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i don't like how the show tries to portray greg,who is clearly shown to love and cherish his son and would give his life for him as a irresponsible deadbeat dad that can't handle himself, while Pearl, the gem that has almost killed steven many times and is unhealthily obsesed with his mom is portrayed as a better parental figure.

yeah like??? why are the gems, who literally kidnapped baby steven when he was born, allowed to take care of steven and take him totally away from his father?? that’s super fucked up. we’ve seen that greg is responsible and caring, why can’t he take care of his fucking SON?

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I guess I always saw ging as that teen dad who knew he couldn’t handle a kiddo so he gives the kiddo up for adoption to have a better upbringing - doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his son, it’s just a different kind of love

yeah that’s similar to what i think, except its also irresponsible young dad thinks he’s capable of raising a kid well but is actually not at all so he gives the kid up

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omg i love shanks too!!! i ESPECIALLY love his relationship with luffy it's the cutest thing??? because around luffy shanks totally turns into a complete dad even tho he'd be The most irresponsible dad ever lmao. honestly my life will be complete if i ever hear luffy accidentally call shanks "dad" :''')


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What if Knockout and Breakdown together would come to love/care for their human friend in a way more like Bulkhead cares for Miko? Like, almost a bit like adoptive fathers? (don't worry, I'm NOT asking for a "daddy kink" or any kind of nsfw reaction/hc/scenario!)

Knockout and Breakdown (Transformers: Prime)

Knockout is the Irresponsible Dad™. He takes you racing a LOT.

Breakdown is Mom™. He has to be the stern one because Knockout’s an ASSHOLE.

Although, they both agree you gotta stay in school, if you’re young/in college. Knockout gives this speech about how he didn’t become a medic by slacking off.

Single Parent AU

based on this post


I looked up from my phone as the bedroom door opened and shut, Y/N sending me a small smile as she enters the room. Her phone is pressed to her ear, and she’s already pulled one of my shirts on to sleep in.

“Okay, thank you very much.” She says to the person on the other end, hanging up and letting a frustrated groan fall from her lips. She drops her phone to on the bed, falling down beside it, burying her face in the pillow, groaning once again.

“Let me guess,” I begin, placing my phone on the bedside table. “The estimated end date has been moved again?”

“Two more weeks!” She exclaims, her vice muffled by the pillow. “It was supposed to be finished a month ago!”

“I know.” I tell her, moving her phone from it’s precarious place on the edge of the bed to beside mine. “But you can stay here until it’s ready.”

“That’s the problem.” She sighs, sitting up to face me. “I was never supposed to stay here in the first place. I was meant to be in the hotel for three weeks, then my flat would be ready. But then they have to extend it by a week, and you offer for me to stay here. But then it’s another week, and another, and another, and the entire time you insist I stay with you. And I’m grateful, I really am, but Ash, you have enough to deal with already. I mean, you have a one year old to look after, whose mother is god knows where, you don’t need your homeless best friend hanging around to cause even more trouble for another two weeks, especially since we have to share a bed.”

“You don’t cause trouble.” I tell her, ignoring the sceptic look she gives me. “And I’d rather have you here in my bed with me than in some crappy bedsit that isn’t safe. Besides, Lils loves you.”

She stares at me for a second, before she sighs, smiling at me before lying down.

“You’re the best Ash.” She mutters, her eyes already fluttering closed. I smile, brushing the hair away from her forehead before flicking the light off.


It’s a few hours later when a piercing scream jolts us both awake. Lily’s cries echo down the hall and through the monitor, each one seemingly louder than the next. As I move to get up, a hand squeezes my arm.

“I’ll go.” Y/N sighs, yawning as she slips out of bed and pads towards the door.

I grunt in response, but Y/N’s already out of the door. The light from her room creeps down the hall into my room, and Y/N’s whispers fill the room through the monitor.

“Hey pretty baby.” She coos, and I can picture her rocking Lily in her arms. “Don’t cry. It’s okay, I’m here. I’ve got you.”

I smile sleepily as Y/N soothes my little girl, thankful that she cared so much for her. Y/N had been incredible since Lily’s mother had walked out on me nearly half a year ago, and even more so since she’s moved in, practically taking the role of mother.

“Sh Lily.” Y/N urges, her voice still soft. “I know I can’t sing to you like Daddy can, but try and sleep for me please, and tomorrow we’ll all go to the park because Daddy and I both have a day off. But first, you have to go back to sleep.”

Not long after, the rooms are all plunged back into darkness and the only sounds from the baby monitor are Lily’s quiet snores. The bed dips beside me, and I reach out blindly to pull Y/N into my chest.

“Thank you.” I mumble into her hair as she presses her face into my neck.

“It was my turn.” She replies, her lips grazing my skin. Her hands rest on my chest, and I feel her eyelashes flutter against my neck. I grin, a small giggle falling from my lips as a thought crosses my mind. I feel Y/N nudge me with her nose. “What?”

“We’re like a married couple.” I chuckle, and I feel her lips tug up into a grin.

“You wish Irwin.”


Noah screams as I take a seat, placing him on my knee as I sit down, his back to the window so he was facing sideways rather than backwards.

“Come on buddy.” I plead, attempting to wipe his tears away. “Please stop crying.”

The boy ignores my requests, continuing to sob as the bus begins to move, earning me disapproving glares from a woman not too far away. I could practically see her thoughts, ‘irresponsible young dad who clearly has no respect for others or a clue on how to look after a child’. 

“Please Noah.” I sigh, bobbing him up and down on my knee. The woman across from me tuts, and I bite my tongue to stop myself from making a comment, instead returning my focus to the wailing two year old.

“No Daddy!” He sniffs. “It not fair!”

“I know bud, I know.” I tell him, attempting to calm him. “But there isn’t anything I can do.”

“No!” He almost yells , the tears starting all over again. I look around hopelessly as the bus pulls over at it’s next stop, seriously debating getting off just so we don’t cause a scene.

Noah’s cries start getting cut off my hiccups, which only makes him cry harder. I look up at the ceiling desperately, wishing for something to happen.

“Daddy I want…I want..” Noah trails off with a small hiccup, his cries turning into sniffles. I look down in shock, to find Noah no longer looking at me, instead gazing directly opposite him, a shy smile beginning to form on his face.

I whip my head around to find a girl sitting in the previously empty seat, grinning at Noah. I gape at her, unable to believe she managed to silence the boy. She lifts her gaze to me, and my heart stutters, my mouth snapping shut. My cheeks burn red, and I gesture at the seat next to me, silently asking her to join us. She smiles again, grabbing her bag and moving.

“Hey little man.” She greets Noah, reaching out to wipe a tear that was falling down his cheek. Noah sniffs again before grinning at her.

“Hello.” He chirps. “I’m Noah.”

I stare at her in awe as she converses with him. I don’t pay attention to what they’re saying until I feel her knee bump mine, and my eyes meet hers.

“I am in your debt.” I tell her, and she giggles. I think it might possibly be even cuter than Noah’s.

“Why’s that?” She asks, and I notice Noah’s holding onto her finger, running one of his over her painted nail.

“Because you just smiled at my son and he stopped crying, something which he’d been doing for almost an hour.” I tell her. “I mean, I don’t blame him. You’re beautiful, I’m just very grateful you got on the bus when you did.”

Her cheeks burn red at my words, her eyes moving from me back to Noah, who had now placed his head on my chest. I tighten my arm around him as he begins to suck his thumb, pulling him closer.

“He’s adorable.” She smiles, looking back up at me. I nod, twisting my head to smile at the now sleepy tot.

“Not when he cries at Daddy, eh bud.” I coo, although I can tell he’s almost asleep already. I return my gaze to the girl, who’s eyeing me curiously. “He misses his Mum. She left a while ago, but you know…”

“I’m sorry.” She whispers, her eyes wide. I shrug in response, careful not to nudge Noah too much.

“It is what it is. Me and her weren’t right together, and I expected her to leave me. I just didn’t think she’s leave Noah.”

“For what it’s worth, I think she’s an idiot for leaving either of you.” She mumbles, and I smirk at her as her cheeks flush crimson.

“I’m Michael.” I tell her. 


“Well Y/N,” I grin. “How about you let me take you out as a thank you for being a baby whisper?”

“I’d like that.” She nods, smiling shyly. I grin back, turning to look at Noah who was now sleeping.

“Looks like you’re like your Daddy, a sucker for the pretty girls.”


“Hey.” I grin, capturing Y/N’s lips in a chaste kiss before stepping aside and letting her into the flat. She smiles as she steps in, toeing off her shoes and placing her bag beside them. “I’ve missed you.”

“You saw me on Tuesday Luke.” She giggles as I lace my fingers with hers, pulling her down the hall.

“But that was four whole days ago!” I protest, trapping her between me and the wall and capturing her lips again. She grins into the kiss, and I hum happily.

“You’re clingy.” She jokes as she pulls away.

“I just really like you.” I tell her, stepping back and dragging her into the kitchen.

“I’m glad, considering we’ve been dating for three months.” She muses, hopping up onto the counter as I begin pulling ingredients for dinner out of the fridge.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that actually.” I say, keeping my eyes on my hands rather than her.

“Sick of me already?” She teases.

“Quite the opposite.” I say seriously, finally meeting her eyes. She cocks an eyebrow, and I step forward slightly. “How would you like to be my-”

“Y/N!” My question is cut off by a higher pitched voice, and Y/N’s attention is diverted to the newest addition to the room.

“Mia!” She shouts back, hopping down to sit on the floor in front of the two year old. “I like your dress!”

Mia twirls proudly, the pink dress she’d picked out specially flaring around her. I smile at the two of them as Mia giggles, stumbling into Y/N’s already outstretched arms.

“Daddy days you’re staying for a sleepover!” She giggles, and Y/N tilts her head back to grin at me.

“Did he now?” She smirks, and I blink innocently, turning back to prepare our food.

“Are you not?” Mia asks, her voice dejected.

“No, I am.” Y/N corrects, and I grin as I turn the oven on. Mia cheers, clapping as she does so.

“Will you do my hair in the morning?” She asks, and I roll my eyes as Y/N giggles.

“Of course I will.”


Mia yawns from her place on my knee, and I smile, standing up.

“Bed time baby.” I tell her, and she pouts.

“Y/N needs to come too.” She mumbles, and I lift my eyes to Y/N.

She smiles, standing up and following me into Mia’s room. Together, we get her ready, and Y/N kisses her forehead before leaving the room. As I go to do the same, Mia grabs my hand.

“Daddy?” She asks, yawning. “When are you and Y/N going to get married?”

“Not for a while.” I chuckle, kissing her. “Why?”

“Because I want her to be my mummy.” She yawns, rolling over and closing her eyes. I stare at her in shock, standing up straight and turning to go back to the living room. I freeze when I see Y/N smirking at me in the doorway.

“Not for a while?” She whispers, walking backwards as I leave Mia’s room and pull the door shut.

“Well we aren’t.” I smirk, reaching forward and pulling her towards me by her hips.

“We aren’t even officially a couple yet Luke.” She replies, her hands sliding up to my neck, her fingers twisting into the hair at the nape of my neck.

“Well I did try to ask you earlier, Mia just interrupted.” I grumble, and Y/N grins.

“That’s what you were going to ask me?”

“Well yeah, we’ve been dating for three months, and like I said earlier, I really like you, and Mia thinks you’re the best person on the planet, and I can’t imagine anyone better, and I’m pretty much always thinking about you and-”

Y/N cuts me off, her lips on mine. I smile, pulling her closer and deepening the kiss. When we pull away, I keep my forehead on hers.

“Yes.” She mumbles, her lips brushing mine.

“Thank god.” I whisper back. “Mia would’ve been devastated if you’d have said no.”

“And you?” She asks. I lift her up and she giggles as I walk towards my room.

“I’d have survived.”

“Oh really?” She pulls back as I continue to walk, causing me to smirk. I lean up and capture her lips again.

“Absolutely not.” I mumble against her lips. “I’d have been heartbroken.”


Archie tugs on my hand as we enter the coffee shop, his brown eyes which so closely resemble my own wide as he looks up at me.

“Can I have marshmallows with my hot chocolate?” He asks, and I grin, nodding. His face lights up, and he bounces up and down excitedly.

“Shall we share a cake as well?” I question, and he nods furiously. “Which one?”

I reach down and scoop him up with one arm, allowing him to see the different cakes lined up at the counter. He furrows his eyebrows in concentration, before finally pointing at a large cookie.

“Good choice!” I tell him, placing him back on the floor. “Do you want to choose a table while I order?”

“Okay!” He agrees, running off to the table by the window. I smile fondly at him, before turning and placing our order with the elderly woman behind the counter.

“How old is he?” She asks as I hand over the money.

“He turned three a month ago.” I smile, glancing back over to him.

“He’s precious.” She smiles. “Someone will bring over your things in a moment.”

“Thank you.” I nod, heading over to join Archie.

He chatters happily while we wait, even though I only understand half of what he’s saying. I let my gaze wander out of the window, watching the people bustle past, when Archie’s shout calls me back into reality.

“Your shirt is ugly!”

I whip my head around to face him, ignoring the mystery person who was now placing our drinks and cake on the table between us.

“Archie!” I scold. “Say sorry. Now.”

“But Daddy! Her shirt is ugly!” He insists, and I gape at him in shock.

“I’m so sorry about my son.” I gush, turning to face the stranger. “He isn’t usually- actually never mind, I agree. Your shirt is horrendous.”

I gawk at the item in question, a hideous green item which looks as though someone’s vomit had been turned into clothes. I trail my eyes up and notice a name tag that reads Y/N, before my eyes meet the girl’s. My mouth almost falls open again when I notice how pretty she is.

“I know.” She smirks at me, and I grin back. “But it’s the new uniform, so what can I do?”

“I’d quit your job if I were you.” I joke, and she grins, her attention shifting to Archie.

“I agree, my shirt is ugly.” She tells him, and he beams at her, before poking his tongue out at me.

“See Daddy!” He cheers, and I roll my eyes.

“Do you want some colouring?” Y/N asks him, and he nods quickly. She smiles, moving back to the counter before quickly coming back with some crayons and pictures. “Here you go.”

“Thank you!” Archie grins.

I look up at her, and she winks at me, smirking before turning away.

We stay in the coffee shop for longer than necessary. Archie colours happily, talking to me about this and that as he eats his half of the cookie and sips his hot chocolate. I spend my time stealing glances at Y/N, grinning at her when I catch her eye. By the time Archie’s ready to leave, I’m pretty sure her smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

“Arch, can I borrow a crayon?” I ask, suddenly getting an idea. He nods, passing me the blue before eating a marshmallow he’d forgotten about. I smile, scribbling my name and number on a napkin. I push my chair back, looking at Archie again. “Stay here bud, Daddy just needs to do something.”

I cross the room, napkin in hand, until I’m leaning against the table Y/N’s cleaning. She smiles, not looking up from what she’s doing until I hand her the napkin.

“As you’ll be quitting your job soon and will be hard of money,” I smirk, causing her to grin. “I thought it’d only be polite of me to take you to dinner.”

“How kind of you.” She teases, taking the napkin and placing it in her pocket. “I finish at five, I’ll call you then.”

I grin, kissing her cheek quickly before moving back to Archie. He smiles, handing me his pictures before grabbing my hand again. As we leave, I turn around to smile at Y/N one more time. She grins as I mouth ‘can’t wait’, allowing Archie to pull me from the shop.

Everyone in Pirate101 is a "parent." Everyone.

Avery is irresponsible, extravagant dad.

Morgan LaFitte is overly enthusiastic gymnastics mom.

Madame Vadima is creepy, probably occult mom.

Mordekai is badass “been through shit” dad.

Subodai is tough horse dad.

Kan Po is wise goat dad.

Fan Flanders is super fun auntie frog.

Fin Dorsal is the older cousin that hates you.

Presidio companion is adoptive furry dad. (Gaspard is fun, very inexperienced dad.)

Old Scratch is creepy dad.

Bonnie Anne is soccer “this is how we do it ok” mom.

Sarah Steele is anti-rhyming mom.

Nurse Quinn is school nurse mom who keeps a swear jar on the ship.

Don Pelayo is stepdad who really, really doesn’t want to be with you.

(Go ahead and add more NPCs and companions and the type of parental/familial figure they are.)


Then Temari came home and killed her husband, true story at least bring him to a medic ninja you irresponsible dad

tbh there was literally zero chance of me not falling in love with the new Nara, my sketchbook is full of doodles of that kid - of course, I decided to line the most idiotic one. Of course.