Monty Green rigged the system to irradiate level five and yet no one is talking about how that decision is going to affect him, how it makes him a self-sacrificial hero. Has Monty even taken a life before now?


remember in fallout 1 when the brotherhood sends you into an irradiated hellpit as an initiation test when you ask to join and are genuinely surprised when you come back alive because they only sent you there as a joke and fully expected you to die


Flow photochemistry, inspired by: Jonathan P. Knowles, Luke D. Elliott and Kevin I. Booker-Milburn;  Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2012, 8, 2025–2052.

It may look a bit weird, but it’s quite simple. At left there are two pumps what is used to circulate the reaction mixture between the flask at the middle and the UV lamp at the right. 

The flask in the middle is used as a “reference point” where analytical samples could be removed from the reaction mixture and it is also used to monitor the temperature of the reaction. The UV lamp at the right side is held in an ice bath and only a little contact time is allowed for the reaction mixture flow under the UV light. The short irradiation time is used to prevent overheating and the decomposition of the reactants. 

Important note that never-ever look in a strong UV source, I photographed the pictures with proper UV shielding.  

The evolution of their friendship has been the highlight of this show in its first two seasons. In that time, they’ve progressed from enemies to allies, from allies to friends, and from friends to most trusted confidants.

You would be hard-pressed to find a character on this show that Clarke trusts more than Bellamy. He has shown her that no matter what life on the ground may throw at them, he will be by her side. Together they made the choice to irradiate the entire population of Mount Weather. In the wake of that decision, Bellamy also saw the pain that act caused for Clarke, and understood why she needed to leave. He has proven his loyalty to Clarke in every way, shape, and form. Their friendship is the foundation of what could become one of the greatest love stories on television.

—  The 100 is first and foremost a show about survival, but in the midst of trying to stay alive, true bonds are formed. Bonds that cannot be severed or broken by distance or time. Bellamy and Clarke are a testament to that type of bond. – Hypable

Things that confuse me in Fallout 4:

  • you can heal Nick Valentine…with a stimpack??
  • burnt and ruined books, empty lunchboxes and napkins somehow don’t count as “Junk” but functional circuit boards, biometric scanners and distress pulsers do
  • How the Institute hasn’t found the Railroad HQ yet, considering there is a massive red line leading directly to a location that has their fucking logo painted on the outside wall
  • the password is  R-A-I-L-R-O-A-D ffs how has nobody besides some random dude from a vault figured this out before
  • how did Ironsides get on that ship. also where did he get that sweet hat
  • Diamond City people remember what Halloween and Christmas is, but have forgotten how baseball works despite living in an old baseball stadium
  • how can the Bobrovs have a Russian accent when nobody’s had contact with Russia in 200+ years? same for Cait’s Irish accent or Proctor Quinlain’s british
  • “yes I’m sure this 200 year old irradiated canned slop is still good to eat”

I am like 99.99% certain Jack Cabot and Edward Deegan didn’t start fucking until after Edward had been ghoulified, because it probably took about fifty goddamn years for Jack to realize he totally had a thing for his hot buff bodyguard

said bodyguard is quietly despairing over him ever figuring it out at all, like what the fuck is this going to take, Jack, do I have to draw a mysterious treasure map to the inside of my pants, WE ARE SPENDING OUR IMMORTALITY TOGETHER I’M NOT SURE WE COULD BE ANY MORE OBVIOUS ABOUT THIS

Liam Payne is strolling down the street when he notices a gay pride parade. Suddenly rage takes over his entire body. He runs full speed towards the parade, crashing through hundreds of happy, smiling bodies. Liam parkours off the side of a young child holding the hands of her two moms. He lands on a near by float and screams as loud as his lungs allow; “LARRY ISN’T REAL!”

Suddenly everyone starts crying. Parents cover their children’s eyes. The elderly faint. But it’s too late. Liam Payne has done it. He has irradiated the lgbt community. Rainbow flags burst into flames as Louis gets every woman on the planet pregnant. Finally, the larries are destroyed.