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“what is Orientalism” im just

and get this, he starts talking about Egypt, right, ‘cause he “just listened to NPR” (LOLOLOL I was so deceptively cunty, I was like, “oh NPR has folks on the ground there?!” he said “no” LOLOLOLOL) and he actually brings up the “high levels of rape and sexual assault happening there” and I was like #NOPE and I actually said to him, “you know, there’s this idea our media constructs that MENA men are all savages and that’s just not fair, like the MENA isn’t a playground for rape and sexual assault, the whole world is, and speaking of rape and sexual assault, what about the U.S. military? did you see that documentary The Invisible War?” he changed the subject so fucking fast, bourgie-ass farangi punk

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Hey, so I went to this party last weekend and ran into this awful, frat-type guy who was so fucking ignorant. Anyway, I saw him again today and he was blathering on about how minorities make their struggles seem way bigger than they are. Normally, I would just ignore him, but honestly after reading your blog, I feel like I've become so much more confident about my roots so I yelled at him. I really fucking appreciate it, dude. Anyway, I'll just blog about this rather than bothering you with it.

<3 so much love and respect

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I like post industrial American history. I know that makes me weird.

no, it doesn’t!!! it’s fascinating, but by itself, with nothing else?! I would die

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i like how hard u go

thank you, my love. this is the result of years and years of silence. I have nothing to lose at this point (maybe my sanity, sometimes).