irrelevant basic hoes these days sheesh

I’m looking through the notes on one of Hannah’s posts and I see this??? I don’t know whether I wanna laugh because someone actually took the time out of their redundant life to create a blog about Hannah, or if I want to just puke all over this persons existence??? Like fucking hell man if Hannah is a 12 year old prostitute what the fuck does that make you?? A 10 year old cyber stalker?? I don’t know what was going through your mind when you made this blog and I sure as hell don’t understand why you thought it was a good idea but you need to sit the fuck down and reevaluate some of your decisions in life because at this point I, along with many other people, would have no problem smacking you in the fucking face. Sorry but dumb bitches like this have got to go. If you have something distasteful to say about a person grow some balls and say it on your own blog.