“how can you make a character being gay IMPORTANT to the story?”

the same way tracer being an ex-pilot is important to the story. or how Winston was raised by a scientist and took his name in his honor is important to the story. or how junkrat being raised in an irradiated post-war area is important to the story. or how zarya being a hero to her people is important to the story.

do you get what I’m saying? being gay - or being bi, or being trans, or being anything - matters. it matters to the character. It’s going to effect their lives in some way, even if it’s “my jilted ex-boyfriend wants revenge on me” or “I fight so I can come home to my wife” or “we need to stop the mission for a second - I’ve been binding for 12 hours and if I don’t get a break I’m going to be way more useless to you.”

I’m not gay in a vacuum - I exist and have relationships and experiences directly related to me being a gay trans man. and that should be represented when you’re writing an lgbt character.

Clarke best have the best fucking excuse in the world for Monty “recruited by engineering, raised on farm station, irradiated mount weather, killed his mother twice to save his friends, helped Raven code Alie and REALIZED THE ARK WAS THE THING TO FUCKING SAVE EVERYONE” Green isnt on that fucking list.

having roadhog be a straight everday family man with a wife and kids before the omnic crisis then having him shipped with junkrat gives of unfortunate implications that I don’t like (and the creepy feeling is a billion times worse when junkrat is trans).

i mean, i’ve only seen him written as a part of the lgbt community pre-omnium explosion a couple of times?

and its usually never addressed? not even in the tags? if you headcanon him as bi/pan/was closeted gay, it be something to know?

i dunno, i mean if it was just a couple of fics i’d go huh he’s bi/pan or something, cool! but seeing this trope over and over again gives off the implication that his same gender attraction was a result of desperation from living in the irradiated outback, like the murder and violence. and that junkrat is a cheap replacement to the Pure Wholesome Cis Family and then i start to smell heterosexism in the air…

I’m not upset at anyone in particular, this is just a plea to be a little more self aware with the tropes you use?

The Moon has a weaker effect on our consciousness (than the sun) because she throws only reflected light back to the Earth, and she become visible only through the light of the Sun. Unlike solar consciousness, the Moon gains awareness not actively, directly from herself, and not from self examination, but rather passively, indirectly, by being receptive to outside influences. The Lunar ego longs for contact, just as the Moon thrives on being irradiated by the Sun.
—  Bruno Huber

Things that confuse me in Fallout 4:

  • you can heal Nick Valentine…with a stimpack??
  • burnt and ruined books, empty lunchboxes and napkins somehow don’t count as “Junk” but functional circuit boards, biometric scanners and distress pulsers do
  • How the Institute hasn’t found the Railroad HQ yet, considering there is a massive red line leading directly to a location that has their fucking logo painted on the outside wall
  • the password is  R-A-I-L-R-O-A-D ffs how has nobody besides some random dude from a vault figured this out before
  • how did Ironsides get on that ship. also where did he get that sweet hat
  • Diamond City people remember what Halloween and Christmas is, but have forgotten how baseball works despite living in an old baseball stadium
  • how can the Bobrovs have a Russian accent when nobody’s had contact with Russia in 200+ years? same for Cait’s Irish accent or Proctor Quinlain’s british
  • “yes I’m sure this 200 year old irradiated canned slop is still good to eat”
Is the Glowing Sea possible?

I asked myself the same question, when I was exploring it for the first time. I was so enthralled with the destructive power of nuclear bombs and the latent radioactivity of them that I looked up Hiroshimas Ground Zero.

Wait. Thats not…an irradiated mess. What the fuck?

Upon seeing this, it triggered an immense curiosity to figure out just what radiation and nuclear related things do. How nuclear bombs work, how nuclear reactors work. The latent radiation of various isotopes, half lives, and alpha, beta, and gamma rays of ionizing radiation. It also lead to me growing less and less immersed in Fallout as time went on. Now its all a big joke to me, but I still enjoy the scenery. 

In short, no. The glowing sea is not possible. I mean, if the war was made with chemical weapons, it could be. Especially chucked into a valley between two mountain ranges (Not Boston, just an example) the chemicals could get stuck for hundreds of years into a toxic fog.

But radiation doesn’t glow, nor does it stick around. Radiation is by its definition ephemeral. (Short lived.) and goes away after a time. The longest lived isotopes are by and large natural, and we live with them in our daily lives (besides Plutonium isotopes.)

Radiation doesn’t hinder life by any means. It can make animals sick for sure. Just take a look at the bio-robots used to clean irradiated lead of Reactor #4 and you’ll know just how deadly it can be to humans. 

But in small amounts, it doesn’t hinder life. Plants live, animals live, and the world on the surface looks normal.

This is a pretty recent picture of Pripyat. Its overgrown and dusty, but it doesn’t look like the glowing sea at all! It got much more of a radiation burst, as well. (That massive building as been completed by the way, and is now covering the former sarcophagus. Pretty neat!) 

Creative liberties were taken with science, and in a narrative, thats perfectly acceptable. It certainly is eerie, and I’m still wary of venturing in the area without power armor and a healthy dose of rad-away.


Can we just talk about how the delinquents work as a team to save the world? In every season?

Season 1
-Raven makes it possible to destroy the bridge
-Jasper and Monty destroy the bridge
-All three give the delinquents more time to come up with a plan
-Clarke comes up with a plan to have the drop ship blast off
-Bellamy and Octavia lead the delinquents to hold off the grounders
-Raven and Jasper make it possible for the drop ship to blast off
-Clarke pulls the lever

Season 2
-Clarke discovers Mount Weathers secret
-Monty and Jasper lead a rebellion
-Bellamy sneaks inside Mount Weather to make it possible for Raven to shut down the dams
-Raven shuts down the dams
-Monty makes it possible to irradiate MW
-Clarke and Bellamy pull the lever to irradiate Mount Weather

Season 3
-Raven discovers Alies plan
-Jasper gets Raven out of Arkadia
-The delinquents save Raven
-Clarke takes the flame
-Bellamy, Miller and Octavia hold off Alies army
-Raven and Monty get to Alie
-Raven leads Clarke to Alie
-Murphy kept Clarke alive
-Clarke pulls the lever

If this show isn’t the biggest team effort I’ve ever seen.


if Octaylo Ben is on the list when Monty Green isn’t I will throw things at my television.

This isn’t even because I dislike Octaylo. Its just that she has no essential skills when you compare her to Monty.

Monty, my son, who is the reason they could irradiate Mt. Weather. Who killed his mother twice to save his people. 

Like….no wonder he’s yelling at Clarke. 

They Notice

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Nat and Clint notice everything that happend on the tower.

English is not my native language, so if something is wrong please let me know :)

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Natasha and Clint always seem to notice everything that happens in the tower way before everyone else.

They notice the way Y/N look Bucky, when he talked, when he laughed, when he train with Steve or when he look at the TV. They also notice how they start spending more time together, how they watch movies together every night, how they always seemed to be looking out for whatever the other was doing.

They notice how Y/N seems to be happier when Bucky ask her out. They also notice how she seems to irradiate happiness in the moment she put a foot in the tower after their sixth date, just after Bucky ask her to be his girlfriend.

They notice how suspicious Bucky was acting every afternoon when he comes back from the gym. They also notice the way he look at his phone every five minutes and when he received a call he go away to talk in a place when no one can listen him talk.

They notice in the moment Y/N enter the Kitchen that morning that she knows that Bucky was cheating on her with one of the new agents. They also notice how she locked herself in the lab working in whatever she see and she not come out in hours, not even to eat.

But above everything, they notice how Steve look at her the first time she come to the tower, like he finally find the reason to be alive. They notice how he treat Y/N, how delicate he was with Y/N, the voice he used when he talked to her, the amount of bad puns he made just for made her laugh and smile,  how everyday he told her that she look beautiful and remained her how smart she is.

They notice how jealous he was when he see Y/N and Bucky together, but second later all that jealousy became pure guilty because he remember Bucky was his best friend and he knows that Bucky deserve a girl like Y/N. They notice how he always was for her in every fight that she have with Bucky, even when his heart broke every time he saw her cry.

They notice how after Y/N –and everyone– knows that Bucky was cheating her, he was the first to hug her, without saying anything, he just hug her while he seem how his whole world crumbled in his arms. They also notice how he was the one that keep her alive, he was the one that take her out off the lab to ate something and make her go to sleep.

They notice how Y/N start smiling a little more every day, how she laugh at him on every attempt he made to see her smiling. They also notice the smile she had on her face every time she was looking at Steve, how she seems to be more comfortable when he was with her, how she seems to be herself again.

By the time the others notice that Y/N and Steve were together, like a couple, Natasha and Clint had already go out with them on a double date. One day the four of them spend the whole day and almost all night together, they made a trip to Malibu in a sunny day, they spend the whole morning and afternoon in the beach laughing, sunbathing, eating and playing Volleyball. Later that day they go to a pretty restaurant in the beach for dinner, after that they go to the house Tony has there, the four of them spend the whole night drinking, telling funny stories and playing Pool.

The same night, Natasha and Clint were in their room drinking a bottle of the very expensive champagne that Tony had, they come to the conclusion that they never –since the nine years they have been friends with Y/N– have seen her being herself with nobody beside themselves and Tony, they have never seen her so happy.

Three years later, Y/N ask Natasha to make a toast in her and Steve wedding –beside being the bridesmaid–, Natasha took that as an a opportunity to tell them everything Clint and her had seen for years, in a prettier and emotional way.

They notice after all, that soulmates exists and whatever happens, they always find a way to be together.

on monty and killing

Yep, can’t stop myself, here’s some more 100/monty meta. When the kids make sure Tsing dies in the elevator shaft, Miller, Jasper, and Harper all watch; Monty looks down at the ground.

When Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty irradiate Mount Weather, Clarke and Bellamy stare at the camera feeds as the mountain men die; Monty monitors the oxygen levels.

And in 4.02, when Monty makes way for the slaves to kill his father’s murderer, he once again turns away, choosing not to watch.

Monty is responsible for so much death, but most often indirectly, as an immediate consequence of his actions but not the result of his own hand. Monty kills in order to protect his people, but he can’t bring himself to kill for revenge, and he can’t bring himself to meet it head on. As he tells Bellamy in 3.02, he has to be okay. That extra layer of self-imposed separation from the brutal reality of his choices is, I think, what allows Monty to keep going, to keep making terrible decisions with bloody consequences.

The only person Monty has killed straight on is his mother. And each time, because this boy has had to do this twice, he looks right at her as he does it. He keeps staring at her long after he shoots her in the forest. 

And even though Raven is right there, Monty is the one to press the button deleting his mother’s code from the City of Light, eyes locked on the screen as he presses the button.

This makes sense: Monty’s mom matters to him in ways the others don’t. (Also, to be fair: it’s hard to shoot someone without looking at them.) But even more so, it means Monty’s fully shouldering responsibility for this death in a way he doesn’t seem ready or able to with the others. This boy who refuses to watch the slaves kill his father’s murderer (even as he paves the way for them to do so), who constructs walls to distance himself from the harsh realities of his choices so that he can keep going, takes complete responsibility for killing his own mother. That’s the kill he forces himself to witness.

There’s a lot of talk about whether Monty is or is not a cinnamon roll, but it’s more complicated than that. He makes choices that cost lives (like saving the generator over the slaves) because he believes he has to, because he’s separated himself to an extent from the reality of those choices. Monty is incredibly, profoundly brave, because he is so fundamentally wired against the things he’s been forced by circumstance to do, and yet he finds the strength to do them anyway. But there’s probably only so long, I expect, before the cracks in his armor start to eat away at him.