irrelevant dog

My cat has been sleeping like this while purring for the last 5 minutes. Help him.

  1. tifo size is completely irrelevant
  2. dogs aren’t just cute, they’re the best
  3. orlando’s already mentioned in the first two items of the roundup
  4. maybe send a photo that doesn’t make the stadium look 2/3 empty hashtag fill the bowl
  5. for a team with 0.5 ppg, that’s lost 12 of your last 16 matches, and which still distributes 5.8k to 14k tickets per match, y’all are just getting ugly with all this whining that you somehow aren’t getting enough attention
  6. no but seriously did y’all actually miss that the pride were in the first two items of the dang roundup that y’all are complaining about
  7. really tho, you’re making your team’s name completely ironic

i was in history class and looking through pictures from the daughter of a soldier in WWI and there was a picture of a dog. and people laughed when i got excited, but i did. i asked the woman and she said it was her fathers dog and showed me a picture of her father in military dress standing besides the dog. a photo like that makes someone a person, not a historical figure- someone who loved a dog enough to devote pictures to it. idk humanizing history is just the loveliest, most interesting thing to me