This right her is my best friend in the entire world ! she has seen me at worst and has been by my side no matter how shitty i have been to her ! we’ve been “married” (wiffeys) , we’ve been friends, best friends and even dated . No matter how much we fight and argue and disapprove of thing each other has done , we sit here stronger than ever before laugh at each others wired faces . We have never met , but click instantly and talk nearly everyday ! we have both been to hell and back . We talk about our problems (most the time )   and know so much about each other . Katie , is beautiful , smart , funny , stunning , strong and caring . she is beautiful inside and out , although she doesnt believe it , i wish she saw herself as i see her . Katie, you deserve to be happy and smile a real smile , someday you will make it to that happy place in your life , you’re a fighter and don’t ever give up ! <3

This is my number one girl no matter what ! Dating or not , I love her to bits . Many up and many downs , fights where we went days without talking . She has been there for me for the past 2? Years through everything and supported my every move I made basically . Helped me with problems and made me smile when I was down . This girl is one if the only people I trust In the world and I would possible trust her with my life . She may live thousands of miles away , in a different country and time zone , and we have never met but she is my best friend . I can barley go a day without talking to her and I can telling her anything and rant for hours ! She means the world to me . I don’t wanna be cheesy and weird cause not dating her , but yeah ! Follow her and her gorgeous face ! She is sweet , caring , a great listener , and funny ! Beautiful inside and out .

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I was tagged by curiouslygray 

Nicknames: Rachel…

Birthday: November 12th

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual 

Favorite color: Black, red

Time and date at current location: 10:32 am April 25 2015

Sleeping hours: 11:00pm-9:00am 

Last thing I googled: Fitbit 

First word that comes to mind: sleep

Places that make me happy: my bed, my car 

Blankets I sleep under: 3 fuzzy blankets and a comforter 

Favorite character: I don’t think I have one…

Favorite anime:  none :/

Favorite TV show: American Horror Story 

Last movie I watched in theatres: Get hard 

Dream wedding: A drive-thru wedding if I ever were to have one. 

Dream job: Veterinarian 

What am I wearing: huge white sweatshirt, christmas boxer shorts 

Last book I read: The stranger 

This is for all my beautiful followers that have the messenger app Kik and needs to get ahold of me. Or if you’re feeling lonely or upset or just don’t want to be alone,go to kik and search the hashtag #irrelevantmistake and it will be so much easier than sending asks. Through the hashtag group,you can find my personal kik which you can always message. So I’d love to make this group thing work,just chat me and I’ll be there. xx

Hello lovely people of tumblrland,

I just wanted to pop in and say hi . 

I am not sure how often katie is on here , but i want to thank her sooo much for keeping my blog active . 

I hope you guys can all stick with me through this and just know this is whats best for me . Yes , in life their are many daily triggers , but i just couldnt handle the tumblr triggers on top of the life triggers , i am trying to work on my life and myself and recover and do something with my life . I will keep you guys all up to date and update you very shortly <3 

I also want to appologize if I unfollow you . Please dont take it personally , i love each and everyone of my followers , but i cant follow all the trigger blogs anymore . When i am 100% back , i will be comepletely changing my blog . It will be black and white , without all the triggers . If you dont want to follow then i understand and you can hit the unfollow button now .

Another big thing when i return is - if you didnt know i hit 10 000 follwers a few weeks back- for hitting 10 000 followers i will start doing a BOTM ! i have not thought it all through , but when i do i will let you guys in on all the details . 

thank you everyone for hopefully understanding . ! My in box is still open and i will check it daily , as will katie . If you need to message , go for it . !! one of us will reply as soon as we can . Keep you heads up and stay strong . 

PLEASE LIKE THIS IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ME DOING THE BOTM , if i dont have anyone interested then there is no point in me trying ! 

I love you all and stay Classy 

- xo Vick !