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Godzilla in danger!!!

Because of the rise of renewable energy more and more nuclear power stations disappear. This makes it hard for Godzilla to survive. It has to leave its natural habitat, suffering from hunger and exhaustion.

So, please, take care of this endangerd species: No to wind energy, built more nuclear power stations! Save Godzilla!

Ransom pushed into Canon

Where Ransom is pushed into Canon, the exact same place and moment that Canon!Rosinante was about to be killed.

So I did some editing to the format, and I wrote everything that’s from Rosinante’s POV (AKA below the line-break). The lovely Anon wrote the stuff from Ransom’s POV. 

This was great fun, I’m glad you’ve let me add to it.

There is something extremely wrong with the situation happening in front of him.

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god you know what i really want for fgo tho.

a) dark sakura as a servant. either a caster, an avenger (bc of course) or some other ~~~~special~~~~ class. come on fgo runs on pulling out random bullshit out of its ass if rin and waver can be servants bc gods have possessed them there’s no way in hell dark sakura, who was powerful enough to eat servants up like goddamn candy, can’t reach that level through some other nasuverse asspull bullshiting. her np is of course the shadow or angra mainyu in it’s form in hf’s end and all the evils of the world plays when she activates it because of course it is, it’s a fucking iconic bgm and it’s her and anri’s bgm (and also my most favorite track ever). she also has special lines for ishtar rin, emiya, and medusa if you have them. and also her ccc clones of course.

the reason i want this? is because a while ago i was fighting gil in one of the dailies quest and he started screaming ‘onore onore onore’ as emiya killed him with ubw and it was a beautiful recreation of a very important moment, but it made me think. i really want to recreate another moment. where gil stabs sakura randomly on the street and tries to kll her and then she pops up angra who goes all ‘oy there what are you doing with my mom to be, i know i’m just barely a fetus rn but i’m goddamn angra mainyu and i am not standing for this shit’ and then they fucking eat him. i want to do that in the game again, but without sakura getting stabbed, no, i just want to have her eat gil again over and over and over like he deserves.

b) ilya as a servant. and i mean the actual ilyasviel von eizbern from the 2004 visual novel fate/stay night, you know, the REAL one. that complicated, well-rounded, human, multifaceted character with a backstory and motivations and inner conflicts and a multilayered personality of her own that i fell in love with and not the abomination prillya turned her into that has literally jack all to do with the original character and more of an unrecognizable meme version of her. they owe me this for the bullshit that is her character in prillya, for her only ce being exactly one, not even that well drawn or cool (if useful), and for not having a cool upgrade outfit like shirou, rin and sakura’s awesome 5 star ce’s have.

she’d be something a bit like caster iri i guess??? who i don’t know much about actually bc i am but a na newbie, but she would be, like, the ‘real’ ilya rather than a copy. with her own power, which is quite a lot already since we know she has ten times iri’s power, plus the grail’s power amping it up making her strong enough to be a servant. she has special lines for emiya too, probably heracles, maybe ishtarin and the hypothetical dark sakura (maybe one of the fe sakura clones), and of course assassin kerry and caster iri. idk what her np would be but i imagine it’d have to do with the command spells engraved all over– kind of a fun irony with the girl designed as the perfect master by the einzberns coming back as a servant.

c) kirei as a servant. look, if kerry can become an assassin then they can sure as hell come up with a bullshit reason for kirei too. i can actually see him as an avenger but i think assassin would be the most logical if somewhat boring choice i guess. maybe a ruler given the religious/christian themes they have so far and given amakusa was also an overseer?

anyway i imagine he’d be post-hf, but from a timeline where some other shit happened and angra was born into the world after all and through magic bullshitery it made him a servant and registered him into the throne postmortem. his skillset  would be an ironic mix of both his executor days and stuff like baptisms/sermons/prayers/exorcisms, like the one he killed zouken with– kyrie eleison would make a fantastic np for him. but with also a mix of angra maniyu’s power since it’s what made him a servant, and his original black/grail mud heart being brought back to him though that, so he’d make use of that too. special lines it would make sense for him to have: assassin kerry, gil and/or emiya (a line referencing how he knew him as shirou fu fu fu) top priority, but also ilya and sakura, either the clones already in the game or the hypothetical servants described above, and possibly amakusa????? idk man there’s a limit to these things.

now after a long post  about all the reasons i want this here is the reason i also very very much am afraid and hope it WON’T happen:

i’m already saving up for merlin and medb and vaguely holding out hope i might get scatach, knowing full well my chances of getting 3 ssrs are slim. if any of these make it into the game, i’d probably throw away all my savings just for them, and if all of them do, i’d probably just save up everything specifically for kirei, lament my inability to roll for sakura or ilya or anyone else i want bc getting kirei would be my number one priority in life, and if i didn’t get him i’d probably break my promise of never spending money on mobage again (a lesson learned from llsif) and end up emptying all my army savings over this game. so despite how much i want this i also hope, for my sake, it won’t happen.

but. but. it’s an idea  that’s nice to think about, you know.

wanderinggemazurite-deactivated  asked:

Alright, I wanted to think of some more interesting/harder gems through time requests: Pre-colonial America, 300s Arabia, and late 1800s Mexico. Hope you have fun with this one! :D

I chose not to go with 300s, but recent fashion because those flowy dresses called me.

this is not so much 1800 but typical dresses. This was such a fun thing to do!


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Fandom: Chicago MED
Character: Connor Rhodes 
Summary: You saw Dr. Wheeler jump to his dead. Your boyfriend Connor comforts you. 

You worked at the highest level of the hospital, at optometry, while your boyfriend Connor worked downstairs, all the way down in the ED. 
You had never really understood the order of levels from the hospital. It was logical the ED was on the main floor, the morgue underground and psych not on the top level; You just didn’t get why people with eye issues were put on the level with the best view over the Chicago skyline. Was it the irony of the designer? You didn’t know for sure. 
While you were walking through the hallway, you saw someone leaving the elevator. You had seen this man before: It was Dr. Jason Wheeler, a resident who worked with your boyfriend in the ED. 
What was he doing here? Most of the time, the ED staff hung out on the roof, not the level beneath it. 
Looking through the doors of glass, you saw him standing by the edge of the balcony for just a second. When you see what happens after, you freeze completely.

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miserere (part one)

Pairing: Levi/Eren

Rating: Mature

Summary: Ereri royalty!AU where painter!Levi is commissioned by the king to paint a picture of the prince!Eren. Inspired by this piece.

A/N: Was reminded of this fic by theheichouwesawthatday. Other parts will come as inspiration strikes, but please enjoy!

He was beautiful. A true heir to the throne in the most aesthetic of aspects. Strong, determined, courageous. The people couldn’t have asked for anyone better to fill the shoes of the aging king.

And Levi loved him.

Had from the moment his highness called him into the study to meet with his newest subject. He had been warned of this one, but still took the job nonetheless. Who was he to deny the king a favor? The pay was handsome, and the notoriety that came with capturing the young prince of Shinganshina was nothing to scoff at.

Taming the prince was another matter entirely.

“You make the funniest faces,” his young majesty said during a session. To this Levi glanced up, mind already cast away from the brush strokes lining the canvas. The prince was smiling, pose a complete disaster as he sprawled outwards on the small couch. The boy would never learn.

But Levi could never find it in himself to get angry. That smile cured all ailments, including his never ending frustrations.

“Am I a jester or an artist, your majesty?” His eyes roamed up the prince’s lithe frame, full of soft lines that begged for a canvas to capture them. Levi only hoped he would look as magnificent transferred to the linen.

“Considering your wit, I’d dare to say both.” His own lip twitched, because he’d forgotten how sharp the prince could be. “And I told you, call me Eren.” And just like that, Levi’s smile twisted back into that deep line the prince always claimed to hate so much.

His eyes flashed back to the unfinished canvas, now looking a lot more like painted sin beneath the weight of his affections. Inappropriate was an understatement, and if the king were to find him addressing his son in such manner then it would surely call for Levi’s head.

“May we continue, your majesty?” There was the unsaid inevitability hanging onto Levi’s words, as he knew the whispers of the king’s martial law could not have evaded the ears of his own son.

“Do I need to order it?” And the prince had him pinned, the spoilt child that he was. Levi regarded him with a blank face, lest he gave away the tumultuous storm brewing inside his chest. Threatening to rip away his heart along with everything he held dear. It was unfair, and he was positive that the young majesty knew it.

“You would see me thrown to the wolves, your majesty?” Except the wolves would be far kinder than the wrath of an angered king. It was already such a fine line he was walking, the smallest nudge sending him over the edge into a forsaken territory of no noble return. But even still, his words could not equal his cold facade, breaking unevenly as they crossed his lips.

“You think me ruthless.” It wasn’t a question, more like a scornful demand hidden under the pretense of everything the king was. Everything his young majesty yearned to not become.

“I think you naive.” Hands turned into fists, knuckles white in apparent anger. This is what they had warned him about, this quick to temper rage that left all the nobles talking about their doomed future should the prince take the crown. Levi thought they were wrong. Could tell that this boy, this man, would make a fine king someday. Even as the prince locked his jaw and narrowed his eyes, Levi still held onto this one belief.

“You forget that I may be my father’s son, but I am not my father, artist.”

The prince turned on his heel, leaving Levi alone in an empty study. It was only then that he allowed for his frustrations to be shown, gritting his teeth and running messy fingers through his hair. Brushes dropped to the ground, forgotten as Levi pressed a palm to the center of his forehead. Eyes wandered back to the unfinished canvas, filled with the intricate dark lines of a remarkable boy. It mocked him, painting the prince in such a light that the beauty leapt from the linen. Taunting him with what he knew he couldn’t have. His own design. The irony was thick.

“Don’t be discouraged, sir. His majesty is quite a handful sometimes.” The maid was standing in the doorway, mouth pulled into a small smile as she regarded him. “But he has a good heart.” She offered him one last smirk before disappearing beyond the door frame.

His gaze lingered there, captured by a sudden emptiness in the open entrance, by the words pressed against his tongue. Taming the prince who was already tamed. Domesticated by a life underneath a tyrant and fueled by the anger injustices had sought within him. So very misunderstood. Naive as Levi called him, and rightfully so. Standing in the light in a world full of shadows.

Levi had watched him smile as the sunlight came trickling in through the curtain laden windows. Watched and wondered how the prince was able to still find any delights in this world of rich men and poor sorrows. Bright and full of a lost man’s hope. He was beautiful.

And Levi loved him.