IRPO Mysteries

So, uh… I overworked my wrist to the point where it’s in pain. While it heals up, here are some more IRPO related things I translated from The Essence of SaGa Frontier. The “I” refers to Kawazu-sama himself.

31 Fuse and Roufas seem to be acquaintances, but how are they connected?

There are pieces of dialogue left over from Fuse’s scenario, but those two are buddies from training at the Buddhist temple in Kyo. After mastering mind magic, Fuse joined IRPO and Roufas became a member of the secret organization Gradius. They ended up on completely different paths, but  probably see each other whenever there’s a case and work together, then against each other…… it’s an infinitely repeating cycle.

65 Why does IRPO have members such as monsters and mystics?

SaGa Frontier was originally supposed to have 9 heroes and, unfortunately, one of the characters that got left out was Fuse. I was thinking that his party would be comprised of only IRPO agents: Doll, Silence, Cotton, and Rabbit. With those five together, you have humans, a mystic, a monster, and a mec. IRPO’s diversity is a remnant of this idea.

66 Why did Silence become a member of IRPO?

In my secret notes, it says “Silence becomes a member of IRPO because Fuse picked a fight with him.” Even though events between the two were saved for Fuse’s story, it’s supposed to remain a mystery until the end.

69 What was Cotton’s real reason for being in the Biolab?

Cotton went to Shrike to track down Nomad and arrived just fine, but got horribly lost in the Biolab. Then the researchers thought he would be a great test subject and captured him……That’s what really happened.



So… I might have had too much fun with the character creator in Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires. But I had all the right parts, so I couldn’t resist!

The cannon is the closest thing to a gun, so Fuse gets that as his main weapon. Doll gets the Emperor Sword to represent shadow magic. And Silence…well… In hindsight, I should’ve given him the Zhang He musou with butterfly wings.

There’s only one image of Doll because there’s too much lag time when taking screencaps on the PS3.

(More filler ‘cause midterms are due in a couple weeks.)