Halloween creature countdown

7- Irraq - culture: inuit

A vicious creature from the Arctic Circle. Irraq began life as an abandoned baby but grew up to become a cannibal. According to tradition, a festival would take place where an ancient form of ice-cream known as ‘akutaq’ would be offered to everyone. Even the smallest of babies were given some. Irraq was missed out on this. Later his family found him alone staring at them with his mouth covered in blood. The mother could not be found anywhere. The villagers gave him a magical amulet for protection and sent him to live in the mountains.

It’s a week from halloween so I’m doing a countdown! I will draw a creature/ monster every day for the coming 7 days. I will draw less known creatures and maybe give a spin on some well known ones!

It would have been awesome if I did this for the whole of october but since I have the concentration span of a chickennugget, 7 days is hard enough.

If you are an artist or someone who just loves creepy things feel free to tag along!

I will tag all these # halloween creature countdown