Dragons-Demons
Imagine Dragons-Dream
Imagine Dragons-Gold
Imagine Dragons-Roots
Imagine Dragons-Monster
James Arthur-Impossible
Janes Addcition-Irrestible force
Jojo-Save my soul
Lenka-The show
Lenka-Trouble is a friend
Lenka-Everything’s okay
Lenka-Everything at once
Lenka- Blue skies
Lenka-Don’t let me fall
Lenka-We will not grow old
Lenka-heart skips a beat
Lenka-Nothing here but love
Lenka-Maybe i love you
Lenka-Knock knock
Linkin Park- From the inside
Linkin Park-Burn it down
Linkin Park-1 Step Closer
Linkin Park-A Place For My Head
Linkin Park-Bleed It Out
Linkin Park-Breaking The Habit
Linkin Park-Burn It
Linkin Park-Burn It Down
Linkin Park - Castle Of Glass
Linkin Park - Crawling
Linkin Park - Easier To Run
Linkin Park - I’ll Be Gone
Linkin Park - Given Up
Linkin Park - In My Remains
Linkin Park - In Pieces
Linkin Park - In The End
Linkin Park - Lost In The Echo
Linkin Park - My December
Linkin Park -Numb
Linkin Park -Powerless
Lucia-Me over you
Marilyn Manson - Better Of Two Evils
Marilyn Manson - Beautiful People
Marilyn Manson - Deep Six
Marilyn Manson - Dope Hat
Marilyn Manson - Don’t Like The Drugs
Marilyn Manson - Dogma
Marilyn Manson - I Don’t Like The Drugs
Marilyn Manson - If I Was Your Vampire
Marilyn Manson - In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death
Marilyn Manson - Sweet dreams
Marilyn Manson - Killing Strangers
Marilyn Manson - The fight song
The Neighbourhood-Afraid
The Neighbourhood-Cry baby
One On Rock-Kasabuta
One On Rock-The beginning
Papa Roach - Between Angels & Insects
Papa Roach - Last Resort
Papa Roach - Resort
Papa Roach -Falling apart
Papa Roach - Hollywood whore
Tom Odell - Here I Am
Tom Odell - Another Love
The Pretty Reckless - Blame Me
The Pretty Reckless - Blame On Me
The Pretty Reckless - Cold Blooded
The Pretty Reckless - Follow Down
The Pretty Reckless - Heart
The Pretty Reckless - Burn
The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell
The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows
The Pretty Reckless - Hit Me Like A Man
The Pretty Reckless - House An A Hill
The Pretty Reckless - Just Tonight
The Pretty Reckless - Kill Me
The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die
The Pretty Reckless - Medicine
The Pretty Reckless - Miss Nothing
The Pretty Reckless - My Medicine
The Pretty Reckless - Oh My God
The Pretty Reckless - On A Hill
The Pretty Reckless - Only You
The Pretty Reckless - Superhero
The Pretty Reckless - Sweet Thing
Pvris-My house
Pvris-You and i
Pvris-Let them in
Rammstein-mein herz brennt
Rammstein-Ohne dich
Rammstein-Ich will
Rammstein-Du hast
Red-Yours again
Red-Take me over
5SOS-She looks so perfect
5SOS-She’s kinda hot
5SOS-Good girls
5SOS-Try hard
5SOS-Hey everybody
5SOS-Jet black heart
Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone
Slipknot - Child Of Burning Time
Slipknot - I Am Hated
Slipknot - Going Under
Slipknot - The Devil In I
Slipknot - Goodbye
Thousand Foot Krutch-I see red
Thousand Foot Krutch-Somebody
Three Days Grace - A Riot
Three Days Grace - Pain
Three Days Grace - A good life
Tonight Alive - Come Home
Tonight Alive - Say Please
Tonight Alive - Human Interaction
Tonight Alive - Lonely Girl
Twenty One Pilots-Heathens
Twenty One Pilots-Stressed out
Trivium-Until the world goes cold
Trivium-In waves
Trivium-Silence in the snow
Trivium-Built to fall
Trivium-Watch the world burn
Trivium-Dead and gone
We The Kings-Sad song
Skylar Grey - Words
Skylar Grey - Final warning
Skylar Grey - Invisible
You Me At Six-Chiddy
You Me At Six-Rescue me
You Me At Six-Swear
You Me At Six-Room the breathe
Sia - Fear
Sia - Alive
Sia - Freeze You Out
Sia - Cheap Thrills
Sia - Elastic Heart

Let me take care of you - Dean x reader

Requested by anonymous : 63 with dean please

63.  « Sweetheart, get off that table, we’re heading home. »

Pairing : Dean x reader

Summary : After a pretty rough hunt including vampires, Dean takes care of a drunk reader.

Warnings : Nothing else but fluff

Song ? : Listen to that if you want 

« This was a hell of a bloody hunt. » Dean remarked as he let himself collapse on the sofa.

« I totally agree. » you said as you sat not so without groaning on the chair, in front of Sam.

Vampires. Those blood suckers really gave you a hard time. No one has been badly hurt though, just minor wounds for the three of you. Nobody spoke during the way back, the only sound that could be heard was some rock song that Dean put on. The music was playing in the background while you, Sam and Dean were thinking about that bloody hunt. That was like that after each hunt : you always felt a bit guilty after killing them because those monsters were once human before turning, but you couldn’t do otherwise.

« I’m going to take a shower. I can’t stand smelling and feeling all that blood on me. » Sam announced as he stood up before walking towards the bathroom of that dirty and shappy motel.

« Alright Sammy. » you answered at the same time as Dean, causing him to smirk.

You threw a look at your damaged red fists, remembering every punch you gave with them. You winced as you slided your fingers on your fragile skin, a little bit of pain rushing through your hands.

« (Y/N) ? »

You turned around to look at Dean as you heard him calling you, your name sounding like a sweet melody on his lips. He was now sitting down on the sofa, facing you. You couldn’t help yourself but check him out quickly, like you used to do everytime you had the opportunity to.

« Wanna take a drink with me ? I’ll go nuts if I stay here all night. » Dean offered as he looked around him, raising an eyebrow when he noticed a spider web in the corner of the room, a sigh escaping from his mouth.

Your heart warmed up at the idea that Dean thought of you to accompagny him for a drink. You, too, needed to get your head out of this hunter life for a night. Plus, Dean would be with you, so what could you ask for more ?

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EXO-K Scenario; He apologises after wrongly accusing you

This is when you have had an argument that he thought you were cheating but eventually found out that you were not cheating after all and they go to apologise to you. If you do like it then please request more!


he would probably come up to you while you were sleeping and carefully climb into bed next to you. he would cautiously wrap his arms around you and drag you close to him and slowly nuzzle your neck while mumbling  ‘Honey….wake up’. Once you did wake up, he refused to let go of you until he was 100% certain that once you left the bed you were still his girlfriend and still loved him.

“Y/N, you know that i really do love you”

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Baekhyun would waste no time at all. Whether you were studying, working , sleeping or watching TV, he would immediately jump onto you while cuddling the life out of you. He would place multiple kisses all over your face and neck if he could reach it and just would not let you go unless he really really had to. Like if you needed to pee or he had to go and practise.

“Y/NNNNNN Forgive me please!

Originally posted by ethereal-baek


Chanyeol probably would not apologise for a bit, he would let his pride take over him first before admitting he was wrong. He would probably be thinking like ‘o

h come on, that was not my fault, she should not have let it happen!’

But after a day or two tops, he would probably begin to feel the guilt. Either that or he was missing you too much. He would be at your doorstep ,strumming a guitar while singing a cheesy song he made for you.

“Oh darling, will you please forgive me?”

Originally posted by sehunoh


Kai would not do the talking, his dogs would. Once he realised he was wrong, he would get his pet dogs and leave them by your door step before quickly knocking and running to hide behind a tree or something. Once you opened it, you found the three dogs each holding small boxes in their mouths which turned out to be ‘i’m sorry’ gifts from your boyfriend, who you caught hiding behind the tree.

“ am i forgiven?”

Originally posted by intokai


Now suho, would spare no expense to get you to forgive him. In fact, the minute he found out that your secret boyfriend was actually your brother in law, he would already be hatching his master plan to get you to forgive him. He would probably start by surprising you with you favourite flowers laid on your bedside table, which would then be followed by multiple small but cute gifts leading to the kitchen downstairs where he would be trying to make you breakfast.

“Come have to forgive me now”

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn


Now, being the shy yet irrestible penguin he is, he would probably be too embarrased, scared and nervous to even look you in the eye. But when he missed you to much, he would take all of his couage to go up to your house and knock on the door. When you allowed him in, he took you to the couch where he would sit you down and he would be opposite you and basically pour out his heart to you , asking for fr forgiveness, and the look on your face when you did forgive him would be poriceless.

“R-really? I am still allowed to call you mine?”

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11 Secrets Of Irresistible People

Since being irresistible isn’t the result of dumb luck, it’s time to study the habits of irresistible people so that you can use them to your benefit:

1. They Treat Everyone With Respect

2. They Follow The Platinum Rule—treat others as they want to be treated

3. They Ditch The Small Talk

4. They Focus On People More Than Anything Else

5. They Don’t Try Too Hard

6. They Recognize The Difference Between Fact And Opinion

7. They Are Authentic

8. They Have Integrity

9. They Smile

10. They Make An Effort To Look Their Best (Just Not Too Much Of An Effort)

11. They Find Reasons To Love Life

Here’s how to adopt these qualities and habits as your own.

Sibling Love | Newt

A/N: another original of mine! woo! I feel like if i told you guys the prompt, it’d give it away! there’s some smut?? not really?? anyways just enjoy the story and love newt.

Pairing: Reader x Newt

Warnings: suggestive language/actions. some nudity. heavy drinking.

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2540


“Loser alert! Loser up ahead!” you screamed out as Gally was walking ahead of you.

“Oh drop it, Y/N” Gally huffed as he suppressed a smile.

You’re probably thinking: omg you and Gally are a thing now?

That, my friend, is where you are wrong. Like, super, wrong.

Gally is your brother, a very annoying one too. You came up the Box before him, even though he was one year older than you. Which was funny too, considering the fact how you guys found out you were siblings.

It was when one Gally came up the Box, and every month they throw a party for the new arrival. Your were third in command, so you had to show him around. On the that day, the two of you hit it off amazingly, to the point where people thought you were going to become an item. Alby, of course, wanted none of that and strictly said that no one was to interact with you. Gally immediately took at it as a challenge and tried his very best to grab your attention. Which did work, but then came the funny part. When you and Gally were talking, an apple fell from the tree, smacking Gally right in the face. You thought he was passed out cold, but he shot right up and said, “my name is Gally!” Everybody cheered and congratulated him, but them he spun around and said, “and you’re my sister!”

After that, everybody never did let go what happen that night. You laughed your ass off and Gally, red as a tomato, stormed off. You remembered Newt telling you, “he holds the exact same qualities as you.” Which made you made and you stormed off as well, laughter heard from behind.


“Hey Newt! How’s it going?” you chirped as he walked into the Med-Jacks hut.

You decided to take this job because you would see Clint and Jeff do their jobs, and they weren’t the best. You didn’t know your past life, but something told you that fit more in that section. It came in handy too, with your precision , injuries would heal faster. And the Deadheads became your outdoor pharmacy. Which is the very reason you were third-in-command. That and because Gladers sometimes feared you; you were not to be messed with.

“Oh, the usual, people working, Chuck annoying everyone, Gladers keeping a safe distance from you,” Newt chuckled.

“What do you mean, keeping a safe distance from me? Did I do something?” you asked, offended.

“No! No, not at all,” Newt interjected, “It just that… uh”

“Uh what Newt?” you fumed.

“Y/N! Get your ass over here, you slinthead!” Gally yelled out.

"This is not over yet, Newt,” you spat, “you better speak up tonight or else.”

"Suit yourself,” Newt smirked.

“Cheeky,” you announced as you walked out to meet Gally.

The Gladers all went out to see the new Greenie that arrived. As you made your way through you heard Frypan say, “Cross your fingers it’s a girl this time, Y/N!”

“Thanks for the support,” you chuckled.

As the Box opened, Newt came from behind you and pinched your butt and you let out a screech.

“Cheeky,” Newt said suggestively.

“Oh, shut up, will you?” you huffed, “you’re not getting a hold of me what so ever.”

“We’ll see about that,” Newt whispered next to your ear.

You whipped around to face Newt, giving him a good stare and a slap in the face.

“Hey!” Gally shouted, “No flirtin’ in the back!”

“No promises!” Newt yelled as you smacked him in the arm and he made his way to the front.

A bunch of Gladers (including yourself), went to lift up the doors of the Box, and see a young an of about 16 looking frantically everywhere.

“He looks like he’s about to klunk his pants,” a Glader named Logan said behind you.

“He would never stand a fight” another shouted in front of you, “especially against Y/N!”

That earned a bunch of hoots and claps, and a furious Gally saying, “Slim it, you shanks!”

As the Greenie climbed out of the Box, you took a closer look at him. He wasn’t ugly, but he wasn’t the hottest either.

He’s a-okay, you thought to yourself. Ugh, why am I even checking him out. I’ve got better things to do.

Then the Greenie started running away from the group.

“We’ve got ourselves a runner!” you and Zart roared as Gladers cheered on.

Well the sprint didn’t last long until Greenie face planted on to the ground.

Roars of laughter was heard and Newt walked up to you and said, “looks like you’re giving that shank the tour this time.”

You groaned as chuckles were heard, “I am really not about that life, Newt. I’m really not.”

“Well, you haven’t done any of your work, so you have to do .” Newt ordered, “Unless you want… a different task.”

“Oh no,” you started, “Never in a million years. I’d rather give the Greenie a tour than do your dirty little job.”

“We’ll see about that,” Newt said as he walked away laughing.

Just then, Gally walked up to you, “was that shank causing you trouble?”

“Eh,” you shrugged, “he could’ve done worse. Now, if you’ll excuse me: I’ve got a loser to give a tour to.”


“And that over there is the Slammer,” you said nonchalantly to the Greenie, “and by the looks of it, you’re gonna be there often.”

“Why?” the Greenie said, terrified.

“My point exactly,” you chuckled as Newt waved the two of you over, “see that shank over there?”

“Yeah,” Thomas said.

“That’s Newt, he’s second-in-command” you explained as the Greenie shook his hand, “although he shows zero qualities of being in command.”

“I show better qualities than you,” Newt challenged as you snorted.

“As if! You’re always trying to one-up me and you always fail,” you teased.

“Tonight. At the bonfire. One on one. You up for the challenge?” Newt asked, with the Greenie looking on, fascinated.

“Game on,” you said as you shook hands with Newt, “Greenie, you will not be disappointed.

As Newt walked away, the Greenie just stared at you in awe, “Is he like your boyfriend?”

That’s when you busted out laughing, “Wow Greenie, you never cease to amaze me! I would never go out with that slinthead! And even if I did, and that we be never, Gally over there wouldn’t let me. He’s my brother and he’d banish the poor guy.”

"If you say so…” the Greenie laughed.

“We’re gonna be great friends, Greenie” you said, patting his back, “this is gonna be the start of a new friendship.”


“Alright, shanks!” Gally boomed, “final round: loser drinks two cups of my drink!”

It was late at night, and the whole Glade was having a blast, more than it had in the past 2 months. First Gally insisted that he gave you a piggy-back ride, while you threw leaves at the Gladers. Next, you got to play some music with some of the Gladers, and getting to play the bongos. After that, the Greenie got into a brawl with Gally, which was amazing because he beat your own brother. Plus the Greenie remembered his name, and said it was Thomas. You congratulated him, and started having more fun.

Now you and Newt were surrounded by Gladers, all watching you both have an arm wrestling match. It’s been going on for 15 minutes, and everybody was getting a kick out of it.

You were now tied with Newt, and you obviously did not want to lose.

“Okay here’s the deal,” you started, “If I win, I get bragging rights for two weeks, plus I get to boss you around.”

“And if I win, I get bragging rights for three weeks, plus a kiss from you.” Newt said as he smirked.

"Fair enough deal,” you said with confidence.

But, the kiss has to be 10 seconds long, and I will cater to your need for 5 days,” Newt finished.

“Oh hell no,” you and Gally screamed.

"Take it or leaving,” Newt cautioned, “or I’ll get bragging rights for the rest of the week. I’ll make it the most miserable week you ever had.”

“I’d rather piss my pants right here than ever kiss you,” you retorted.

“How about a kiss in the Deadheads!” Thomas insisted, receiving wolf-whistles from the crowd.

You thought about it, then let out a long sigh, “fine… but ten seconds. And that’s final.”

“Oh, it’s on” Newt agreed.

Gally started to argue with you, but he was drowned by the hoots and holler by the rest of the Gladers.

It was neck and neck, and you were about to win Newt, when suddenly from behind bumped into you and dumped drinks all over you and Newt.

“NO!” you cried out.

“Fuck yeah!” Newt cheered, “serves you right for trying to mess with a man.”

Silence fell as you turned around to face Gally, “May I?”

Gally then got the memo and handing you his drink, “my absolute pleasure Y/N.”

And with that, you splashed the drink all over Newt, causing Newt to throw more drinks.

Causing everyone to throw drinks and food around.

Food fight!” you heard Minho and Zart yell.

In the mist of chaos, you broke into a run to your room, ending up covered in mushed up food and Gally’s special drink.

You rummaged through your small wardrobe and got a random shirt and started to undress.

“What a view,” you heard next to you as you yelped and started punching everywhere.

“Ow! My balls!”

“Newt?” you fumed.

“I’m fine… I’m fine.” Newt groaned, “just peachy.”

“That’s what you get for not having manners!” you scorned.

"Sure, I don’t have manners,” Newt concluded, “but you don’t either, since you’re still topless, and all.”

You look down, and sure enough, you’re topless. You screamed even louder which cause Newt to throw a pillow at your face.

“Alright that’s enough!” Newt demanded, “do you want us to get caught?!”

“Be my guest,” you smirked, “Gally’s gonna think you were doing some shady things as of right now.”

Right as you were going to put on your shirt, Newt came from behind and chucked it to the outside of the room.”

‘Well then,” Newt growled, “let me throw some at you?”

You decided you had enough, and you pushed Newt out of the way.

“The exit is right there,” you said as you it your lip.

“I know that look, Y/N,” Newt guessed, “I told you: I’m irrestable.”

“You look exactly like a Griever: disgusting,” you snorted.

“That’s not what your tits are telling me,” Newt pointed out.

You punched Newt in the arm as you covered yourself with your shirt, “you’re an ass… but kiss me you fool.”

Newt raised an eyebrow as he pulled you closer to himself. He started to passionately kiss you around the neck, giving you goosebumps. You moaned slightly; slowly tugging at Newt’s hair.

“And I thought you weren’t a softie,” Newt chuckled into your ear, “I must be magical.”

“God, you’re so lame,” you laughed as you kiss Newt on the lips.

“I’ve waited all day for this,” Newt groaned as he started kissing you more, “that competition has had me going.”

You smirked as an idea formed in your head. You took off his shirt and started tracing patterns over his stomach. Newt picked you up and took you towards your bed. You sat on his lap and started to kiss each other more, hands roaming around each others’ bodies.

You were about to unbuckle Newt’s pants, when there was loud banging on the door.

“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N are you in there?!” a voice yelled.

“Holy shit,” you whispered as you put on a random shirt, “Newt! hide in my wardrobe, quick!”

Newt did as he was told, carefuly trying not to make any noise.

You tiptoed to the door and swung it open, while covering your chest at the same time.

"Gally! Minho… Thomas! How are you guys,” you said in shame.

“Oh nothing much,” Gally commented, “Since you left so suddenly back to your room, I thought you were sick. Plus Newt’s gone missing and I didn’t want him getting the wrong idea.”

“Good point,” you blurted, “he’s been up to no good, that’s for sure.”

“Uh, Y/N” Thomas whispered from behind, “Why is there a foot peeping out from your wardrobe??”

Once Gally heard that sentence, he stormed to it and swung it open, revealing a blushing Newt smiling from ear to ear.

You started blushing a deep red once Gally stood you and Newt together.

“I suppose there’s some explaination for this,” Gally gestered to the two of you.

"Gally, I can explain!” you stammered.

“Nope, I told you not to do any funny business!” Gally emphasized.

“We weren’t doing anything!” you cried out, “i just came in to change my shirt because it got soaked!”

“Then why aren’t you wearing a bra?” Minho mumble, earning snickers from Thomas and Newt.

“You better stop that or I’ll banish you, y’know,” Gally warned.

“Don’t worry Minho, I’ll tell you how well she stripped for me,” Newt whispered.

Stripped!!” Gally exploded.

“No! No Gally It’s not what you think!” you protested.

“Well I don’t believe you: you’re in trouble!” Gally said.

“You can’t do anything to me!” you yelled.

“I will: for 2 weeks you will be under my supervision!” Gally ordered, “And as for you Newt, you best stay away from Y/N or you won’t live to see a another day.”

And with that, Gally stormed off, with Thomas and Minho walking behind him.

“A+ tits, Y/N!” Minho yelled as he and Thomas laughed harder.

“Shut up, you slintheads!” you heard Gally shout as you snickered.

“He’s right you know,” Newt murmurmed in your ear.

“Oh, no” you cautioned, “I’m not playing any of your dirty tricks,”

“Fine,” Newt huffed, “but at least let me treat you to a nice dinner tomorrow night.”

“But that means you’ll win!” you said, “and I want to win.”

“Fine, you win but I get the dinner. Deal?” Newt asked with pleading eyes.

“Fine,” you agreed as you gave a kiss to Newt on the cheek, “now go get a good night’s sleep Newt. I know you have your ways.”

“Like I said: I’m irrestable,” Newt announced.

You closed the door behind him and started to change into your pajamas when you heard newt yell out:

“Who wants me to give them a description of Y/N’s tits!”

As if on cue, you and Gally screamed out, “Shut the hell up Newt!!”

“I’m so gonna get him tomorrow,” you mumbled as you tucked yourself into bed.

and the last thing you heard before going to bed was:

“Newt I am going to kick your ass if I hear a peep from you! You’re so going to die tomorrow!”

Siblings: protecting you since the dawn of times.

“Good night Gally!” you sang as you drifted off to sleep.

“No shenanigans, Y/N! I mean it… love you too.”

Brothers are so annoying, but they do come in handy.

A/N: oh wow this was super long I’m so proud. I’m sorry for those who thought there was no smut! I’m sorry! I’m not comfortable writing that… yet. Thanks so much for your support! I’ll see you guys in the next imagine! Cheers! - Mayra xx

glibray  asked:

Brooding, kiss, KenKao ^^

Written for the crackfic challenge here. C’mon. Gimme another ;)

I CANNOT MAKE THIS CRACK. Wow, I tried. I tried so hard. I wrote half of a story that I didn’t like and then just gave in, deleted it all, and wrote this instead.

Rating: PG13

Kenshin shifted slightly, scooting away from an uneven tile that had been pressing into his tailbone. I must repair the roof sometime this week. He looked upward. The night sky was… not at all lovely tonight, actually. The overcast gloom and uncomfortable dampness fit his mood. Chased from his bed by dreams of other nights, nights full of shadows and pain and death, he was… angry, and frustrated, which was new. He had always accepted the nightmares as his due, allowing the spirits their revenge, but since his marriage – since his marriage, he had come to resent the dreams. He should be sleeping right now, wrapped around a warm and sweetly-scented wife. Instead, he was sitting alone on a damp roof, gazing at a cloudy sky.

Kaoru’s ki was stirring and he grimaced; his absence had woken her. He stayed where he was; she would come to him or she wouldn’t, but she knew where he was, where he always was when he slipped out of their bed at night. It was only a few minutes before the sounds of her climbing onto the roof reached him. Even the weak, murky moonlight was kind to Kaoru, making her hair shine and her skin glow. She had remembered to wear a jacket, he noted with approval; it was chilly out. She settled quietly, far enough away to give him space but near enough to touch.  

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Soy mujer libra ¿quiero saber porque siempre me atraen los hombres tauros? Saludos ^^

Quizá sea por tu ascendente o tu Venus que hace que te fijes en chicos Tauro. Además Tauro tiene cierto atractivo que lo hace irrestible para muchos :) -Markus

Dan crying from laughter and pressing his face into phils tummy to suffocate it
Phil accidentally rolling on top of Dan in his sleep and refusing to move even as he wakes up
Dan pretending to still be asleep because he knows how much phil loves watching him
Phil getting all excited at random things and dan rolling his eyes at him like an annoyed parent (but actually he loves it)
Dan hugging phil from behind and phils high pitched squeals as he squeezes him or pokes his waist
Phil leaving his fly undone as they go out and dan being all giggly throughout the day, refusing to tell phil why
Phil attempting an irrestible puppy dog eye pouty face to persuade dan into something and dan laughing his ass off because of how silly he looks
Dan accidentally breaking bowls and phil kissing his cuts all better
Phil falling asleep open-mouthed and snoring with his head on dans shoulder and dan remaining sat on the sofa uncomfortably and stiff just to admire him
Dan walking through the kitchen behind phil closing all the cupboard doors he left open
And when phil isn’t home dan can’t be on ease until he goes and opens a few cupboards himself
Cuddling in bed when they’re both too tired to be horny
Spending lazy mornings in bed kissing for hours until their lips are sore
Leaving hickeys on each other’s necks and amusedly watching the other’s unsucessful tries to cover them up
Playing tag on their way back from BBC on sunday nights because they feel giddy

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Can you tell me about Maedhros and why he's so awesome?

MAEDHROS the most precious Elf in the history of Arda aka my sun and stars. There we go.

To answer your first question – I guess we need a short introduction to tell anything more about him? Maedhros is one of the princes of the Noldor, the eldest son of Fëanor. He was born in Valinor when everything was still harmonic and beautiful. I think all his other names are quite important when you want to present his character so, let me quickly mention them all. His father name, Nelyafinwë, means ‘Finwë the Third’ and by giving his fistborn son this kind of name, Feanor probably wanted to emphasize the fact that he considered his bloodline to be much more relevant than his two half brothers’, Fingolfin and Finarfin. Mother name, Maitimo, which basically means ‘hella hot Well-shaped One’ and finally epessë, Russandol, which lets us know about his fiery red hair inherited from Nerdanel and her family.

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Is That So Hard? Pt 3 (Woozi Scenario)

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And so the morning came and Jihoon completely lost his chill. 

It’s ten o’clock and she’s gonna be there at noon and I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna wear he thought. He looked at the clothes sprawled out before him.

Minghao, Jun, and Seungkwan watched their friend from afar. Minghao cringed and Seungkwan took notice.

“What’s with the face?”


“What’s disgusting?”

“That shirt he has in his hands, it looks like the couch at my grandmother’s”

“It doesn’t look anything-wait”

“I hated that couch.”

All three boys squinted at the shirt and paused. Jun frowned.

“Yeah it does.”

Seungkwan then stepped inside the room.

“Hey hyung! Want some help?”

“I’m good.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, because you like to take forever when choosing clothes”

“Hmph, well it’s already eleven.”

“Whatev-WAIT WHAT?!”


Jihoon turned to the clock. Seungkwan was right, he needs helps.

“Shit, shit, shit. What am I gonna do? Help me please? Guys please? I’m begging you!”

Seungkwan smirked at the China Line.

“Men we have a code 319″

“What the fuck is a-”

“Jihoon please. We have under thirty minutes to make Jihoon look irrestible in Y/N’s eyes. Now are we set?”

“Yes sir!”

“Get to it men!”

And with that, China Line left elsewhere leaving a proud Seungkwan and a very confused Jihoon.

“Seungkwan I don’t get-”


“But I-”

“Shhh wait for it”

Both Jun and Minghao came back with a stunning outfit.

“Alright Jun what have we here?” 

“Blue denim HBA shirt paired with white trousers and brown sperrys”

“I like it! Minghao go!”

“Hyung should wear his hair down today since he’s had his hair to the side all morning. It’ll give him a sweet and cute persona, especially if he goes all natural today.”

“Good, good.”

Jihoon looked at the outfit in awe. It only took ten mintues for the boys to find an outfit for him. Jihoon smile with gratitude.

“Thank you all so much!”

Seungkwan looked at his elder and beamed widely.

“No problem, what matters is that you get Y/N’s heart right?”


Jihoon smiled unsure of himself, Jun then spoke.

“Hey, everything is gonna be fine I promise you.”

“You’re right.”

“Of course I’m right, I’m Junhui afterall.” 

Minghao once again cringed.

“Way to spoil the moment man.” 

After Jihoon was done changing, he checked the time.

“Crap, it’s almost noon, I gotta get going!”

He rushed out the door, waving at the three boys in his room. Seungkwan waved and forced a painful smile.



“He’s gonna fuck up isn’t he?”

“Oh yeah, definitely.”

Minghao nodded in agreement. 

Parts: 1/ 2/