HEY YOU GUYS GUESS WHAT Bioshock: Infinite is out and I can finally show some of the visual development I did for the game! :D  Pretty excited over here.

Figured I’d start off with my dress design process for young Liz, since her alternate outfit has been getting a lot of coverage (no pun intended) over the past couple of months.  Irrational wanted a period- and age-appropriate look, so that’s what I was aiming for.  I’ve got some more stuff I can share out tomorrow, but I didn’t want to overload you guys with art posts. :)

-C, who is definitely picking up her pre-order after work

(Tremendous thanks to Jorge Lacera and the team at Irrational for briefly welcoming me into the fold- as a huge fan of the franchise I was blown away when they hit me up to do some concept work, and it was an absolute pleasure to contribute in even the tiniest way to what is looking to be an amazing game.)


More of my vis dev work for Bioshock: Infinite! (You can see my concepts for young Liz over yonder in this post)

Sooo I also got to work on designing Robert and Rosalind, who you end up meeting pretty early on in the game.  I’m only three hours in so I don’t know if their full names are spoilers yet, so I’m playing it safe. :)

The two of them were still in the really early design stages when I was brought on, so I got to have a lot of free reign with them; I’ll be honest, I’d pretty happy rock Rosalind’s final outfit given half the chance.