irrelevant tumblr post

Sometimes I feel pretty but I go back to feeling ugly again because it feels like no one else thinks I am.
—  why do we let other people determine our value?

In the Dominion of Rubrum, there exists a legendary class of cadets: Class Zero… This young man stands at the helm of the twelve chosen ones; on a field of violence and horror, he hums a comforting lullaby…

The signs when told ‘’it’s just a phase’’

Aires: ‘’K’’

Taurus: makes it really obvious that it is not a phase by conforming to the stereotypes of that thing

Gemini: pretends to not be/do that thing any more, but secretly still is

Cancer: tells the person they are wrong and then writes about it

Leo: doesn’t care about what you just said, because you are now irrelevant 

Virgo: makes a Tumblr post about it

Libra: ‘’So what? If it’s a phase fine, if that phase lasts the rest of my life, fine.’’

Scorpio: does the thing in front of their parents

Sagittarius: tells everyone they’re going to run away to get a point across

Capricorn: writes a 3 page essay about how nobody understands them

Aquarius: ignores the person who said it

Pisces: researches into it, to see if it is acutally a phase

minor pet peeve: comments that are literally just asking when im updating, especially ones that remind me precisely how long it’s been since i updated. listen. i know. i am very aware of this time span and i am working on it pls take a chill pill and calm ur jets, my dudes

texting my sister
  • me: yo guess who just got out of prison
  • her: me?
  • me: oh, this is awkward. I was gonna say "it's yo girl jojo lion leggo"
  • her: huh. Why did you go to prison?
  • me: I drowned a kid and set a building on fire. Why were you in prison?
  • her: tax evasion mostly. But I also ran over a hoe with a golf caddy.
  • me: which hoe
  • her: this kid making fun of his Chinese classmate's accent on the bus
  • me: what a hoe
  • her: right?
  • ...
  • me: what have u been up to since you got out of prison?
  • her: making Mac and cheese
  • me: word. Put some bacon in that.
  • her: don't have bacon. I'll have to make it from scratch.
  • me: run a pig over with a golf caddy.
  • her: I already did that. That's how I got out in prison in the first place.
  • her: oh wait you meant for bacon. k.

My hair looks really brown.

I got two compliments on my hair today, one at the bus stop and one on the bus. Which is kind of funny bc 1) I haven’t washed it since Monday and 2) it’s really windy outside and all my hair has been doing is flip flopping all over my head.

And yet

“You have beautiful hair”

“Really dark pretty hair”

So it’s either the new shampoo I haven’t used since Monday or the universe telling me not to cut it just yet, which I was planning to do.

Anyway, enough about my hair. So how has school been going? Good. It’s my second day. Three classes down, two to go. In general, I’m really nervous about 2D design although a few upperclassmen told me it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. They also told me to bring all my supplies to Intro to Drawing today. Yeah, lugging my giant drawing board everywhere with me for no reason isn’t that fun. But it’s okay.