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Carmilla Week Fifteen!

Well. That was something. There’s a lot going on here.

Danny made a deal with Baron LiarLiarPantsOnFire and I’m like “really? You believe this tool?” At least it’s finally going to be revealed to Laura that her White Knight was actually out to settle a centuries-old grudge.

In which Mattie says what a lot of us were probably thinking.

The BigB goes on a ramble about how life is disappointing and yeah dude we get it, your family didn’t achieve greatness. I’m not the rockstar I used to dream of being, I’m not a superhero, shit happens, get over it.

Was she looking at Carmilla? She was looking at Carmilla, wasn’t she? And her face when he was talking about battles and adventures and excitement? Interesting.

To quote Mattie, “and there it is, kids”. His plan the whole time was to be the big vampire hunting hero and off poor ol’ Lophii. Thing is though, the heroic quest is gonna do a metric fuckton of damage. Danny seems legit put out and upset by his big surprising revelation.

THANK YOU CARMILLA. I have ranted about this before. HOW COULD YOU SERIOUSLY TRUST THIS GUY. I mean, jesus I know Laura was super into her black and white worldview but man when his NAME IS LIAR MCLIARPANTS, CHIEF OF THE LIARS, MAYBE DO NOT TRUST HIM.

So we have proof that LaF and Kirsch are still tied to Lophii after they were taken. Kirsh seems less so, probably ‘cause LaF was taken earlier. (Matt played possessed SO WELL).

What a lovely singing voice Lophii must have. Question: Is Lophii warning them in a “you puny mortals I am the only thing protecting you” way? And if she is aware that she’s a guard or is protecting a gate or whatever is in/behind the gate, would it be worthwhile to try to communicate with her and see what’s up. Just pop down to the crater and say “hey Lophii, you on our side or nah?” or like, Netflix and chill and just get to know her.

Actual footage of Lophii hangouts.

Considering you’ve lost control of EVERYTHING, hey, anything is possible. And really, if the giant angry god is warning you that you fucked up, consider your life choices.

I worked in a grocery store seafood department when I was younger and we lost our entire stock due to a power outage. That is going to be one ferocious smell.

They’re down one Sumerian god but she didn’t do anything reeeeeally bad, unlike whoever killed the Summers and IT IS NOT MATTIE. Danny, I get where you’re coming from, I do but for the love of Voldemort look at this rationally. Mattie is the type to be VERY pleased with whatever damage and carnage and murder she does. If she said she didn’t kill anyone, she didn’t. I believe the person you’re looking for is DeanPerry.

YES GO MATTIE. I hope this is true. If she did drink it, I have a theory. It’s given her more powers and now the necklace is irrelevant and she’s absolutely unkillable.

Interesting thing I noticed though and maybe I’m reading too much into this, as I mentioned before but uh,

does Carmilla look pointedly at the necklace? I’m wondering if there’s some sort of plan with it. Carmilla and Mattie would likely have talked about it - they’re not dumb and they’re close. Mattie may have set something up?

Right so I guess that was confirmation that Danny was told how to hurt Mattie.
And I know most of you are gone apeshit about Danny but look, Mattie has been accused of almost everything since she set foot on campus. Danny, while upset and i get that, refuses to actually look at logic and rationality here. She was fine with handing over Carmilla and Mattie (sidenot dUDE do you really think Laura would be ok with that?!) based on very flimsy evidence. Mattie has every right to be mega pissed at someone who’s been gunning for her since she arrived. Danny’s black and white way of seeing this situation is almost as bad as Laura. That being said, she reacted the way pretty much anyone would if they were being crushed by an impressively strong vampire. They’re both basically at their breaking points (no pun intended).

I doubt she’s dead. Carmilla said that the necklace is what makes her invincible, NOT what kills her. Killing one Horcrux didn’t kill Voldemort, it just made him weaker and this is probably a similar situation. Team Duct Tape came up with some theories as you can read in haveearswilltravel‘s recap and yeah, they’re all totally plausible. Maybe it released the Dean and now she’s back to full strength. Maybe it was a total lie, like I said on Tuesday. I feel like Mattie has a bigger hand in all of this than what’s being shown to us. Laura is a terrible narrator and is only showing us what she wants us to see, but maybe there’s something coming. (Regardless I would love for Mattie to come back for S3).

Where’s Perry? Being possessed somewhere and maybe being evil. I cannot wait to see Perry go FullDean (and maybe, just maybe, people will FINALLY stop being in denial about that).
Where’s JP? Hiding with a book. Wondering if they’re setting it up so that DeanPerry kills LaF (and has to suffer those consequences) and JP is the new science nerd for S3.

In between the jokes and angst-train in the squad chat, it was mentioned that if there is indeed a 3-season arc, they might be setting it up for S3 to be a rebuilding season. S1 set it all up - gave us the history, the basis for Laura investigating things, the Hollstein dynamic, everything. S2 took what was already there and built on it. It developed characters and relationships and showed growth. It also showed that within relationships, there are cracks. There were enough to break up Carmilla and Laura. Laura’s very naive way of looking at things in terms of good/bad black/white needs to change, and it is, but slowly. She’s all about Carmilla needing to change but in reality, she’s got to change how she sees things and how she looks at the world. S1 laid a foundation, but it was on shaky ground. S2 built on it, but that shaky ground made so many things fall apart. S3, perhaps, will be the rebuilding arc. Things get repaired and rebuilt and they’re stronger than before.


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