irrelevant figures

Woke up to two messages saying the password has been cracked. I WAS SO CLOSE

But yes! More importantly I want to talk about the date on that flyer. Friday the 22nd. All this stuff sounds like it should be taking place in 2006, the summer of 2006, but the only two “Friday the 22nd”s in 2006 were in September and December, which doesn’t work with the timeline. (Of course technically none of this stuff works because why is the website being updated like it’s 2006 when it’s almost 10 years later but whatever we’ll figure that out eventually probably.)

Know what month does have a Friday the 22nd? May. Of this year. 

Do we have another date to look forward to on our hands, friends?

I’ve figured out the best possible way to figure out who the new A is on Pretty Little Liars. You simply figure out what makes the absolute least amount of sense and find the most irrelevant characters and BAM! Figured out who did it. The more plot holes, the better.

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