Dozens of scientists conserve Britain's oldest brain

The preservation of Britain’s oldest brain, found when archaeologists saw its spongy shape in a skull face-down in a pit at an Iron Age site in York in 2009, remains a mystery.

Water, oxygen and bacteria-supporting warmth would all have encouraged the brain to rot. The outside of the skull, which had its jaw and two vertebrae attached, has withered – but the Heslington Brain has remained intact.

“I peered though the hole at the base of the skull to investigate,” recalls Rachell Cubitt, a Collection Projects Officer with the York Archaeological Trust.

“To my surprise saw a quantity of bright yellow spongy material. It was unlike anything I had seen before.” Read more.

  • Iron Bull:So, ma'am, with the magic, do you prefer fire, or lightning, or cold, or what?
  • Vivienne:The proper tool for the proper task.
  • Vivienne:Fire reminds an enemy that you can destroy everything around. Lightning puts the fear of the maker into her.
  • Vivienne:Cold makes her think you implacable, while spirit energy conjures fears of demons.
  • Iron Bull:I like cold, 'cause it freezes them, and then they break into little bits when I chop them in half.
  • Vivienne:That's fine too, dear.

"Crazy bunch of assholes, but they’re mine"

Horns Up: A playlist for Iron Bull’s chargers.  With thanks to floatslikebricks for permission to use their sweet art as the cover photo.


You’re gonna go far kid: the offspring // raise your glass: P!nk // Hot to the Touch: Fall out Boy // Clique: Kanye West feat. Big Sean&Jay-Z // Club Can’t Handle Me: Flo Rida, feat. David Guetta // All I do is Win: DJ Khaled // Bad Reputation: Joan Jett // Ready to Die: Andrew W.K. // Last Friday Night: Katy Perry // Die Young: Ke$ha

How I met your Dad-Pool. Part one two. Meeting the in-laws, take one.

"This is what you’re getting worked up over, Tony? You do realize he also stole one of your jets and never returned it?"

"That was him?!”

"Wait, whose side are you on, baby boy?!"

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  • Me:cool
  • Marvel:we also added a blue stripe to black widow's suit