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i legit don't think it's fair to be jumping all over this interviewer without any evidence that she did something awful during the interview. it's really uncomfortable to see. she shouldn't have called fionn out for being "moody" but idt she deserves to get attacked and you're exacerbating it.

she literally talked *only* about harry leading Up to the interview and also post interview she *only* talked about harry and then Today she’s all up in arms bc fionn got irritated bc she only asked harry styles stuff and then childishly and unprofessionally said that she would “post some gifs of harry” bc she didn’t know if she had anything usable bc sHE couldn’t seem to pull her head out of her arse and then also had to say fionn was “difficult all day” from “another interviewer” when if u watch literally Every single other interview w fionn he is chill, having a good time, and has a v Reserved personality but has Really started opening up

what’s uncomfortable is when interviewers disrespect, disregard and ask celebs irrelevant questions during interviews and then want to Blame the reaction of the celebs on them being moody and hard to work with when it’s Really the interviewer’s unprofessionalism that the celeb doesn’t want to and shouldn’t have to deal w like respect the fact that there are OTHER ppl in the film OTHER than harry styles esp in ur own interview and if i was fionn i’d get irritated too if i had to hear One more question about harry styles cutting his hair and how Hard it was to do that…for a wwii war film…..

and harry has had Years and years of experience and practice w interviewers who have made him uncomfortable and disrespected him so he knows how to brush it off or divert the question or make it less awkward which is Great but also at the Start of all these promo things ppl on HERE were shitting on fionn for looking pissed off or uninterested when his personality and General aura is just reserved and chilled and a lil resting bitch face but he’s?? the sweetest?? kindest??? most thoughtful answers??? intelligent?? and calls some interviewers out on their dumbass questions w his answers 

so maybe think about how fionn was Most likely disrespected or Even just sitting normally and this woman took to social media, something he doesn’t even publicly have, to immaturely blast him for something that was in response to her lack of professionalism