EXO Oneshot: DO Finding you in the shower singing so well

I just love when you ask for smutty! I hope you like this one! (I hope it’s not too shitty) I love you! Admin A~

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He is late from work. When he opens the front door he hears a very beautiful sound. He is quite curious, he wants to find out what is making it.

He stops in front of the bathroom’s door. He wants to go in, he understands you are singing in the shower, but he finds it to exciting and also inspiring at the same time. He knows he won’t be able to control his impulses for too long.

He sneaks in. Trying to hide from you, he wants to surprise you. He discovered your secret, now he is going to reward you. He has switch from cute mode to pervy mode.. and he knew you loved that side of him too.

He undresses and gets in the shower with you. “You are irresisitble Jagi.. I’m going to make you sing high notes tonight… Get ready..”