irosami week 2013

SQUARE (Irosami week) - January

His name is Iroh.

He’s twenty-five. He’s athletic, healthy, loves tea and dislikes humidity. He works at the tea shop down the road on Mondays and weekends, he plays the violin and loves wasabi peas.

(Asami can’t stand them, but she laughs and smiles anyway when he tells her. Then they part ways when the bus comes. It turns out he wasn’t planning on taking the bus at all.)

When he offers to give her his number – “just if you ever need someone to hold an umbrella over your head” – she’s tentative. She herself had just rejected the idea of jumping back into the love game so soon.

She’s over-thinking it. She over-thinks everything.

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IroSami Week: Misunderstanding

Iroh beamed from ear to ear as he walked from the main house of the Fire Lord’s estate to the little cottage he and his newlywed wife shared on the property.

The two had created quite a little love nest together, wanting to stay separate from the main property but still remaining within the compound. They didn’t stay there too long, as the couple often spent long stretches of time in Republic City, and occasionally a week or two in another city like Ba Sing Se.

Iroh strolled into his little home, swinging a nice bottle of wine to and fro, calling out the stereotypical “Honey, I’m home.”

Asami looked up from the telegram her business partner had sent her, and greeted her husband with a kiss. Seeing the bottle in his hands, she cocked an eyebrow quizzically. “What’s the wine for?”

“Well to celebrate of course!”

She smiled softly. “What exactly are we celebrating?”

Iroh looked at the bottle, and then back at his wife. “It’s the 5 year anniversary of when we first met.”

Asami giggled and turned away a little. “I don’t think wine is a very good idea,” she said, still giggling slightly.

His face fell. “Is it too much? I’m sorry-”

“No, no, it’s not that, I just can’t have any.”
“Are you sick? I could make tea-”

Asami shook her head, her wavy tresses bouncing softly. “Drinking isn’t good in my condition.”

“Condition? Should I call a doctor?” Iroh said, concern flahsing in his amber eyes.

“No! Iroh, I’m not sick, I’m pregnant.”


“Yea-” Asami was suddenly enveloped in a big hug. She could feel him smiling widely on her cheek. “We’re gonna be parents…” he whispered.

Some tears gathered in her eyes, and Iroh’s own looked pretty wet. He touched his forehead to hers. “I’m really happy, Asami.”

“I am too,” she replied, standing on her tippy toes to give him a soft kiss. “Now, why don’t we celebrate some?”

“But the wine-”

Asami started to head for their bedroom.


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