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for @onethousandroaches! happy birthday to my salty hockey mom! 

some unbeta’d messy holsom for ya bc i love these boys

(I’m going with a few hcs I have, so holster is jewish and has gradually worsening hearing loss, and ransom has anxiety. I am not HOH, so if I got anything wrong please tell me! also, there are Hebrew transliterations in here! hope u don’t mind!)

(also whoops title is slightly irrelevant that song is just as soft as this fic)

words: a lil over 1k!

warnings: some homophobic language, and a vague description of an anxiety attack

Adam is seven, and he loves the ice.

It’s abundant in New York, especially in January, but he loves how he can glide across it so easily. Well, maybe not so easily, he thinks, as his dad has to pick him up off the ground for the fourth time this morning.

It’s a start.

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since it’s that time soon, here’s my list of top15 ESC songs (not just winners, but songs that I’ve either liked or thought were funny) (really just random after the top two)

1. Hard Rock Hallelujah

2. Dancing Lasha Tumbai

3. Rise Like a Phoenix

4. Time to Shine

5. Waterloo

6. Party for Everybody

7. Baila El Chiki Chiki

8. Sound of Silence

9. Run Away (aka Epic Sax Guy)

10. Diva

11. Marry Me

12. Alcohol Is Free

13. It’s My Life

14. No Prejudice

15. Wolves of the Sea

bonus: Love, Love, Peace, Peace


some mamathyst AU stuff

the amethyst and peridot fusion is named fluorite, and she’s basically the AU’s version of rainbow quartz

every hamilton song imo

Alexander Hamilton - Hamilton had a shitty childhood

Aaron Burr, Sir - Boys are drunk

My Shot - Hamilton is a stubborn asshole

The Story of Tonight - Boys are drunk part 2

The Schuyler Sisters - Feminism - a song

Farmer Refuted - Samuel Seabury is a little bitch

You’ll Be Back - Is King George a yandere??????

Right Hand Man - Things are going horribly but we’re building bonds so that’s ok!!!!!!

A Winter’s Ball - The “we’re heterosexuals” song

Helpless - I married a man after a month of knowing him- what could go wrong?

Satisfied - Angelica is the least selfish person on the planet???

The Story of Tonight (Reprise) - Boys are drunk part 3

Wait For It - We get it, Burr and Hamilton are polar opposites

Stay Alive - Charles Lee is fucking stupid

Ten Duel Commandments - Literally the title??? nothing else to it, really

Meet Me Inside - Daddy issues

That Would Be Enough - Alex, you knocked me up, don’t fuckin’ die

Guns and Ships - French screaming and HERCULES MULLIGAN

History Has It’s Eyes On You - Don’t fuck up Alex

Yorktown - lol we won

What Comes Next? - George is salty

Dear Theodosia - Was it a coincidence that y'all had children at like the same time or did you plan this for duet purposes?

Non-Stop - Alexander Hamilton is an overachiever and needs to chill tf out

What’d I Miss? - Thomas Jefferson is really gay and it’s the best thing


Take a Break - Alexander stop flirting with your sister and pay attention to your dead boyfriend lookin’ son

Say No To This - Maria Reynolds is precious stop yelling at her

The Room Where It Happens - Burr just wants to be invited to parties

Schuyler Defeated - Burr’s revenge?? idk this song is irrelevant

Cabinet Battle #2 - “Did you forget Lafayette?” bitch you are Lafayette shhhh

Washington On Your Side - We all hate Hamilton at this point, it’s okay guys

One Last Time - Washington and Hamilton should always sing together, it’s beautiful

I Know Him - This song is also kinda irrelevant, good thing it’s short

The Adam’s Administration - Alex, calm the fuck down

We Know - You literally did not need to tell them you had an affair what the fuck

Hurricane - I don’t feel bad for you anymore, you fucking suck

The Reynolds Pamphlet - Damn.

Burn - Eliza did not deserve this

Blow Us All Away - Philip is a fuckboy and Alex gives bad advice

Stay Alive (Reprise) - Oops lol

It’s Quiet Uptown - Sorry that your son died, but you still don’t deserve Eliza…..

The Election of 1800 - Why do people still care about Hamilton’s opinion?????

Your Obedient Servant - Ham vs Burr, vote on your phones now

Best of Wives and Best of Women - Get your lying ass back to bed

The World Was Wide Enough - Remember that bad advice you gave your son before he died? Why don’t you take it too

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story - Eliza is the real hero of the story

Mark Sloan Imagine

Mark Sloan Imagine
1828 Words
Suggestions: Reader has a miscarriage, and the baby is Mark’s. Song Shot!
Song: Irrelevant by Lauren Aquilina
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Disclaimer: I do NOT own Grey’s Anatomy, nor Irrelevant, nor You.

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Let’s start at the end
Becoming strangers once again
Or maybe that’s all we ever were
Do you know how it feels
To crave a body made of steel
To give your all for no return

You tried. You tried not to think about it, but it seemed to kill you on the inside. You never wanted kids, it wasn’t even your intention. You grew up wanting to be successful in your life since your parents were nothing more than terrible to you. You thought about it a countless number of times. Should I even have kids? Honestly, when you saw the stick show positive, your thoughts ran over on how your life would end up. Happy? Sad? Good? Bad? Well, Who cares, You thought. You did care, after a week, you started to care. You took better care of yourself. You even let the father know, and to your surprise, he was more excited than you were at first.

‘Cause I’ve been running marathons
While you’re still standing still
And I’d be anything for you
But I’ll never fit the bill

The moment blood ran down your legs in the middle of surgery, you could tell something was wrong. You collapsed. You became quiet, only to cave in when people asked how you felt. You muttered incoherent words, which made people assume you didn’t want to be bothered. You weren’t that perfect woman that everyone set you out to be. Successful, respected, honest, caring, you had a great relationship, people told you that you had all the essentials to having a great life. The only thing missing was kids. You couldn’t fit the bill. You were thinking you’d be on your own after all of this. This… surprise… of a miscarriage left you in a hospital bed to be looked over. People wondered about your well-being, were you healthy? Were you psychologically ready to move forward with your life? Maybe, maybe not. Who cares?

Mark was in surgery when you were pulled into the Operating Room. Something happened, he just didn’t know. After he got out of his surgery, he found out you were in a hospital room. When he asked what happened, people gave him the same answer. Most people knew you were pregnant.

“She had a miscarriage during surgery. She collapsed.”

He raced to find you. When he did, you stared out the window with sadness on your face. They called your parents, the hospital did, they were on their way. You didn’t want to face them, you haven’t spoken to them in a long time.


Derek walked up to him as he turned his head.

“Yeah,” Mark breathed, looking back at you.

“I heard… How is she taking it?”

'Cause I’m irrelevant
You’ll be fine without me
And it’s evident, it shows
And in your excellence
I forgot I used to have my own
You won’t even notice that I’m gone

“I just heard too.”

A nurse walked in and addressed a few things with you. You stared at her, giving her what you gave everyone. She did nothing to you. This was all on you, and all you could do is listen. When the nurse walked out, Mark stepped in, and you returned to looking out the window.

“I heard,” He said.

You shrugged.

“We need to talk.”

You shook your head.


“I can’t. I want to, but I can’t. If I had to, I’d spill my guts to you like always, but I’m not as big as that right now. I’m hormonal. I’m deadly. I’m listening and not speaking. When my parents walk in, don’t say anything. Let me do the talking.”


“I want you to hold my hand. I don’t want you to do anything else, just hold my hand.”

“When are they coming?”

“They were in France, they should be here tomorrow.”

You looked at him.

You consume my thoughts
I’m not sure that I’m in yours at all
Your mind is too far gone to see
The worst part of it all
Is that I desperately still want
Someone who never wanted me

“We can try again. We can have kids. This isn’t the end of the world.”

“I didn’t want kids. Did you know that? I didn’t want kids because I didn’t want to end up like that mother who cares about their job and their life more than their kid. Then I found out I was pregnant, and that shifted my entire perspective. Kids. Those bundles of mess that would consume all the life out of you. I wanted a mess. I wanted a lot of messes. I would take that mess and make it into the best… Now… it’s just…”

You sighed, rubbing your face.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

Mark nodded.

'Cause you’ve been burning bridges while
I’ve been building homes
And I’m only your everything
When you feel alone
'Cause I’m irrelevant
You’ll be fine without me
And it’s evident, it shows
And in your excellence
I forgot I used to have my own
You won’t even notice that I’m gone

Mark knew it would take some time to rebuild what was between the both of you. You were disappointed, he was forgiving. You felt like you burned the bridge in between the both of you. You didn’t.

Your parents arrived the next day, and arrived at the hospital in a small rush. You were reading a magazine, finishing up on the books people brought to you. You had to teach your residents somehow, and told them what to do. They need to brush up on techniques and learn from others. Your famous words as others said it was. Your father walked in first, and stood by your bedside.

“Well, how’s my favorite daughter in the world,” Your father gave you his signature smile that he always gave you when he couldn’t make it to your performances.

“You know how she is (Father Name),” Your mother sneered, rolling her eyes.

You sighed.

“I want to ask her. I didn’t need your words (Mother Name).”

“What was so important that we had to come here halfway across the globe? We were in the middle of an important conference.”

Your mother gave you her signature rude voice, like always. Again, they both never made time for you. You opened your mouth only for another voice to intervene.

“She had a miscarriage.”

You all look to see Mark. You gave him a look. He went to the other side of your bed, holding your hand.

“Who are you?”

“Her husband.”


Your parents looked at you.

Are the days that I’ll cling to you
Throw me to the lions and start anew
And who the hell are you
For the hell you’ve put me through

You knew Mark made the wrong move to say that, but it was also the right move.

“Yes, my husband,” You nodded.

You both were boyfriend and girlfriend, you both talked about marriage, but you never REALLY brought it up.

“When did you get married,” Your father asked.

“A few years ago. We now thought about kids, and then… this happened.”

Oh, you could lie so smoothly. Mark gripped your hand tightly.

“Yes, this happened. We didn’t think you were coming,” Mark nodded, looking down at you.

“Yeah, I didn’t know I was coming either,” Your mother checked her phone.

“I knew, because I cared. For the first time, our daughter has done something that isn’t to your liking and you don’t seem to be bothered. I’m bothered, because I missed most of her life because of your… stupidity!”

Your parents fighting wasn’t the issue. You’ve seen enough of these to know how this was going to come down. Mark pulled up a chair and looked at you.

“How are you,” He whispered.

“…I’m not okay,” You whispered, shaking your head.

“That’s why I’m here, to make you okay.”

Your parents’ conversation stirred back into your ears. You both looked.

“And? You didn’t stop me! You didn’t care either.”

“I did, which is why I sent her money she needed. You never knew about that huh?”

“That, was you?!”

Your father was a large part of a large company. Your mother only got involved after they married. She wasn’t a part of it in any way.

“Yes, it was. And I don’t regret it one bit. I haven’t told (Y/n) because she’s been surviving as a doctor, who gets a lot of money now-a-days.”

You opened your mouth, a bit shocked at your father’s words. Mark closed your mouth and continued to watch.

“This is getting entertaining,” He whispered.

You hit his arm.

“I’m pregnant.”

“I want a divorce.”

You both snapped your heads over to them. Your mother’s mouth hanged open.

“You heard me. I. Want. A. Divorce,” Your father growled.

“Wait a second-.”

“No. Even if you were pregnant, which is a lie, the baby wouldn’t be mine because we stopped having sex as soon as (Y/n) hit high school. You’ve been cheating on me, the guy told me, I just let him do it because I didn’t care about you anymore.”

“I’d get half to company even if-.”

“You wouldn’t. I don’t own the company, my father does, which, by the way, he isn’t dead, nor is my mother. I lied so you would comply when all the money you earned gets transferred into a bank account that has (Y/n)’s name on it.”


“No need for insults darling, the baby’s in the room.”

Your father wasn’t one for being more angry than nice. This showed you something.

“(Y/n), how much is your hospital bill,” Your father asked you.

“Don’t talk to her-.”

“How much?”

“I- Uh,” You were stumbled.

He wrote out a check and handed it to Mark.

“This is for her bills. I’ll take care of her when she’s discharged, while her mother leaves back to France and tells everyone we’re getting divorced, like my parents wanted.”

Your mother stomped out.

But I’m irrelevant
You’ll be fine without me
And it’s evident, it shows
And in your excellence
I forgot I used to have my own
You won’t even notice that I’m…
… gone

Your father looked at the both of you.

“I’m sorry. She’s a little bit… dramatic sometimes,” He apologized.

“Honestly, sounds like me and (Y/n) when I forget to buy take-out,” Mark chuckled, looking at the check.

“It’s nice that you found someone. He sounds like a keeper. Maybe we’ll talk. I have to head to the hotel now. Would you like anything sweetheart?”

You shook your head and he walked out. You looked at Mark.

“I’m sorry-,” You started.

“Hmm? Why are you apologizing?”


“Yeah, you. You don’t need to. Just marry me, simple as that.”


“Why marry you? A lot of reasons, but you heard your dad. He wants to talk. Can’t disappoint the In-Laws, am I right?”

You smiled and hugged Mark.

“Thank you.”

Songs that make my heart tremble:

How to Save a Life - The Fray

You Found Me - The Fray

You and Me - Lifehouse

Fix you - Coldplay

Dust to Dust - The Civil Wars

Overjoyed - Bastille

Hear Me - Imagine Dragons

High Hopes - Kodaline