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My questions:

Your OTP?


Do you have any siblings?

Yes, 3

The first K-Pop song you’ve ever listened to?

Super Junior- Hapiness
Your favorite actor/actress?

Robert Downey Jr.
How many languages can you speak?

 2, Spanish (native language) and English
Which country/countries would you like to go to?

Japan, Korea and Italy
Your favorite movie?

Sherlock Holmes
The last MV you’ve seen?

SHINee - Sherlock 
Someone you’d really like to meet?

Jonghyun, i wanna laugh a while with that pabo and get to know each other he seems like a very mature (sometimes) and open minded person.
Your Top5 songs at the moment?

SHINee- Sherlock

Brian Joo - Domino


SHINee - Honesty

Jisun - What should I do?
Your favorite ice cream flavor?

Strawberry :3

My questions for u:

Your Nickname?

Who would you kiss right now?

If you were famous, who would be ur bff in the artistic world?

What’s on your left?

When did u started listening to K-pop?

Fave K-pop song?

What K-pop artitst would u f**ck with?

What made u smile today?

Kpop song currently listening to?

How many year have u had tumblr?

Fave hobby?