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Oh, It Is My Love

A/N: It’s fucking 4am and I am trash. I willed myself to finish this so that I could start writing something else (for my other blog), and I think my eyes are about to fall out of my head. I apologize for any grammatical stuff, I’ll probably go through this again eventually and fix any mistakes. But overall, I’m pretty proud of this piece. It’s my first actual lengthy fic, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

Summary: After a heartbreaking and scarring past, you find solace in a small town library and the people that visit it. But when a mysterious, pale stranger named Carlisle arrives and disrupts the comfortable familiarity, feelings you have been stifling for years begin to resurface and you are faced with your greatest fear- change. (WC: 7,379 words) 

Warnings: A lot of angst, mentions of suicide, mentions of war/fire/explosives

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Roger Keith “Syd“ Barrett // January 6, 1946 – July 7, 2006

“I wasn’t always this introverted. I think young people should have a lot of fun. But I never seem to have any. [ … ] I don’t think I’m easy to talk about. I’ve got a very irregular head. And I’m not anything that you think I am anyway.“

Precious Things [Bucky Barnes x Reader] Drabble.

I wrote this while half asleep. If it’s terrible that’s why. We’ll just go with that explanation lol.

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Title: Precious Things

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Rating: R 


Request: Bucky x reader one-shot where they have sex and the morning after its all extremely fluffy, cuddles, and compliments until he sees the bruises he left so he feels super, super bad where he’s in tears cause he feels so bad but the reader assures him it’s okay.   @super-the-natural

Warning: Unprotected sex, general smuttiness, cursing, guilt.


It was well past two in the morning by the time your team finished debriefing and everyone got a clean bill of health from Dr. Cho. Clint was surely passed out already, since he was known to collapse onto his bed fully clothed when particularly tired. Natasha had too much left over adrenaline in her system and had headed for the gym once she was released.

The rest of the Avengers sat out this mission, considering it was strictly spy games. There was little need to bring a band of brawlers when no one needed to throw a swing. The tower was quiet, and you smiled to yourself at the sense of peace you felt.

You reached your room and turned the doorknob, hesitating before flicking on the lights when you noticed a body curled up on your bed. Biting your lip to stifle a grin, you closed the door quietly behind you and took soft steps towards the bed.

Ever since you and Bucky had become a couple (it seemed so juvenile to call him your boyfriend), the two of you rarely slept apart. When missions made separation a necessity, Bucky would take to sleeping in your bed. He said it was a way to be close to you when you were gone.

Whatever the reason, it was damn adorable.

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how would you run a clinical trial on “the kisses”

…Once, when I was about seven, I was engaged in a heated argument with my best friends and her visiting cousins over whether an imaginary horse from the game of make-believe we were playing would be able to fly from my house to my best friend’s house (I can’t remember why this was so necessary to our game, but I really wanted that horse to fly.) She argued that that was daft, because horses don’t fly at all. so finally, exasperated and angry, I trudged the whole group down the street to the Barretts’, where Rog was gardening at the side of the house (I reckoned he’d be the one to ask because he never got short with us children, like all our parents would do when we asked nonsense questions). I didn’t even ask if he was busy–I was a fairly bold and obstreperous child–I just marched into the garden and poked him in the back. He took his gloves off and looked at me (I remember him as always having an expression of very mild annoyance mixed with fond, caring indulgence) and I burst out with the dilemma we were having, and asked him something like “It’s true that the make-believe horse can fly from here to Cherry Hinton, isn’t it, Rog?” He was very patient, and took the time to explain to us that not only was I right that the imaginary horse could definitely fly to Cherry Hinton, but that in make-believe, absolutely anything you can think of is completely real and possible. He smiled at us all and then shooed us away so he could get back to his gardening
—  A neighbor’s account of a conversation with Roger “Syd” Barrett in his later years from Rob Chapman’s “A Very Irregular Head: The Life of Syd Barrett”. I’m not crying. You’re crying. Stop crying, ya big crybaby.

so tumblr user burawando mentioned something about dio speaking french to jonathan and jona being embarrassingly into it and woah before you know it i am writing a fic?

set during the years where dio is pretending to be friendly, so it could be underage depending on how you read it. they don’t fuck by any definition of the word, but it’s still consent issues. also, the french novelette dio is reading is Kinda Fucked Up, and it’s been years since i took french, so i can’t promise the grammar is quite right.

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This is my first Nate smut. Just a side note it is important to read this text AU before the story. they’re linked. So without any further a due, grab drink, a seat and let’s fuck shit up.


Your boyfriend Nate was out with his friends to the AMA’s. You would’ve gone too but your college schedule prevented it. Nate and you had left your shared apartment at about the same time, but you knew he would be later getting home.

Knowing how Nates schedule has been prior to the award show, you knew as well as him how much you wanted each other. With the tour being only a day before this, you guys hadn’t and sex in a while, what felt like centuries to you both.

It was 5:45 when you got home. You decided to make yourself into Nates little surprise for when he got home. You knew all his favorite things and you also knew how to frustrate him. Two things you could do to turn him on the most.

First, you showered and washed you hair with Nates favorite scent of shampoo and conditioner. After you got out, you went into your drawer and picked out a black lace bra with matching panties, another one of Nates favorites.

With that you chose to only put on a pair on pajama pants that were very fluffy but complimented your shape as well as matching the color in your bra.

You dried you hair, and let it go to it’s natural wavy state, putting in a little moose just because. Lastly you put on a little perfume, the cherry on top of a wonderful and quite sexy surprise Nate had waiting for him.

You laid on your made bed crossing your legs with your back against the headboard. You got your phone and decided to text Nate. ( this next couple of parts is why I said the text AU was important to read before this. )

You talked to him the way you knew would really get him going. You had him right where you wanted him and just to put it over you said what you knew he couldn’t resist.

Nate has a little “daddy” kink that you too didn’t mind. After you said that you were sure he was going crazy. The odd thing was, was that after you said that he read it, but didn’t reply Due to the fact you asked a question you were expecting an answer.

Just thinking he was busy you let it go. It was 8 now so you knew you had at least 2-3 hours until Nate was to be home, you decided to open up your laptop and listen to music to kill the time. You popped in both your headphones, layed on your stomach, and listened to your music while doing other things on your computer.

Two songs had played and the third one was about to play. Just as the beginning of the song struck you were scared half to death by the feeling of a hand lay softly on your ass and squeeze firmly.

You tore out the headphones and flipped your body just as quick, to see Nate standing at the end if the bed. You were in complete shock, still recovering from the mild heart attack you had previously.

“Oh my god, Nate you scared me to death. What are you doing home so early ?” you said with a hand on your chest attempting to slow your breathing.

“You know you can’t tease me like that baby…” he said with a low voice and seriousness in his eyes, but a smirk spread across his face.

He walked around the bed to the side, your eyes locked on each other the whole time. He leaned down and slowly closed your laptop setting it elsewhere. He walked back around to the end still eyes locked in you as if you were a target, motioned for you to stand up.

You did as you assumed and stood. Before any words could be spoken, his hands grasped your face smashing your lips together. He slipped his tongue into your mouth almost instantly. You wrapped your arms around his neck deepening the kiss.

He began to kiss his way to your ear, once he got there he lightly bit your earlobe, causing you to gasp. “Take off your pants” he whispered demandingly into you ear. once again you did as you were told .

“now you want to be a good girl huh ?” he said kissing his way back to your mouth. After the kiss lasted a minute or so, he moved his hands to your legs lifting you, the laying you on the bed.

He layed almost on his side beside you. still kissing you he made you lay flat. He traced his fingers down to your panty line and pulled away.

He looked into your eyes as he slid his hand into your panties, using two fingers rubbing your clit. You moan as he continues his movement. You close you eyes, but when you did he stopped.

He leaned his head down and whispered “Look at me”

You opened your eyes again and he started again. This time adding two fingers into you, making it harder to keep your eyes open. You soon became a moaning mess, you grabbed his shoulder digging your nails into his shirt.

“Oh fuck yes daddy don’t stop oh I’m close” you said dragging out your words. He stopped right then and sat up.

“The only time your gonna cum tonight, is on daddy’s dick” he said unbuttoning his shirt. He took off his pants leaving himself in his boxers. His erection creating a large bulge in the material. He grabbed himself and began to rub.

“you want this baby girl ? you want daddy to fuck you ? ” he said not taking his eyes off you. You nodded biting your lip, “Yes” you said breathlessly. He crawled onto you and as he moved his way up your body he grinded himself into your core.

He made it up to your ear and began grinding more, you could feel him through his boxers. Then he whispered “tell me what you want baby girl” he said breathing heavy against the skin of your ear.

“you I want you daddy. I want you to fuck me.” you said loudly in anticipation. He slid his boxers down, his erection slapping against his toned stomach, his lined himself up with my entrance.. “Well since you’ve been good since I got home…” After those words he slammed into you.

You both moaned as he continued pounding into you. His thrust were rough and fast making your climax approach quicker. He looked down at what he was doing then back up at you. “Shit y/n your so fucking tight baby” he grunted placing kisses on your neck.

He adjusted himself hitting the perfect spot everytime. He then used one hand to rub rough circles into your clit.

“Oh my god I’m so close baby” you moaned. “Cum for daddy baby girl” His thrusts began getting harder and you screamed in pleasure as the groans and the sound of your sweaty skin hitting each other filled the room.

You felt a knot in your stomach and you dug your nails into his back once more and released onto him. He continued pounding until he came shortly after. He grunted loudly as his face contorted with pleasure he rode out both your highs

He then collapsed onto the bed next to you. Both your breathing was heavy and irregular. He turned his head to look at you, “God knows how long I’ve wanted to do that.” he said smiling. You giggles in response and snuggled yourself into him. He wrapped his arms around you. “I love you so much y/n, Goodnight” He said kissing your head. “I love you to Nate. Goodnight”

You both fell into a deep sleep content and pleased.

I was going through an old journal I found when I stumbled across an entry from July 7th, 2012.

“Six years ago today, he left us for the Great Gig in the Sky… But the truth is, anyone that knew him would personal would have mourned his loss around 1972. ‘I’ve got a very irregular head and I’m never anything you think I am anyway.’ We were driving back from the Rochester market, and it’s a good thing I had my sunglasses on when the sound of Shine On You Crazy Diamond swelled to my ears. I could feel it, my face dropping, my eyes getting heavy and my chest warm when I thought, someone else out there is playing this song and grieving for a man we didn’t even know. Regardless, shine on Syd, you changed my life.”