• Person: BioShock sucks, why do you like it so much
  • Mom: no
  • Dad: no
  • Dog: no
  • Cat: no
  • Me: /opens up 500 page powerpoint/ WELLLLLLLLLLLLL DO I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THAT

The opening thirty minutes of Bioshock Infinite are a slow burn, with the game deliberately removing the player character’s weapon as they enter Columbia to emphasize that, for now, the game will not be about fighting. Instead, it pushes the player to observe and participate in Columbia among the citizens while things are still “peaceful,” so the shift to violence can feel that much more pronounced when it does come.


107 Bioshock facts!

This is actually super interesting.


I’ll be attending Mr. Ryan’s 1959 new years eve extravaganza tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be a (pre-spliced) Rapture citizen at Ohayocon tomorrow! If you are attending and see me, feel free to say hello!

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Had a great time taking photos of my Big Sister costume (Bioshock 2) at the Georgia Aquarium! My camera is not the best, so the photos are not that high quality but I still love them!