Monty Green rigged the system to irradiate level five and yet no one is talking about how that decision is going to affect him, how it makes him a self-sacrificial hero. Has Monty even taken a life before now?


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Hi. This has really been chewing at the back of my mind for a while. In the upcoming season, will winter come? I remember in "Unity Day" there was ice on the chairs and Clarke was worried about hypothermia, but that didn't really go anywhere. So, was it just a bit of bad weather, or an indication of winter/fall?

We can assume that after Earth was irradiated, seasons aren’t as consistent as they once were.  The weather patterns were affected, just like the rest of the planet.

That said, we do know what time of year it is (down to the exact date) in S3 of The 100.  But we can’t tell you.  Spoiler Police shot it down.  Ask us again when we start airing!

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   it was so unlike the male to have planned a nice night out for a girl, set with fancy restaurant reservations. he’s cleaned up, clad in a button down and slacks to go along with it, blonde locks worn neatly up. hands gripping the leather steering wheel, he attempts to keep his nerves at bay as his irradiated cerulean hues cast to the road winding before them. when he feels juliet’s hand creeping on his thigh however, he’ll immediately shoot his gaze towards her. ‘  jules … what are you doing ? ‘
Lifting the Dream, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction
Post chapter 698. Maybe there really was a happy ending after all. [Team 7 centric. NaruSaku]

This is an alternate ending to Naruto. This story will primarily focus on character development, relationship development (mostly between Team 7), and their futures. Also NaruSaku. Why you ask? Because NaruSaku is important. Characters may also become self-aware.

Spreading love to all the NaruSaku shippers, or the Team 7 lovers. May you all have a wonderful day. :)

Special thanks to my Chief Beta Reader Extraordinaire Irradiance.


Flow photochemistry, inspired by: Jonathan P. Knowles, Luke D. Elliott and Kevin I. Booker-Milburn;  Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2012, 8, 2025–2052.

It may look a bit weird, but it’s quite simple. At left there are two pumps what is used to circulate the reaction mixture between the flask at the middle and the UV lamp at the right. 

The flask in the middle is used as a “reference point” where analytical samples could be removed from the reaction mixture and it is also used to monitor the temperature of the reaction. The UV lamp at the right side is held in an ice bath and only a little contact time is allowed for the reaction mixture flow under the UV light. The short irradiation time is used to prevent overheating and the decomposition of the reactants. 

Important note that never-ever look in a strong UV source, I photographed the pictures with proper UV shielding.  

Electric Indigo & Irradiation - Phytoplankton (+Video) (Temp-Records)

TEMP~Records boss Irradiation and Electric Indigo collaborate on this eerie, playful minimal track ‘Phytoplankton’. In the remixes, Rossella unravels a brilliant uneasy dubbed-out mood, Dasha Rush packs a punchy bass-driven version and Jennifer Cardini dreams up a sweeter, floatier rework. Very nice package!

Album and single tracks now available for download (MP3 / 320 kb/s)

New Polymeric Material Developed at UC San Diego Has Potential for Use in Non-Invasive Surgical Procedures

Previously inaccessible target sites may be reached for diagnosis and treatment using this material

Scientists at the University of California, San Diego have developed what they believe to be the first polymeric material that is sensitive to biologically benign levels of near infrared (NRI) irradiation, enabling the material to disassemble in a highly controlled fashion. The study represents a significant milestone in the area of light-sensitive material for non-invasive medical and biological applications.  Their work is published on line this week in the journal Macromolecules.

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the only polymeric material specifically designed to break down in to small fragments in response to very low levels of NIR irradiation,” said Adah Almutairi, PhD, assistant professor at the UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and director of the Laboratory of Bioresponsive Materials at UC San Diego. “The material was also shown to be well-tolerated in cells before and after irradiation.  We think there is great potential for use in human patients, allowing previously inaccessible targets sites to be reached for both treatment and diagnosis.”

More here

Yesterday in ecotoxicology class we watched this documentary called The Most Contaminated Spot on the Planet. The whole thing is on youtube in parts, and I highly recommend anyone reading this to watch it.

It’s about the Mayak nuclear plant near Chelyabinsk, Soviet Union (very close to Iran, where my parents are from) and its extensive and ongoing radioctive dumping and explosions.

Not a lot of people know about Chelyabinsk, and the people (very poor) stricken with radioactive poisoning, leukemia, birth defects, cancers, etc. were never told what the source of their sicknesses were because the Soviet government kept everything classified.

To appease the residents of the affected villages, the government handed out Geiger counters (pictured above) which the residents use to measure their food before they eat it.  If it’s 20 Curies and below, they cat eat it.

The people who are affected the worst are the third generation descendants of the first wave of people who were contaminated in the 50’s when the Mayak nuclear plant was dumping waste into the Techa River, where children go swimming in and people catch fish.  Today, they are children and adolescents and by far have the worst symptoms of radiation poisoning.

To add to the hopelessness of these people, they can’t leave the area (which is still to this day contaminated with 100 Curies of radiation in some parts) for several reasons.  First, why should they have to move, when they are tied to this area by culture and history?  Second, they are already irradiated, so moving to a “clean” area will not elongate their lives or improve their health. And last, they are simply too poor to move elsewhere.  Thus, they are stuck there.

Very few people know about Chelyabinsk, and the ones that do and have a desire to aid are restricted by the fact that anyone not from that area cannot tolerate the amount of radiation there, whereas residents have tolerance up to 40 years, which is the average life span.

Anyway, I thought I’d share what I learned in class, since nuclear meltdown is being mentioned in the news regarding Japan and the tragic events that have unfolded in the past few days.

Personally I’m not scared, since it’s not a question of whether or not the radioactive plumes will reach the North American continent, but rather it’s a question of when and how much.  I’m just very sad.


Researchers at the University of Wisconsin performed studies on cats to determine if the myelin sheath of nerves can regenerate. They fed cats a diet of irradiated foods for 3 to 4 months to damage the cats nerves and this resulted in classic multiple sclerosis symptoms of paralysis, loss of vision, and loss of mobility.

Presumably the researchers knew to feed irradiatated foods to cats to produce MS symptoms from the news from Australia where 16 cats were euthanized after eating irradiated cat foods. The Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS) announced that irradiated cat foods would no longer be acceptable for import but that irradiated dog foods must be labeled Must not be fed to cats. Evidently the AQIS have no good intent for the dogs of Australia or they are just extremely thick in the head.

After changing the diet of the damaged cats back to regular cat foods most but not all of the myelin nerve sheath returned to normal and the conclusion was that nerves could repair themselves over time.

The FDA in America has been steadily approving irradiated foods for humans but no long term studies of ill effect are done to prove safety. The longest study done so far lasted 15 weeks. Irradiated foods are not radioactive but irradiation acts by breaking down the DNA of germs to kill them. This also breaks down the DNA of foodstuffs that are irradiated and this mutates the DNA of the foods you eat. It is the new chemical compounds formed in irradiated foods and the mutated DNA in foodstuffs that worry many scientists that we are creating Frankenfoods by irradiation which are totally changed and alien foodstuffs for human consumption The long term effects on humans are totally unknown but much of the worldwide populations are now unwelcome human test subjects for the the human safety experiments of major food companies.

Critics of irradiated foods state that spoiled foods can be masked by irradiation and resold as good foodstuffs. And very deadly bacterial toxins such as botulism that might already be present in the foods are not harmed by irradiation but the bacteria are killed leaving no way to know the foodstuff was tainted with the botulism bacteria that normally bloat canned goods when contaminated. And critics say that irradiation is totally unnecessary in today’s food handling system and could lead to much lower quality food handling practices industrywide.

Currently the USA allows irradiated foods of fresh tropical fruits from Hawaii and Florida, ground meat products and dehydrated spices. And potatoes and wheat flour has been irradiated since the 1960s. Foods are suppose to be labeled in the supermarket if irradiated with a Radura symbol at the point of sale and labeled Treated by radiation. But if you eat out in restaurants no labeling is required.

The FDA is proposing new regulations to allow no labeling of some irradiated foods. And the FDA is proposing the change in labeling of irradiated foods to say electronically pasteurized or cold pasteurized as a less frightening description of the process. I like the new proposed FDA labeling. It has a nice ring of truth to it doesn’t it and doesn’t even mention ionizing radiation and DNA altering mutates in irradiated foodstuffs. I just feel so relieved that FDA relabeling of irradiated foods makes them safe and healthy again for the general public.

Perhaps the FDA, Irradiation, Food, and Pet food executives and their families should be required to participate in a good faith long-term study to determine the safety of irradiated foodstuffs for the general public and the world. They could eat their regular diet which has been irradiated and see what they and their families develop into in the future. Then I would be OK with chowing down on the current Frankenfoods that the FDA has declared safe for human consumption. It would also be interesting to note the divorce rates of these executives just prior to the studies onset.

Food irradiation of pet foods is totally unnecessary as pets have an much higher stomach acid content to kill germs they consume in their foods. All wild animals develop stronger immune systems than domestic pets because of their natural raw diets in the wild. The poor quality of pet foods that lack sea foods and fish meals and rely on meat flavored cereal grains for bulk are dangerously lowering the immune systems of domestic pets which leave them open for many infections. The solution is not irradiation of pet foods but the correction of cheap and most all pet foods with seafood byproducts and possibly some additional minerals such as selenium and small amounts of kelp.

One more item of note. I should apologize to the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service as they soon relented and no longer require pet foods to be irradiated nor do they allow irradiated pet foods inside their country. Our own FDA has approved all pet foods in the USA for irradiation. So look for the green Radura symbol on your favorite pet food packaging at your grocery store near you. Bon appetit Fido and Kitty. And enjoy your next meal at the restaurant near you in the USA. It may be a new and improved Frankenfood of truly unknown wonders and future delights.– J.E. Ante

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Why would installing the FEV virus in the purifier give bad karma? From what it sounds like, it eradicates mostly super mutants and feral ghouls, and those things suck, right?

It eradicates anything with mutations of any sort. My understanding is, if you have been exposed to enough radiation to change any part of you, even on a tiny level, it would kill you.

As a result, this would kill… pretty much everyone in the wasteland. Survivors would be members of the Enclave, citizens of Vault 101, and… the list pretty much stops there.

The wasteland is full of people who have been drinking irradiated water and eating irradiated food their whole lives. They’re the children of those who have been living in the wasteland, as well, and could have inherited some form of mutation from their parents. And if they haven’t, they’ve more than likely developed their own in their time alive.

The modified FEV that President Eden gives you is designed to eradicate everything that isn’t pure humanity. Yes, that includes super mutants and feral ghouls, but it also includes regular ghouls, and every civilian who’s been drinking primarily irradiated water every day of their lives. It’s designed to reboot humanity, to get rid of every bit of impurity.

Irradiating food to keep it safe

Food manufacturers use three types of irradiation to reduce pathogens, destroy insects, and delay spoilage of imported fruits and vegetables, ground beef, oysters and spices. Gamma-ray technology is more commonly used than electron-beam and X-rays for food products. Here’s how food is typically irradiated before it is shipped and distributed.

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