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#IrrelevantCastleHeadcanon [anniversary edition]

Beckett gets a delivery of 8 roses, with a note “A rose for every year since we first met. Happy Anniversary”

A few months later, on a Wednesday afternoon, Castle opens the door to a flower delivery with his original note attached. There are 17 roses.

BTS reaction to finding out you dating them was a bet before a anniversary

owww, my heartu :c this just kind of breaks my heart to write (oh and requested by @aj-penguin) SOME of these end kind of sadly, some don’t. It’s just how I see the boys reacting, some take it more roughly than others.


It’s your third anniversary with your babe, but when should celebrate, he tells you he found out about your secret. About that you originally started dating because of a bet with your friends (but then naturally developed feelings etc).

Namjoon: He walked right to you, when you stepped inside. 

“It never occurred to you? That you could have told me?” he said with an obviously broken voice. You immediately realised what he was talking about and lifted your hand up to your face.

“I ruined it, right? By not telling you. I guess I love you so much that I never had the courage to tell you.” A tear fell down your cheek.

“Baby, stop. I care about you. You care about me. Let’s talk some other time. Right now I wanna celebrate our love. That’s what you came here for, right?” he’d smile and pull you into a tight hug.

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Jin: You’d drop your stuff on the hallway floor and see Jin sitting on the bottom stair of the staircase.

“Y/N-ah, you never told me. That I was just a joke to you. A bet.” he said with an obviously hurt look

“Oppa, what do you mean?” you’d start but then realize what he meant. “Oh my…now you know. I’m an idiot.”

“That really hurts me, Y/N, to find out like this. I think we need to talk about it, even though I know it is in the past. How about we move anniversary dinner til tomorrow and talk it out today?” he’ll say, trying to give a smile, but failing.

“Yeah, let’s do that. I wanna tell you about it. I feel bad hiding it.”

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 Suga: You came out from the bathroom, when you saw Yoongi standing in the hall with your phone in his hand. Your eyes widened. You knew exactly what text he read, the one from your sister about telling Yoongi.

“Oh my…Yoongi. I meant to tell you, but I just couldn’t, I really couldn’t.”

He looked down and then up again. “I’m not happy. I don’t think I wanna celebrate today. Let’s move it a few days. Let’s just be us right now.”

“Sure, whatever you want. So, do you wanna talk?” you said, voice going more silent with each word, you couldn’t bare to hear your own lying voice.

“I want to lay with you watching TV. No words, just silence. I want to think for a bit, but still be with you.”

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J-Hope: “Jagi, it isn’t true right? I saw your text with your unnie…” hopie would ask, keeping it sweet.

“I’m so sorry” you’d say, seeing his face change from smiles to a raincloud. “I really feel ashamed of it. I thought I wouldn’t see you after the two weeks but look at us now.”

“It’s okay. People make mistakes. Let’s not be sad right now, explain in the car. I reserved us this nice place, the foods great.” he’d smile lightly

“Okay, oppa. Have I already told you how much I love you?” you’d smile and he’d pull you closer. “I was too hot to let go, right?”

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Jimin: “Jiminie, I’m an idiot. I should’ve told you. I should’ve not gone into a relationship before telling you. But I forgot and it came back a while ago. It was just a drunk bet, It meant nothing.”

Jimin stared at the bedroom wall, with no emotions on his face. He usually talked, but not right now.

“It’s like talking to a wall, huh? I get it, you’re hurt. I’ll go for now.” you’d wipe a tear falling down your cheek “Happy anniversary.” you’d whisper getting up, but ultimately getting pulled back by Jimin’s hand. He quietly whispered;

“Don’t go. Stay here with me. No talking. I just wanna hold you for a moment”

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Taehyung: “I’m so sorry. You know I love you, but I know I should’ve told you earlier” you’d spill out with a broken voice.

“Jagiya…it’s gonna be okay. Since you love me and I might love you even more, we can leave this behind. It happened, but look at where we are now.”

You’d try to smile, but fail and start crying like crazy. A worried Taehyung would grab your arm and say “Hey hey, calm down. Did I say something wrong?”

“No, Tae, what you said was just so amazing. Who knew you could speak like that?” you’d smile as you said the last words.

“Aish with you. I’m actually smart!” he’d convince you by counting some irrelevant math chart.

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Jungkook: You arrived home, a bit later than usual. “Kookie-ya, i’m ho-” but you were interrupted by Jungkook quickly walking right in front of you, standing only a couple inches away.

“What’s going o-” but once again you were interrupted by him.

“A bet? That’s all I am to you. After it all, do you even love me?” he’d say obviously hurt and mad.

“No, no, oh my kookie no. Of course I love you, I love you more than anything. It all just started with the bet but I ended it really early because I actually realized I loved you and my love only grew stron-” you started talking on and on, until you were interrupted again, but now by a kiss. “Kookie, what’s-” you tried to say.

“Not today. I need to hear your story, but tonight it’s all about us. Our love. Our real love, not love made by a bet, not paid love, none of that.”

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